Daily Archives: November 15, 2011

Black Friday, Black Flips or both?

Another 111 OMG!!

Just when we’re all ready to buy our Retro Jordan Black/Cement 3’s on Black Friday. Nike Announces yet another color-way.  This is the Air Jordan 111 Black Retro Flip.  I found it on the street rules blog and the picture is courtesy of complex.com.  Me, I still have my eyes set on the Concord X1’s that come out a couple of days before Christmas or maybe the Black Cement 3’s if I can manage to get out of the house on Thanksgiving Eve.  These look a big too much like the all Black Cats I already have and they come with a pretty hefty price tag of $175.   It sure is a good year for some pretty Sweet Jordans-Too bad it’s not a good year for the NBA.  The talks earlier today didn’t go to well and it looks like the players are going to disband the union and file a suit.  If that for sure happens, I doubt there will even be a season.  My hope is we’re still set on the season starting Mid December.  What will you watch on TV on Christmas Day if there’s no NBA basket ball game??  Ugh-I don’t think I can deal with a kids DVD or even a regular Movie. That would just suck.  NBA, Please come back before Christmas.  There wont’ be anything  to quarrel over either. I’ll miss that action too!

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