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Glamarama Holidaze Pant

WalterFRENCH’s newest Vid-Nice T!

Check it Ooouuuut!! walterFRENCH’s newest Vid. I call it “The renegade” for Sprite and BET. Catchy Beat, crisp lyricism, nice black and white vid with sweet transitions. Super fresh vid too-it just released on 7/12/12. And check out Walter’s T, he’s wearing one of streetzblog’s own “How To Make it in NYC” shirts. Thanks Walter!!

When you get a chance Help Walter out with the BET HOT16 2012 and give him a like or two on youtube-TU!

*The HTMIINYC shirts were made in December 2012. Designed and sketched by streetzblog with the Photoshop help of DJ Romeo Valentine. Originally made for the “How to Make it in America” Shirt Contest, but we didn’t make the deadline, so we went ahead and had the shirts made. Only 48 of the black and white shirts were made. Designed in Hawaii, produced in Brooklyn, picked up in NYC, brought to Chicago to Oahu. Hopefully the color version will be out before Thanksgiving. Probably another run of 48.

Here’s an advanced look at the front and back of the color version:

Happy Independence Day!

The Longest List of Lin’ism’s-2/19/12

FIRST: “NO Win Ski for Nowinski due to Jeremy LIN-Ski”

Today was the second time I was able to see Lin and the Knicks on TV, last time they beat the Lakers, today they beat last year’s champs-the Dallas Mavericks. Jeremy Lin had 28 points, 14 assists and 5 steals.  Those are the ESPN type stats, the fan stats go something like this:  Lin had 2 big bombing 3’s up against Nowinski and another against Marion, he had some incredible hustle plays, and some killer drives through the paint! I personally loved it when after Lin hit a big Three and the announcer said “In your Face”-A real Classic line from when I played in the 80’s!  His team-mates were also feeling it today, Chandler was reliable as usual, Steve Novak came in with about 14 points and JR Smith in his first game as a Knick had a bunch of 3’s!  Tomorrow Melo comes back to the team-The Knicks should keep on Lin-ning all the way through the play-offs.  And it’s all so much fun to watch!  YAH!

NOW: For the Longest List of Lin’isms-via

  1. Linsanity
  2. Super Lintendo
  3. Linsomnia
  4. Linsation
  5. Lin Your Face!
  6. Linderella Man
  7. Linish-Line
  8. Lincredible
  9. Linovator
  10. Lincredulous
  11. Lindstorm
  12. Liniative-17
  13. Occupy Lin Street
  14. Sholin/Shoalin
  15. Adrenalin
  16. J-LIN
  17. Merlin
  18. Lin God We Trust
  19. Statue of LinBerty
  20. The Linja Assasin
  21. Lindoor Basketball Sensation
  22. Linspector Gadget
  23. Heat Linspector
  24. Linsationable
  25. Got Lin?
  26. Lin there-Done That
  27. Lin Would Go
  28. Linstinct for the Game
  29. Lin-King
  30. Holiday-Lin
  31. Linstant Offense
  32. Mission Linpossible
  33. Linsational
  34. Lincredible Hulk
  35. Air-Lin
  36. Lin-Dynasty
  37. Linspirational
  38. Linvinceable
  39. Linstigator
  40. Tower of Linferno
  41. Al-Lin and the Chipmunks
  42. Lin-ning
  43. Vio-lin
  44. Lin-zer-Tart
  45. Rolin’ Down the River
  46. Linked-Lin
  47. Just Lin Baby!
  48. Just Lin It!
  49. Lin it to Win It
  50. Knicks Lin
  51. Lin Lin Lin
  52. Linception
  53. Linchantement
  54. The Lin Spin move
  55. Spinnin’ Lin
  56. Linfatuation
  57. Linternet
  58. From Linfinity and beyond
  59. Linstant Rice
  60. Linstant Craze
  61. Lin-Sync
  62. LinKin-Park
  63. Lin-City
  64. Lin-a-Licious
  65. All he does is Lin, Lin, Lin
  66. Everyday I’m Shuff-Lin
  67. Ball-Lin
  68. Lintense
  69. Lin-ning Streak
  70. Lin-Vasion
  71. Lin-destructable
  72. Lin Asylum
  73. Air JorLin
  74. Lin the Game
  75. All-Lin
  76. Lincident
  77. Linsane
  78. Linbelievable
  79. Lindependant
  80. Lindaspensable
  81. Liniator
  82. Lin the Zone
  83. Not Lin our House
  84. I heart Lin
  85. Fal-Lin-In Love with You
  86. Lin State of Mind
  87. Another Win for Lin
    *87 was wear I left off, then the Power Facebook page posted my blog and I received these additions to the list.
      88.  Linspam
      89.  LinYaoMing
      90.  Slinfast
      91.  RolLIn
      92.  HustLin
      93.  Linsane in the Membraine
      94.  WailLin

Add a Lin’ism or Lin Knick-Name in the comment section or let us know your favorite.  Lin Note: Lin will be playing on the Team Shaq team with Blake Griffin and Kyrie Irving this Friday night-Feb 24 at the NBA All-Star rising Stars Challenge-9P ET, pretty sure it’s on TNT.

Many Linism’s made up by me, my friends or found on various sites including:, and  Thanks for the help with all the fun names and helping Jeremy Lin and the 2012 New York City Knicks go down in Linstory!

If you want some Lin-Gear, here’s a great place to get some!

With Zippers, you dont have to tie your shoes ever again!

Converse-Addict by NIGO - Photo courtesy of hypebeast.comAfter being in NYC and Chicago and seeing things in real-time, it's a bit hard for me to get back in the swing of things out here in Hawaii. Usually, I feel normal after a couple of weeks of being back here, this year..I'm still craving the excitement and instant fashion finds on the streetz in the big Cities. Good thing is I still have some notes for some great Blog postings of HOT places to shop and score in Chicago and some awlright stuff from the suburbs too. Until I find me notes in my suitcase, I figured I'd put some nice shoes up for your Friday night. These are Converse-Addict by NIGO, Available sometime in March in Japan. I found the picture on and followed the blog posting to NIGO-where there's a few more pix. These have nice Vibram soles and the happening side zipper. I got a pair of Camper's in NYC that have a side zipper and the best thing about these is-You DON'T have to ever tie your shoes again!! So far, these Cons are available in Black and White. Whatcha' wearing this weekend? Let us know over here at Streetzblog. We'd love to see some pix too. Saw some nice Jordan 6's on Twitter last night too-Blue Olympics set to hit the stores sometime in July 2012. Here's a few pix of my Campers with the Zippers that I purchased in Soho, NYC Dec 2012

Zipper so I never have to tie them again, plus ultra Coushy-Flexy red bottoms

In-Style Right now-hip, trendy fronts, with easy entry and exit zip sides

Some Hawaii News:  Rihanna is on Oahu this week, rumours are she is going to go to Zanzabar maybe *tonight/Friday Night or tomorrow or Sunday. And should be Heading to Winter Wonderland at Wet n Wild on Saturday Night.  Eddie Griffin is also here and is going to Zanzabar tonight.  And “How to Make it in America” star, Luis Guzman is somewhere out here in the 808.  So, even though it’s a week before Pro Bowl, the stars are already starting to stagger in.  Check back here on Wednesday and I’ll let you know who else I either see or hear about being out here. Usually Pro Bowl Week is packed with sport stars and entertainers, we’ll also be checking their feet to see what their wearing.  Have  a nice weekend!
*I talked to my friend KC Today/Saturday and he confirmed that Rihanna was at Zanzabar last night!! “ once again giving you the TMZ advance notice”

HTMIIA-Clothes Tips

Since tonight is the Season Finale of How to Make it in America.  Here’s  a quick rundown on some of the clothes and accessories as seen on the show or on the actors in real life.

Kurt and Bart are the Costume Designers for How to Make it in America.  Their favorite place to shop for the vintage look is at the Fox and Fawn in Brooklyn, NY.  Here they’ve found 80’s costume Jewelry, Vintage Leather wear, Hipster Designer shoes, and Hot brands like YSL and Cacharel.  There’s also a record store in the back of the store.

Ben or as we should say here-Bryan Greenberg personally likes J. Crew, Kenneth Cole and Urban Outfitters. and his personal fav designers include Rag & Bone, Simon Spurr, Dior, and Alexander Wang.

(Much of the Info for this post is courtesy of and

The best overall article I’ve read on Kurt and Bart and the clothes in the show can be read here.  A quick snapshot is:  Kurt and Bart Looked to the Streetz and the Subway for Inspiration.  A typical male characters look would include: Jeans by A.P.C, Jackets from Freeman’s Sporting Club and Sneakers from Gourmet.  I’ve personally seen mostly Nike-no Jordans for some reason, but lots of Dunks.

Dont forget to check out the finale tonight on HBO, I’d write more but I’m late for a trip to the North Shore. Aloha.



How To Make it in American Season 1 Jackets

How To Look like you are making it in America/NYC Season 1 inspired Jackets

Well, this post is a bit late to say the least. But, I was hoping Ben would start wearing some better clothes in season two and I could tell you more about them.  It seems in Season one he had the best military inspired jackets around town, this year he’s been wearing girly knits and plain black thin hoodies.  Doesnt make sense how someone with such swag one year can go to such lameness the next. So, this blog will be about How to Make it in America Season 1’s inspired Jackets as seen from the Heat from the Streetz. 

Getting the Look

Most of what Ben wore in Season 1 were military inspired Pea coats. The Limited Express and J. Crew are probably your best bets to get this look. But buy early, last year when I got to NYC in December The Limited was pretty much out of all the good sizes for all their Hip jackets.  And don’t forget Army Navy stores, You can buy the originals or look alikes and then purchase a few patches, medals and other Knick-Knacks at the same store and take them to a local tailor and you’ve got your own original design.  Here in Hawaii, I like military HQ over by Sand Island Access Road. It’s a little pricey, but they do have some good authentic gear here.  And my favorite Army Navy store is the one on Belmont in Chicago. If you get a chance to go to Chicago, this is a must see store. The first floor has all hot brands, the next floor has tons of shoes and the next floor has some skater gear and the Army/Navy/Military originals and knock offs at pretty awesome prices,a huge selection of gear and the jackets will for sure keep you warm as well as keep you looking stylish. 

Here are a few pix from The Limited Express that look similar to what Ben had on in How to Make it in American Season 1:

Limited Express Herringbone Hooded Peacoat

  Here’s another Hot look from the Limited Express for Winter 2011-12

Limited Express Short Wool Blended Peacoat

And here is Ben Epstein at a Photo shoot for complex magazine wearing a Dark Blue Converse Peacoat

Jordan Black Cement 3’s Almost Here!

Fresh Photo of the New 3's

Here’s one of the latest pictures of the Air Jordan 3’s Black Cement set to release on Black Friday-the day after Thanksgiving or the Midnight of Thanksgiving depending on where you live. Special Thanks to for the photo. You can click here for more pix from them.

And Here is Dwayne Wade sporting the 3’s. For more pictures of him click right here.  I like the shoes, I like the Kicks mixed with a nice suit, I like Gabrielle Union, but not too sure about the D-Wades’s suit. For some reason the material looks funky.  I guess I like more of a 100% Wool suit especially a black one.

Picture Courtesy of

And from one of my favorite shows at the moment, here is Kid Cudi wearing a pair of Air Jordan 3’s, I’m just not positive if they are the new ones or not. Seems there’s been about 3 or 4 in similar colorways. I have a pair of all Black-black Cats, the only Jordans I own that don’t hurt my feet.  But that’s never stopped me from wearing all the other tons of J’s in my Condo. Special Thanks to for the picture of How to Make it in America’s Kid Cudi Rockin’ his J-3’s

Photo Courtesy of

Just checking in.

Some uncompleted Sample shirts from Dj Sniper Wells

Just checking in real quick. Sorry I couldnt write much this week. I’ve been going to work from 830A-1230P then School from 2P-8P. A bit draining  I did notice that the Knicks Blue and Orange Spike Lee shoes will be coming out on November 5th and they will be $175.  Just not sure where they will be sold and if they are limited or not, But they are HOT!

After I make it through this intense week, I’ll be doing some How to Make it in American postings and the Halloween Kicks article I promised you a couple of weeks ago.  Until then, I need to do some homework now, then get some sleep.  Have a Great Rest of the week!

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