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Happy Halloween 2011

"Go Green or Go Home"

I like this picture, I can just feel the wet paint oozing on to  my skin.  This Costume won the Postbox’s  costume contest for 2011.
The Today Show announced this morning that Snookie, Lady Ga Ga, and Katy Perry are the number one costumes for ladies this year.  Charlie Sheen is the number one costume for Guys and Angry birds for the kids. Me personally, I’ve seen more Zombies than ever before!!!’s Chris Davis reports that on tonight’s Hawaii Five-O, Robert Englund/Freddie Krueger will guest Star.  He plays a homeless man who guards a Hawaiian Burial site and puts a curse on Scott Caan/Danny.  You can check out her blog for more info or watch the show later tonight.  Happy Halloween!!
Now-Check out what Heidi Klum whore to her own Costume Party at Tao last night.  This has to be one of the most awesome costumes of all time!  She spent most of the day being “put together” and airbrushed. She was first wheeled in on a Dr’s cart as the “Dead Body” and later on she got up off the table and schmoozed with the crowd!  More pictures and details are available at this link.

"Hey, Does Anyone Know What's for dinner in the Hospital's Cafeteria Tonight?"

I'm A-A-Aliiiive! And Yes, I am the real Heidi Klum!

And After all those earlier blog posts on Halloween Kicks, I figured I’d better show you what I chose to wear today.  My Flo-Orange Y-3 x Adidas Colabs.  Gonna Rock them all day and into the night in Waikiki Tonight!  Happy Halloween! Have fun!
The Brightest Orange Shoes that I own!

LMK what you decided to Wear?  Or what’s up for 2012 when you find out?

It was a great Halloween this year, the only BIg Bummer for me, Is “Where was Regis?” on the Regis and Kelly Annual Halloween Show.  He’s been talking about the special show for 2 weeks.  Nick Lachey took his place! OMG! Regis-Where you at?  I guess I better get used to it, because Regis is moving on in like 22 days anyways. Me, personally, I think they should pay him to stay.  But that doesn’t look like it will happen.  Well, at least my employers will be happy, I’ll be on time to work every single day from the day Regis quits.  Note: Today I DVR’d it so I could watch The whole show and so I could get to work on time for Halloween!

The Girl with the H&M Clothes

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Book took me a whole Summer to read-Now you can just watch the movie! Photo courtesy of

H&M-The store that I label as”The Store with the most Hippest & Trendiest Clothes in Season with the Best prices” is coming out with a special limited collection of threads inspired by the Book and movie-“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  H&M announced on Wednesday October 26th that the 30 piece collection has “the dark urban feel that defines Salander’s character, with Leather jackets and trousers, torn jeans, and slouchy hoodies”.

Sampling of Lisbeth Salander's clothes picture courtesy of the

H&M which I visit every Christmas in NYC at least three times in 5 days, announced that the collection is designed by Trish Summerville, who also created Salander’s clothes in David Fincher’s upcoming U.S film version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  The Movie is due to release in the U.S just before Christmas.  Me, personally I read the book and saw the Swedish Version of the movie and both were quite excellent. I really have no idea why they are making another movie of a movie that was actually really good. Maybe so people who are too lazy, wont need to watch the sub titles from the Swedish Version.

In regards to the clothes, since this is H&M-the last time I checked you can’t buy their clothes on their website-they are only available in store.  Thus when these release, if they are like any other limited clothing collection, there will be lines and the good stuff will go really fast, especially in the NY Stores. Because when I get to NYC around December 17th each year the newest collections are pretty much sold out.  The Swedish fashion retailer has stores in NYC, Vegas and Chicago amongst other places, but so far none in Hawaii. The Lisbeth Salander clothing collection is set to release world-wide on December 14th.  Best of luck to you trying to get your hands on the goods.  I’ll let you know if there’s anything left when I get to NYC on December 17 or 18, 2011.

H&M Logo-Photo courtesy of

For More information on H&M click here.  If you’ve shopped there before-Cool. If you haven’t just to let you know the prices are super awesome. The Clothes are right on point for in the “Now” Styling.  Just remember that they are inexpensive for a reason, they don’t really last that long and if you are a size L, I’d advise buying a XL, most of what I have bought there shrinks like A lot!  Cool! Super Fun stores to people watch at and a place I just got to hang and see what the streetz are wearing and I usually end up buying $100 or $200 worth of Gear and I do get a lot of good stuff.  Thus, I recommend them.  Just dont’ buy something you want to wear just ain’t gonna happen.

Flyer reminder for this Saturday’s Halloween Radio Show:  Request line for Saturday is (808) 956-7261 or tweet HiChiNY

This just in (11/11/11) According to Entertainment Weekly, these combat boots will also be available at H&M.  I like the zipper on them. And BTW they don’t come with the Duct Tape, You can add that if you like.


Streetz Style Barbie Lookin’ Pretty Hip!

WOW! I never thought I’d be writing about BARBIE! on Streetzblog, but She sure is looking pretty HIP!!  Silver Shoes with black toe polish,  a Crazy Green Dog with spikes, a totally hipster on-spot  tokidoki bag, Pink hair, crip Shades and my favorite-The Tats-even a neck Tattoo-OMG!This whole thing is pretty interesting too since on Saturday,  I walked right next to Simone Ligno the creator of tokidoki just outside of the Sephora store in Honolulu.  He was about to go in the store to sign skateboards and bags. When I first saw him, I suspected it was him, He had on some pretty styling very limited edition tokidoki hi-tops and was looking quite stylish.  I Wanted to stay in the line to meet him too, but there were way too many people there already. Some since 10A and his gig was from 2p. I have a couple of pix from my iPhone3-they are a bit blurry but still show what was going on on Saturday. Sorry Guys/Gals, Ispent my iPhone 4Gs money on a skateboard.. I know could have had much clearer pix for the blog with a new iPhone 4GS, but the board sure is fun to ride!  I actually took it for its first spin on Saturday.  I rode it from my house to Ala Moana Center is and back.  (The mall that had Simone L. at Sephora).

Yep, this is for real, Simone Legno in Hawaii at Ala Moana Center

this line was pretty Massive!

If I knew he designed this Hip and Happening Barbie, I would have for sure stood in line..hehehe.  She sure it looking good. But the bummer is this new Barbie is already sold out!-I would have bought 4 for Christmas presents. How perfect would that be? Does  Anyone know where they’re selling these for okaydoki prices?  The original price was only $50!  (Just saw some on Ebay for $249!!!)

If you’d like to learn more about the “Hip and Happening” tokidoki Barbie with the tats click here, but just letting you know ahead of time, this site which just sold a bunch of these Barbie’s  is ALL sold out already too!!! And we thought Jordans were hard to secure! Sheez!  Supposedly there were 7,400 of these made.  Sometimes the rarest things are the coolest things and the hardest to get. Yet other times, you can run across something and score it really easily and it turns out to be your favorite shirt or Shoe or Doll.  However, I do dislike not having something hip and happening.  Even my new skateboard is a bit like this whole story.  I wanted the Zoo York Streets of New York limited edition board. But every where I looked they didn’t have them and Zoo York did NOT return my 3 emails asking where I could get one. So I went to the skate warehouse and found a board I like even better with a picture of the Empire State Building on it.  It looks good, it rides really well and I totally love it. But a few days after I got it, SW received a bunch of the Streets of NY decks and now “I’m like OMG I could have gotten one of those and they’re Limited Edition”  But what the heck am I even thinking, i have the perfect board-it would be nice to have a limited version of something, but how can you beat Perfect.  That’s hard to do, thus I am Happy! Frick Limited..well at least for today.Although, I’ve still got my eyes on those extremely hard to get at a good price Limited Edition Jordan 11’s that come out near Christmas!

More Hot Kicks for Halloween 2011

I Scream for Halloween!

As Halloween gets closer, Here’s some more options for you to wear this weekend.The Kicks pictured above are the “Screams” by Adidas.They’d look best at a job where you can put your feet up on a desk. Other than that you can’t much tell they’re for Halloween.Although the Bottoms are pretty sweet.

Blood Splattered Skate Shoes that look more like Boat shoes, either way they're pretty bloody!

These above are NIKE SB’s Janoski’s. To me, they look more like Boat shoes, then Skate shoes. At least the Blood looks real, but i sure wouldn’t skate in them or go on a boat with them. Just not my style, How Bout’ You?

NIke Dunk SB Lows. Picture courtesy of Freddy Krueger Stylee'

These are pretty Cool. But not quite as cool as the next pair. The Freddy Krueger Hi-Tops.

My Favorite Pick for this year's halloween

The Blood, the shirt he wore in the movie and the nice silver Nike Swoosh make these my Faves for this year’s Halloween weekend. This is a good year to wear lots of different kicks. Start on FRiday and go all the way through Monday. That’s at least 4-8 pairs you could wear. Hey-Dont forget to DVR Hawaii Five-0 on Halloween, because Freddy Krueger is rumored to be a “scary” guest star!

Should I get these or the upcoming Knicks Spikez? Tough Decision.

Or if you want to stretch your cash this year, you could get a pair of these sweet Melo 8’s we talked about the other day on Could wear them for Halloween then keep wearing them throughout the year, they def won’t go out of style.What are you wearing this weekend. Hit me up by text at 808 479 9928 and LMK. Send a picture if you like and we’ll post it up on in the blog.

We say Hello to the New Melo’s

Yesterday I was at Footlocker and the only shoe in the store that caught my attention was the new Jordan Melo. No brainer for me because my three favorite colors on Kicks are Black, Blue and Orange and these had all those. But being there no NBA season so far and the Help at Footlocker wasnt very pleasant I didn’t even try them on. But this video is pretty cool, check out when Carmelo drops from a helicopter into the Hudson River in NYC-then turns Hologram and plays ball on the water. Pretty happening Vid and as from what I gather, NAS made a special appearance and sang a few tunes.

The party Just Happened on October 20th at Pier 54 in Manahattan, NYC.

Jordon Melo 8 Two colorways s far. Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Well, if the Footlocker people act a bit nicer, I may go back and get a pair or just wait for the Knicks blue colorway of the Spikez. What are your plans this year regarding buying new kicks with their being no NBA season so far? Yes, No Maybe? Matters? Doesn’t Matter? LMK

HOT Kicks for Halloween 2011

Whew! This was probably the most intense week of my life. Went to work from 830AM until 1230PM then to School from 100PM until 8PM then did homework. Did it! The thing I missed the most was and going to the gym. All finished now and it’s time for some quick catching up. Here’s some of the HOT kicks you can wear or try to find for Halloween. Enjoy!

Too much White for me-Whatcha' thinK

On the left:  Nike Orange Black and White’s.  A bit too much white on these for me.

On the Right are my favorite Halloween shoes, One side is Black with and Orange stripe and on the other they are orange with a black swoosh.  These can be seen on  but have been sold out for 2 years. I could have gotten a pair, but was being frugal the year they came out..aaah what a bummer!

These are my totally number one FAVES!



I do have a pair of these, not sure why? LOL

Now I do own a pair of these black, white, brown Nike Blazers. They have some interesting creepy etchings on them, but when I wear them, no one seem to notice them, so not my favorite Halloween shoes, plus like most of my Nike’s they hurt the bottoms of my feet. But at the time I bought them, I must have seen something cool in them. I actually think I bought them the year I found out that the Orange and Black patents were sold out and just needed to have a new pair of Halloween kicks.  I may or may not wear them this year, depends if I can even find them in my Shoe filled Condo!

These look best at the Clubs!

This pair I would have bought if I was 20 years younger and went to the clubs every night because they do work and they do glow really good. but only in the clubs. Otherwise they are just a pair of plain yellowish white Nikes and I’m not really a favorite of white Kicks.

But they do Bang pretty awesomly in the Nightclubs, much better than that silly glow in the dark hairspray that never seems to quite work.

Frank's Fave's

Now this Green pair on the right are kind of cool and

you dont need to be in the club for them to show up. But

from what I remember they only made them for kids.Oh Well..maybe next time. And hey-Where are the Halloween Jordan’s I’ve never seen a pair of them. What is up with that! the most popular shoes in the entire World and no special colorway for Halloween..Hey come on Michael-let’s get with the Halloween Spirit!

Are you getting scared yet? LOL

These look a bit similar to the Black and Orange Patents, just not much going on here. Pretty Subtle and Halloween is NOT for the Subtle. Go Big! Go Bright! Go Black! Go Bright Orange or Don’t bother going out. Stay at home bored to death because no one trick or treats art your house or condo anymore, they get much more candy free from the stores at the malls. Halloween is one night, you gotta get out of the house even if it’s not to a party or a club, it just sux to be at home alone on Halloween.

Hey-Yo! I'm a bit different than the rest. What happened?

This Pair is called the NIKE SB Blood Splatter.  And Hey-They have a completely different colorway then any other pair on this page. What a concept. You don’t always need Black, Orange and White.  For a tune to go with these-check out Fake-Blood’s “Mars” or “Blood Splashing”

I Glow Too..Do You?

The pair on the right actually glow in the nightclub. But only in the nightclub. So another good pair for an 18-24 year old. you can find these on

Now, here’s a new pair for 2011, but as far as I can tell, I think they are only for kids. Not totally sure, but that’s what they’re saying in the blogosphere. At least its a new colorway. Not sure what light blue has to do with Halloween, but if they’re for kids, they can figure that out. Not really my style anyways. too many colors on one show. and the front’s look a bit “ortho” old man too.

Some new kicks for 2011

Nike Airmax, well I don’t own any Airmax 95’s so I can’t really comment much on these  But to me they look like regular everyday shoes, nothing special enough to wear on Halloween or even Halloween Weekend. but I do include them because I know a lot of Europeans enjoy the Airmax 95’s and may want to get a pair of these.


Attack of the Feiyue wearing Werewolf

Attack of the werewolf – Movie from Feiyue on Vimeo.

We’re having fun now! OMG-This is going to be so much fun to have a blog for the Halloween Season. My favorite holiday which I’ve been writing about on my site for 5 years.But now with WordPress, more people like you will be able to see all the fun things that happen during the Halloween Season. I’m so Stoked!! This is a video entitled “Attack of the Werewolf” by a French Kicks maker called Feiyue. A few years back I almost ordered a pair of these kicks since I hadn’t seen them before in Hawaii. But, (at least back then) the shipping was almost as costly as the shoes, so I still don’t own a pair of these bad boys. But it’s pretty cool how they did some Advertising with their stylish Kicks and many a person’s favorite Holiday of Halloween!

Check out the MIchael Jackson Fashion references and dance moves and beware! The end is a slightly bit scary for an American Audience. It Probably doesn’t phase the Europeans one bit, but Americans you may freak a slight bit or not. Speaking of Europe, my dad just got back from Brussels last night, I hope he brought us some tunes or hot mags to write about here on I’ll let you know as soon as I have dinner with him on Saturday night. Until Then..Sweet Dreams (the song reference is of course the Marilyn Manson version.. which BTW I first heard at the Limelight in NYC long before the Limelight turned into an indoor mall) And Sniper Wells was the first to play it in the 808!

Just checking in.

Some uncompleted Sample shirts from Dj Sniper Wells

Just checking in real quick. Sorry I couldnt write much this week. I’ve been going to work from 830A-1230P then School from 2P-8P. A bit draining  I did notice that the Knicks Blue and Orange Spike Lee shoes will be coming out on November 5th and they will be $175.  Just not sure where they will be sold and if they are limited or not, But they are HOT!

After I make it through this intense week, I’ll be doing some How to Make it in American postings and the Halloween Kicks article I promised you a couple of weeks ago.  Until then, I need to do some homework now, then get some sleep.  Have a Great Rest of the week!

Special Halloween Radio Show Coming Soon!!!!

Ultra' Bangin' Beats' For Your Halloween Weekend Celebration!!!

HOT on the Streetz 10-16-11

So last night I Dj’d from 9:30p-11:30p at the Miss Vamp After Party at theVenue, Thursday night I DJ’d from 930P-130A at LotusSoundBar and Wednesday night I did a proposal for my job from 3:30p-10:40p, this morning I had a 4:00am conference call and it is now 7:00am on Sunday morning.  Thus, right now I am running on full-fledged adrenaline and Fumes-When the crash comes it will be ugly. But the Good news is, I’m gonna’ write up some pretty happening things that are presently “Hot on the Streetz”.  Hope you enjoy them.  And please don’t call my cell around Noon -3p today, I will hopefully be sleeping.

Hot on the Streetz 10-16-11

My Ears Are Burning HOT

1.  Matchstick Earrings:  It’s funny how some of the simplest things can be the hottest things.  These come in various shapes and sizes and some look even more like the real thing. The one’s pictured are of the higher end quality and the only picture I could find. W magazine-yes the real mag has a picture where they actually look like the wooden matchsticks. Either way you go-these will be great conversation starters.  The Earrings are available at a Brooklyn based brand St. Kilda and can be found on their internet site.





2. Lebron 9’s Special Colorway:  Well this kind of irritated me a bit.  I thought I was all cool and hip and happening because Nike sent me an invitation to purchase the new Lebron 9’s before they went on sale to the general public.  Well, the ones they offered me were the usual black and red 9’s.  They were $175 and my next purchase will either be the need iPhone4s or a skateboard.  BUT, later that same day I found these on hypebeast.  The picture sure looks sleek, vibrant and a colorway I would probably attempt to get-who needs a new phone anyways-well I actually do so I can get you better pictures on to Anyways, I looked into getting a pair and of course they are limited and were only released on Friday night in MIAMI. Sheeez..I am still pissed off that Lebron didn’t go to the Knicks, now they release the happening colorway in Miami?  Lame!  Oh well, saves me money for either the new iPhone or the skateboard I still seem to be craving. The picture of the shoe does look nice

Point capture and learn

The Wikitude App in Action

3.The wikitude App:  You just point your smart-phone camera at a street corner or random store and wikitude overlays it with pop-up links to more detailed Wikipedia entries, geo-tagged tweets, and other digital directs.  Good thing to have to make a few bucks off your drunk friends late at night during a trivia street corner trivia match!


These babies are going home to Japan from the 808


4. Multi Color Adidas and Simple colored Cons: This past week I spent some time in Waikiki watching the streetz and I went to see the new OMNI plane that will tak us all to Las Vegas. To see the plane I needed to spend 20 minutes in a TSA line complete with a fake ticket. So I took the time to check out the threads on the Japanese tourists as they headed back from HI to their homeland. As I was totally enthralled in a guys pair of Herringbone grey cargo pants-Oh man they are Killer! I spotted over 40 young Japanese tourists and what they were wearing on their feet.  Most, if not all of them had on brand new Kicks.  And all I saw were very colorful Adidas High and low tops in Yellows, blues, greens, purples and all with the 3 stripes.  No D. Rose or D. Howard b-ball shoes, but all basic leather 3 stripes with crazy colors.  The other shoe they all seemed to purchase were basic Converse.  Some had the one star-probably bought at Target with the super cheap prices.  And the others were really basic Cons-all High-Tops.  No Nike’s at all!  Struck me as funny for a bit, but then realized that our Hawaii Niketown hasn’t been around for a few years and ever since then, Nike product is pretty generic and useless to buy out here unless you have a secret hook up to get the 20-40 pairs of the good stuff sent out here.  The Adidas and Cons both have stores out here,Target has great deals on Cons and  there is both a Converse and an Adidas Outlet store in Waikele with some of the newest styles and the best prices I’ve seen in 10 years-especially the Converse!

The Cons also going to Japan from the 808











If you’ve seen anything HOT on the streetz LMK what’s there. Or if you have any thoughts on these HOT on the Streetz items, just comment me or email me or I kind of like twitter on Sundays and I can be found at @scottmackenzie3 on twitter-For some reason I like to watch TV on Twitter on Sunday nights. And only on Sunday nights.  Take Care!


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