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Element Brings the Noise

Public Enemy x Element Collection

Element has teamed up with iconic rap group Public Enemy to release T’s, Hoodies, Bucket hats, Socks, Polka pants, and of course a very dope skate deck. Proceeds will go to the Harold Hunter Foundation to support the skateboarding youth of New York City. If there is anything left available of the collection, you can find it here

See you on the Streetz…blog!

Trad Ivy meets Big Time Street

Brooks Brothers hooks up with Supreme NYC


Street and Skate Store Supreme has teamed up with traditional Ivy League Brooks Brothers for a Bold and pretty darn stylish Seersucker release featuring the jacket seen above and matching pants. As you can see the Jacket has the Red and White Supreme tag along side the classic Dark Navy and white Brooks Brothers Tag on the sleeve.  I suspect these are two tags that will stay on most buyers sleeve as they rock this look for Spring 2014.

The picture above appeared on the Supreme London Store Manager’s Instagram @mrjagger_  After researching it a bit on the net, it seems it’s a picture taken from an article in an upcoming issue of the UK’s Man About Town Magazine. The release date of the Jacket and pants still seems to be a mystery. Update: Monday April 28, 2014.  The Seersucker suit will be available in store NY, LA, London and on-line Thursday May 1, 2014. Available in Japan on Saturday May 3, 2014.  Price $549.  While doing this blog posting I noticed that most Supreme drops are on Thursdays. More pix of the  suit here.

The April 10 newspaper edition of WWD confirms that this jacket along with a pair of trousers will be released soon by the two Mega Brands.  According to WWD the lining will have a black and white star pattern and the suits silhouette is Brooks Brothers’ slimmer and younger Fitzgerald model.  The two piece seersucker suit will be available at Supreme.  From what I’ve seen during my December trips to NYC, Supreme has some pretty long lines for their limited edition Shirts and Kicks. I would suspect a BIG line for this gear. And I kinda’ doubt it will show up on their on-line boutique. But it’s for sure worth a try to look and find out. I wonder if like the shirts and kicks;  if this suit goes for double or triple on E-Bay? My vote would be yes.  And Yeah, I admit it would also keep the tags on it and wear it out of the house just like the picture above.

Brooks Brothers has done some things with Junya Watanabe in the past and they typically work with designer Thom Browne with their Black Fleece label.

Supreme has collab’d with many including Nike, North Face Comme des Garcons, Vans,  Champion and in 2011 they worked with Adam Kimmel on an unlined black and navy two button suit jacket and pants made from Italian cotton Twill.  I think that this Seersucker collab is a Big Time Winner for both the younger and older fans of both brands especially the Supreme followers.  I could see this jacket worn by many a bike courier and fashion designer in NYC and by many others in various professions throughout the world.  Streetzblog recommend that you should get this very stylish suit collab if you can!

Here’s a pic of the Adam Kimmel x Supreme Black and Navy two button suit Jackets with custom fitting pants. Picture is courtesy of

Adam Kimmel x Supreme Spring  2011

Have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter.  If you get a chance check out my radio show this Saturday April 19th from 3p-6p Hawaii Time on You can catch it on the tune in app or by going directly to  See you on the Streetz, on the radio, at church and at the Beach this weekend.

Here’s the most up to date picture of the suit (Monday April 28, 2014/Picture courtesy of Supreme)




Streetz of New York-Big Uppin’ Bryant Park

Bryant Park Fun and Festive Day at Bryant Park NYC Dateline: Tuesday December 20, 2011.

During December Bryant Park transforms to a specialty shop outdoor mall complete with a Pop-Up restaurant, bright blue Astroturf and an outdoor ice skating rink. And each year when I visit NYC, I make it a point to stop by and enjoy the Holiday Cheer at this special place. Here are some of the highlights of this year’s festivities at B-Park with

I don’t know the exact number of little red booths at Bryant Park, but I know there are a lot and it’s really funny how they are named. Some are either named with very creative names and the others are named with names that say exactly what they sell. It’s quite amusing to me.

Here are some of the Creative names:

Metal Park-sells Predator, Alien and Star Wars statues with exquisite details
Scent in a Basket-Colorful fake pieces of fruit that have delicious scents
Miss Tea-exotic and local teas
Ooh LaLa and Handsome Howard-Not sure  just liked the names

And Here are the names of places that are called exactly what they sell:

Made From Coins-Things made by Coins
Pottery Lady-Pottery done by a Lady
Creative Letter Art-Signs with creative Letters (Custom made on the Spot)

Additional Fun from Bryant Park included:

Animated Closet sells clothing with animated animals on them.  The Boxer Briefs were especially well named.  They were underpants similar to what CK sells, but where your ding ding is located, they had a picture of a Boxer-DOG on them. Get it Boxer Briefs. Some more fun naming. This Bryant Park place just plain has some of the greatest names and plainest names in the World!
The Skating Rink:  Remember who lame the rented skates used to look, well at this rink they rent you nice grey hipster skates that look and feel good enough to actually own and use.  
Celsius Restaurant:  Looks like a portable restaurant, comes complete with Heat lamps at your table, coffee, tea, snacks and even BEER! along with the best view of the skaters in a nice comfy setting. Ask to be seated in the luxury couches, they rock, pretty much like being at a nice club in the middle of a park!

A few places to hit up before or after Bryant Park:

Around the World Magazine Store:  For a street style, fashion, kicks blogger, this place is like Heaven.  Fashion magazines from every part of the world.  They have some of the more expensive yet extremely new mags like the InTrend for $80, other business and street clothing mags for $70, and the New SportsWear International for just $17.  But it’s in the back-end of the store that hides their secret ingredients.  They have a magazine I’ve never seen before entitled Chic Men which looks and feels just like the pricey mags for just $20, they have tons of books on fashion, How to draw like a fashionista, Graffiti, Graphics, and design books all of which I’ve never seen in any Barnes and Noble.  And for me the best part is they have older issues of fashion mags for just $2-$7.  They might be a bit old, but the contents are still 2-3 years ahead of most of what Hawaii wears, thus Rockin’ Great Store!

48-39th Street Barbers/Near 6th Avenue/Ave of the Americas:  Kind of a secret place, Haircuts are just $2, and since it’s a learning center, they take their time and do it right.  Usually it takes my barber about 15 minutes to cut my hair, these guys made nice pointy sideburns, short on the sides, nice up top and a little style and flair on the back and they were very careful and delightful to get it all done perfectly. $2 and half hour later, I had myself a $72 looking haircut. (Actually I tipped them and gave them each $15, so it was $32 later) Say Hi to Mike and Juan if you can find it. If you can’t just text me.  Or walk a couple of miles to Astor Place-they also cut hair really well in NYC, but they do it really quick, but it does always look good.  I kind of liked the leisurely cut and style, just missed the smell of the Club Man scent at Astor Place.

Wow! Nice view from BP of the Empire State Building-Lit up in Blue and White for Hanakkah


Checkin’ the Deckin’s of the Streetz of Zoo York!

Zoo York Streetz of New York Decks

It’s been about three weeks since I had a wicked long dream that I was skateboarding on the streetz of New York and Honolulu. And I haven’t been on a skateboard since mine got stolen in 1987.  But since that dream, I just can’t get it out of my head that I should be skateboarding around town. I even wrote about How cool skateboard wheels were on my sister blog advertisinginhawaii which is pretty off from what I usually talk about over there.

Well, I blog on streetzblog every Friday without fail and tonight when I was trying to figure out what to write, I came across what else but some really nice Zoo York skateboard decks! These are all Sweet pieces of street photography shot by Brian Kelley/BK  for ZY.  I can’t tell you how to buy one, because I actually tried and couldn’t figure it out. But they did just come out pretty recently, so maybe they’re at the store and not on the net.  And even if I did buy one, it would probably be best if I hung it on my wall like a painting instead of trying to ride it, not sure I want to get all bloody right now. But that could be cool too.. with Halloween right around the corner, I might fit in well all bloodied up.  Would save me money on a costume. Have a nice weekend! I’m heading over to alohalectric right now. If you’re there, text me at 808 479-9928 and we can talk about what’s hot on the streetz. Or hit me up with a comment and LMK which board is your favorite or if you think I should skate to work next week.  BTW-I like the board with the Golden Wall Street Bull on it the best.  Until next time..Ciao and Aloha from Honolulu.

Doin’ Da Luis Guz!

Now I gotta tell you I don’t work for HBO or even know anyone who works there. And Yeah, I know I already posted a “How to Make it in America” video this week. But this one is just too cool and I totally dig the NYC vibe. What song is this? I know I have it on a CD in my car, but my brain is kind of blurred from too much paperwork at work this week. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Luis Guzman gets a neck tattoo-bet it’s not real! See you Sunday October 2nd on Twitter, hope we can watch the first show of the second season together #howtomakeit I’ll either be @scottmackenzie3 or @HiChiNy it depends on which computer or iPad I use on October 2nd.

Air McFly’s become Reality!

Aaah! All Week long, I thought I’d be talking about “Fashion’s Night Out” tonight, but when something like this comes around, it takes precedent over everything.  If you grew up in the 70’s or 80s or 80s and 90’s you must have seen at least 1 if not all 3 “Back to the Future” movies. And what do you remember most about the movies?  The DeLorean? well maybe  The Awesome Michael J Fox Guitar licks? maybe or maybe not. What you do remember is the Hoverboard and how cool it would be to have one! And if you’re into shoes, a full-blown sneaker addict or as I  remember back then just thinking “Wow that board is something I gotta’ have and Hey what are those crazy shoes he’s wearing?” I want those too!

Well after about 25 years, The Hoverboard is still not how we get to work in the morning. For reasons I just do not know! Because I know it can’t be too hard to make a flying skateboard. Ya know, I bet Rob Dryzeck has had a hoverboard for at least 10 years, him and probably Tony Hawk.We should be taking our hoverboards to work by now and HEY-Michael J Fox rode his in the 1985 movie, Whats the Deal!!  Putting Hoverboards on the back burner  for now-back to today’s real point:   Before today, we couldn’t get the Air McFly Shoes that have been buzzing the internet since..well..since the internet was born!  But today’s the Big Day!  Check out  the pretty interesting video at the top of this page that shows a warehouse of  full blow crazy A Shoes!!! I got the VID off of my favorite on-line magazine:  Pretty simple yet extremely eye-catching Video,and low and behold—— LOOK!  These are the new Air McFlys!!

Once I saw this Vid I went str8t over to HypeBeast to see what they had on the subject.  Here’s an up close and personal look at the shoe-they are actually called NIKE MAG-Air McFly-I dont know why they use the word MAG, we all know them as the Air McFly why not use the perfect name instead of MAG, Nike-Air McFly sounds perfectly fine to me. However, the name doesn’t  matter much right now, what matters is where do we get a pair?  Well, seems they only made 1500 pairs and the first 150 or so will be auctioned off on eBay. the others, who knows, check the local sneaker boutique and see what you find out. If anyone knows, hit us up over here at  for more pictures and lots more details, just click here and check out all the great information that Hypebeast has on these super-duper, long-awaited, highly anticipated Kicks release of 2011.

They are finally here,Wow! that took like forever.

Ya Know, I did go to Fashion Night Out this year, but it wasnt nearly as fun as last year, so kind of glad the Air McFlys came out.  I don’t know what I would have said about Fashion Night Out at Ala Moana 2011. But 2010’s Fashion Night Out was extremely Fun!!! And pretty hard to beat a great night out!

I just went to eBay to look for the shoes and as of 10:35 Hawaii Standard Time, these are priced at $8,200.  I guess it’s serious, but sure sounds like a lot, but maybe its movie stars doing the bidding.  the proceeds do go to a great CAuse-Michael J Fox’s foundation to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. But today,  I don’t even have $820 to pay for shoes, let alone $8,200!  Wow!!  As I hear them say “Happy Bidding”.

The Real Deal Deadmau5 Kicks!

Wow-Just one day after I wrote about the Deadmau5 Jersey and the funky Rave sneaks, I found the “real deal” Deadmau5 kicks on one of my favorite French websites-Shoes-Up . These kicks are from Puma and Deadmau5 himself.  The Shoe and apparel line will be available throughout Europe Beginning August 1st.  The “Real Deal” Deadmau5 collection is inspired by elektro parties, vibrant elektro colors and of course the iconic Deadmau5 BIG ol’ mouse head. According to Shoes-Up Magazine the kicks and clothes will be available at Foot Locker, but looks like only in Europe, We’ll keep an eye out for them for you here on streetzblog and let you know if you can buy em’ on line or if Foot Locker gets a batch of gear for us stateside.

The "Real Deal" Deadmau5 Kicks and Clothes coming August 1st 2011

The Leisure Dive

This Leisure guy Dives High in the Sky!

I’ll stay on the record and say that “Planking” has not reached its peak yet, people around the office still havent heard the word yet, let alone done it. Planking is not Dead. But, what is new today is the Leisure Dive.  This one’s pretty funny-you pretty much dive or jump into a pool with beverage in hand looking like you’re leisurely lying on a beach, by a pool, or hanging in a hammock etc. Then your friend takes your picture in the Leisure position in mid-air.  Its pretty funny and Hawaii will be one of the perfect places to do this new “plank” type of activity.  

 The pictures on the site are pretty funny, but The part I was most amazed with, was whoever put the site up already has T-shirts and hats made to sell to hard partying, Life Loving Leisure Divers.   That’s some quick moving-Congrats!

Click here for the website on the Leisure Dive!

Wish I was There…

Yeah!  you can watch the video from the blog now.  Technology and Learning Rocks! (It was pretty frustrating the last two blogs when all you could do is see and click on the linkage.  Looks much better with the real vid!)

This is a video of the Solemart Paris 2011 recap-the event JUST happened and it’s very fresh.  Kicks Galore!  And as you can see the Europeans are a bit more diverse with a lot more New Balance, and Adidas shoes being displayed. Most of the shows I’ve been to in the US have mostly Jordans and some Dunks.

Did you see the guy with the fresh out of the box Pigeon Dunks!  WOW!  Those are going for $2600 on Flight Club LA, that is if you can even find them in your size and if they have them in stock! Next to Jordan 11’s released every year around December 23rd these and the Jordan 11’s are the Biggest  Holy Grails to many Kick Collector’s.  When the Pigeon Dunks went on sale for the first time in NYC, people swung baseball bats at each other and caused quite a seen to get a pair. It was probably the single most biggest moment to spur on the Kick Collecting Scene all around the World.  I actually have a copy of the story that ran  in the NY Post.  And it was what encouraged me stand outside Nike Town one night to get a pair of limited edition only 50 made one piece red Dunks with soccer icons on them and one pair of Hawaii Prestos.  Thinking I had a pair of Holy Grails for someone.  Well, I tend to wear all my kicks and I still have the Dunks and Prestos in my house gathering dust, since  I don’t like the color red. Still havent made my millions or at least a few hun. oh, well didn’t really matter anyways-I had a super awesome time standing in line with everyone and met a lot of new friends with really HOT looking shoes! And before that I thought I was the only Sneaker Head in the world. Little did I know.

If I was at this event I would have tried to trade my Red Nike One Piece Dunks or Prestos or Lebron 1st games for some of those Jordans with the Gold tags on them.  Those were NICE! and looked like my size-10.

What did you wear on 4th of July-I rocked my NIB bright Green Statue of Liberty Dunks-Saved them since St Patrick’s Day..and they didn’t hurt my feet!!!

I wore these on 4th of July-What did you Rock?

Today I am available on twitter @scottmackenzie3  or HiChiNy.  Gonna Hang there until I pass out.  Have a Kick filled,  Scorching Hot,  Sizzling,  Jacking,  Sweet,  Great rest of the Week!

HBO’s How to Make it in America Season 2-Super New Trailer

This is the trailer for HBO’s “How to Make it in America” Season 2, it doesn’t tell us much, but it does show us that the show is for sure coming back for another season!  I was hoping it was coming back because it was fun to watch NYC street culture in an actual TV show.  The show is pretty much like Entourage where sometimes its real and sometimes its fiction.  Last year’s show had special appearances by Kid Cudi and skater Javier Nunez amongst other fledgling stars of the screen and street.

If you’re into fashion or street culture, this is the show to watch!  Last year it showed Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon spending their last money they owned to make a pair of custom jeans to follow their dream to create the Hot new brand for all the hipsters and skaters to wear.  They did get the jeans produced but ran in a whole heck of a lot of trouble along the way.   The show also followed a street hustler trying to go straight by selling some sort of Jamaican energy juice, which had even more ups and downs, which were mostly down, yet pretty funny! 

Looking forward to seeing what happens this year.  Show is also fun to watch to see what everyone’s wearing from hard to find “Dunks” to slick pea coats  & classic boots, and that’s just what the guys had on. Who knows what brands the girls were wearing, I’m sure they were pretty trendy..and the ladies were flocking to the stores to get the goods.

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