How To Make it in American Season 1 Jackets

How To Look like you are making it in America/NYC Season 1 inspired Jackets

Well, this post is a bit late to say the least. But, I was hoping Ben would start wearing some better clothes in season two and I could tell you more about them.  It seems in Season one he had the best military inspired jackets around town, this year he’s been wearing girly knits and plain black thin hoodies.  Doesnt make sense how someone with such swag one year can go to such lameness the next. So, this blog will be about How to Make it in America Season 1’s inspired Jackets as seen from the Heat from the Streetz. 

Getting the Look

Most of what Ben wore in Season 1 were military inspired Pea coats. The Limited Express and J. Crew are probably your best bets to get this look. But buy early, last year when I got to NYC in December The Limited was pretty much out of all the good sizes for all their Hip jackets.  And don’t forget Army Navy stores, You can buy the originals or look alikes and then purchase a few patches, medals and other Knick-Knacks at the same store and take them to a local tailor and you’ve got your own original design.  Here in Hawaii, I like military HQ over by Sand Island Access Road. It’s a little pricey, but they do have some good authentic gear here.  And my favorite Army Navy store is the one on Belmont in Chicago. If you get a chance to go to Chicago, this is a must see store. The first floor has all hot brands, the next floor has tons of shoes and the next floor has some skater gear and the Army/Navy/Military originals and knock offs at pretty awesome prices,a huge selection of gear and the jackets will for sure keep you warm as well as keep you looking stylish. 

Here are a few pix from The Limited Express that look similar to what Ben had on in How to Make it in American Season 1:

Limited Express Herringbone Hooded Peacoat

  Here’s another Hot look from the Limited Express for Winter 2011-12

Limited Express Short Wool Blended Peacoat

And here is Ben Epstein at a Photo shoot for complex magazine wearing a Dark Blue Converse Peacoat

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  1. I wish it started next week..LOL. Sure hope we don’t have to wait a whole year! At least the last show ended pretty positive. I was kinda’ worried for Domingo and Cam there for a few. And I sure would have taken the $200,000 offered to Ben. Ben really doesn’t know how easy he had it. I personally ordered 500 shirts a few years ago. I sold all the Smalls and Mediums, but still have a bunch of XL’s and XXL’s. I didn’t know my market was Female and Japanese. Thought it was Male and baggy. Take it easy! Thanks for checking us out over here at streetzblog.


  2. Wow, that show is the best! Can’t wait for season 3!


  3. Actually what I really want to know is what cut he wears when he is going with that green military jacket look.


  4. Hey,

    I like your blog. Any idea where Ben gets his jeans?



    • Are you interested in the faded or darker Jeans? I’ll check on em’ and get back to you later this week.
      I do know that Bryan Greenberg favors shopping at J. Crew, Kenneth Cole, and Urban Outfitters. Thanks for
      checking out the blog. TTUS


      • Thanks for the quick reply. I would actually like a new pair of both the darker and faded. Since I live in Maine, knowing the type of cut would be key since I will probably order them online.


      • When I was in NYC last month I went to a store called Rag and Bone down near Mercer street. Check out their on line store, they have a bunch of jeans just like Ben wears in “How to Make it in America” They also have a couple nice jackets too! I think you’ll like both the jeans and jackets on there. Also, the best place I found in NYC for Ben’s jackets is the basement floor at Bloomingdale’s. They had like 4-5 awesome contemporary military jackets. If I lived in a colder climate I would have bought the John Varvatos for Converse bluish black military jacket. Take Care. SM


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