Designer Brand Paris Etoile Pant S/S 2021

Due to the World-wide Pandemic, these took 8 months to make. Sewing class was shut down, then it opened to half of us every other week. And for the last 2 months, we had weekly Wednesday classes. These include replicant Id’s from Off-White, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Supreme, Unravel and Gucci. With Silver reflective hits and a very complex oversized zipper with skulls that glow underneath.

The Tie-Dye Project

The Gold Vapeghost Pant F/W 2020

The Dark Blue and White Bones Brigade Pants F/W 2020

Note:  These were made not to fit me so that someone else can purchase them and wear them. Waist is Size 32 on both pairs. Email me if you’d like a pair. Only 2 exist.  $85 Each. Made from New Levi’s. Color:  Dark Blue and Bright White.  Choose between regular leg or cut off at the lower portion of the ankle leg with shredding allowed.

The AHOLA Shirt-Pro Bowl Edition F/W 18-19

I needed a slight break in the action of Non Stop creations from Scratch. So, took an old plaid shirt from Target and a pretty new Pro Bowl Aloha shirt, combined the 2 and created the AHOLA Shirt.  Over time it will morph & Fray, which will give it even more Flavor.  This side project took about 15 hours to complete.  3/7/18

The Streetzblog Bomber December 2017 F/W 18

Front has Jordan & PSNY WNL’s logos on the front (Logos cut from the Dust bag of a pair of shoes and sewn on.  And Streetzblog x Orange and Yellow reflective tape x Off-White decoration on the back. (One of One).  12/17/18

The Uptown Punk8618  F/W 18

Long pants.  Black, grey plaid with trim.  Docker’s top portion, then cut into shorts.  Grey plaid added.  With Holes in front and back and Side trim  Off-White influenced into Black stripe/trim.  12/15/17

The Mercer Cred (DCP) Double Cargo Pant.  S/S 17

Created from scratch.  Long pants in wool suiting material. 2 front pockets. 2 cargo pockets on right leg with different material. Includes custom belt loops. 5/5/17

The OG Triple Layer Pant F/W 17

These took a long time to make.  3 layers. Trim. Hem. etc.  9/01/16


Dory Shorts 2017

Dory x Streetzblog Kids Shorts with Off-White military/tux pant inspired trim.  12/01/17


Kids version of the Double Cargo

Men’s wool suiting material with Zoom-Zoom Motif. 5/20/17

Streetzblog-Wool suiting-Kids Shorts version of the Double C

First Foray into Kids wear

Hawaiian Islands shorts with military/tuxedo inspired pink stripe.  2/15/17

Streetzblog-Hawaiian Islands-with Pink military stripe
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