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WalterFRENCH’s newest Vid-Nice T!

Check it Ooouuuut!! walterFRENCH’s newest Vid. I call it “The renegade” for Sprite and BET. Catchy Beat, crisp lyricism, nice black and white vid with sweet transitions. Super fresh vid too-it just released on 7/12/12. And check out Walter’s T, he’s wearing one of streetzblog’s own “How To Make it in NYC” shirts. Thanks Walter!!

When you get a chance Help Walter out with the BET HOT16 2012 and give him a like or two on youtube-TU!

*The HTMIINYC shirts were made in December 2012. Designed and sketched by streetzblog with the Photoshop help of DJ Romeo Valentine. Originally made for the “How to Make it in America” Shirt Contest, but we didn’t make the deadline, so we went ahead and had the shirts made. Only 48 of the black and white shirts were made. Designed in Hawaii, produced in Brooklyn, picked up in NYC, brought to Chicago to Oahu. Hopefully the color version will be out before Thanksgiving. Probably another run of 48.

Here’s an advanced look at the front and back of the color version:

How To Make it in American Season 1 Jackets

How To Look like you are making it in America/NYC Season 1 inspired Jackets

Well, this post is a bit late to say the least. But, I was hoping Ben would start wearing some better clothes in season two and I could tell you more about them.  It seems in Season one he had the best military inspired jackets around town, this year he’s been wearing girly knits and plain black thin hoodies.  Doesnt make sense how someone with such swag one year can go to such lameness the next. So, this blog will be about How to Make it in America Season 1’s inspired Jackets as seen from the Heat from the Streetz. 

Getting the Look

Most of what Ben wore in Season 1 were military inspired Pea coats. The Limited Express and J. Crew are probably your best bets to get this look. But buy early, last year when I got to NYC in December The Limited was pretty much out of all the good sizes for all their Hip jackets.  And don’t forget Army Navy stores, You can buy the originals or look alikes and then purchase a few patches, medals and other Knick-Knacks at the same store and take them to a local tailor and you’ve got your own original design.  Here in Hawaii, I like military HQ over by Sand Island Access Road. It’s a little pricey, but they do have some good authentic gear here.  And my favorite Army Navy store is the one on Belmont in Chicago. If you get a chance to go to Chicago, this is a must see store. The first floor has all hot brands, the next floor has tons of shoes and the next floor has some skater gear and the Army/Navy/Military originals and knock offs at pretty awesome prices,a huge selection of gear and the jackets will for sure keep you warm as well as keep you looking stylish. 

Here are a few pix from The Limited Express that look similar to what Ben had on in How to Make it in American Season 1:

Limited Express Herringbone Hooded Peacoat

  Here’s another Hot look from the Limited Express for Winter 2011-12

Limited Express Short Wool Blended Peacoat

And here is Ben Epstein at a Photo shoot for complex magazine wearing a Dark Blue Converse Peacoat

Doin’ Da Luis Guz!

Now I gotta tell you I don’t work for HBO or even know anyone who works there. And Yeah, I know I already posted a “How to Make it in America” video this week. But this one is just too cool and I totally dig the NYC vibe. What song is this? I know I have it on a CD in my car, but my brain is kind of blurred from too much paperwork at work this week. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Luis Guzman gets a neck tattoo-bet it’s not real! See you Sunday October 2nd on Twitter, hope we can watch the first show of the second season together #howtomakeit I’ll either be @scottmackenzie3 or @HiChiNy it depends on which computer or iPad I use on October 2nd.

HBO’s How to Make it in America Season 2-Super New Trailer

This is the trailer for HBO’s “How to Make it in America” Season 2, it doesn’t tell us much, but it does show us that the show is for sure coming back for another season!  I was hoping it was coming back because it was fun to watch NYC street culture in an actual TV show.  The show is pretty much like Entourage where sometimes its real and sometimes its fiction.  Last year’s show had special appearances by Kid Cudi and skater Javier Nunez amongst other fledgling stars of the screen and street.

If you’re into fashion or street culture, this is the show to watch!  Last year it showed Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon spending their last money they owned to make a pair of custom jeans to follow their dream to create the Hot new brand for all the hipsters and skaters to wear.  They did get the jeans produced but ran in a whole heck of a lot of trouble along the way.   The show also followed a street hustler trying to go straight by selling some sort of Jamaican energy juice, which had even more ups and downs, which were mostly down, yet pretty funny! 

Looking forward to seeing what happens this year.  Show is also fun to watch to see what everyone’s wearing from hard to find “Dunks” to slick pea coats  & classic boots, and that’s just what the guys had on. Who knows what brands the girls were wearing, I’m sure they were pretty trendy..and the ladies were flocking to the stores to get the goods.

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