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What’s Hot-Saturday March 1, 2014

March Mania 7 Hottest Streetzblog Picks

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

DIVERGENT: The 3 books have many similarities to The Hunger Games Trilogy, yet a completely different vibe.  I read the first two  books in less than 2 weeks (Divergent and Insurgent). The third book-Allegiant is a little harder to get through. But overall, a well written, easy to read and quickly to picture in my imagination series.  The movie comes out March 21, you still have some time to read the books, but not much.  It should be a pretty Big movie, critics are 50/50. For some reason, it’s a bit of a sleeper in regards to pre-hype.  Many people where I work never heard of it, go figure.  I’ll go with 85% Big.  Ellie Goulding has three songs on the Soundtrack. The movie stars Sharlene Woodley, Theo James, Zoe Kravitz and is set in a slightly scary dystopian society set in Chicago, Illinois. Lots of action, thrilling, suspenseful and a bit of the required love story.

TATTOOS:  This is a no brainer. In the movie, Divergent one of the 5 factions is pretty tatted and pierced up. No matter how the movie does, the tattoo business is sure to spike. Some Tats from the movie I’ve already seen include  the Abstract Russian Constructivist art of the five factions: Dauntless (the faction with the Tats), Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, and Amity.

HOCKEY IN THE SNOW:  Today the Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins at Soldier Field in Chicago and the snow is coming down in buckets.  Right now, it’s the 2nd period and it hasn’t stopped snowing since the game started! (Attendance: 62,921)   Fashion/Style Alert-The Chicago Team has some great looking Black Jerseys.  Typically they are geared up in Red or White.  Today they’re in a nice Dark Black with Red and White trim.

Blackhawks Jersey

SPRING FASHION QUICK ACCESS:  I could easily do a whole blog on Spring Fashion. For today, here’s the quick hit list according to New York Magazine. Note: Mostly Female trends but some cross over to Menswear.   Earthenwear (Muted browns and Beige colors), Sporty Sparkly Sandals (Lots of bright Colors), Grab a Glue Gun (Bedazzling for the 21st Century-almost, well actually a bit too much), Most Athletic (1970’s style meets 2014’s fabrics), Fringe Festival (Dresses, Hats, and many Fringy purses), Pop Art (Even more bright colors), Rich Color/Retro Shape (Smooth Turquoise and Yellow heels ala 1950), Accordion Pleats (Just like the name says), Brown Bling (Gold and Brown around the eyes), Disco Dresses (Sparkly Gold and Silver w/ lots of bling), Logos (We saw this in the Marc Jacobs Runway show), Lab Coats (White on White), Banker Blues (Classic Blue shirts styled à la mode), Gingham (Hmm, so hard to wash), Teeny Tiny Bags (Just a bit bigger than a man’s wallet), Great Big Jewels (This looks like lots of fun!).

PEBBLE’S STEEL SMART WATCHES:  These not only work like Dick Tracy’s watch, but look very stylish too.  Metallic Link watches in Silver and Black, there’s also a leather band too. I suspect there will be even more to come soon.  They feature apps, quite close to an iPhone.

A NUMBER AND A NAME:  T-shirts with numbers and names on them, but not your usual sports team shirts. Recently, I’ve seen shirts with fashion designer names on them, various prescription drugs with the number of the drug on them, Even Louis Vuitton has a Fringy black shirt with the number 14 on it. Probably for the year 2014?  I noticed this trend back in August 2013, but it really started to Heat up in November/December 2013, I’d say it’s still on the upward swing, has not hit its peak.  Time to wear your numbers and names now.

KENDAMA KRAZE:  This could be an Asian and Hawaii trend now, but its bound to hit you sooner or later.  When I first saw it, I didn’t think it would last this long. But last week (2/28/14) Long’s Drug Store in Downtown had a batch of Kendama’s at 9 a.m. by the time I went back to get one for a friend at 3 p.m they were all sold out.  Yesterday, there was a big tournament put on by #OURKAKAAKO and there’s another in a couple of weeks from now sponsored by Diamond Bakery and Shriner’s.  Be prepared when these come to your city, You could make a lot of money if you have inventory to sell. Or at least you have fair warning that these sell very quickly, so buy one when you see one for your favorite Kid, Grand Kid or friend’s children.  Most people who play this look about 5-17 years old. And it’s a bit more male than female.  Be ready for your Kendama Kraze!

BTW: I don’t know where this Vid was shot, for sure wasn’t Hawaii, the island of Oahu where I live does not get snow ever. This is my favorite video I’ve seen to show you all the different tricks you may want to master when the Kendama’s come to your town.

See you on the Streetz!

streetzblog all star logo

It Doesn’t get Any More “Street” than this!

Yep-It's real!

One of the first QR Code tattoos is on me!  Yep, it’s real, Yep it’s permanent, and Yes I like it!  I still have my stickers and my laminates, but next party I’m at, just flash your QR Scanner on this and bound you’ll be in seconds.  It was the first QR Code that Lee Maxwell at Bespoke Custom Tattoo did and he did say it was fun to do but  a bit of a batty eyed session to make, lots of intricate detail.  He used an extra thin needle and it didn’t even hurt a bit!  I’ll get a bigger, better picture later on, but since it’s so new, this is all I had for you today.

I get most of my ink done at Bespoke.  It’s a really fun place to hang and they do great custom pieces.  Check out Bespoke Custom Tattoo on Oahu across the street from Sams and Wal-Mart on Keeaumoku Street.  Lee  did this piece, Tyler and Ryson are also really good at their custom work.  See you in New York in Mid-December.  The Day I get there, I’m heading to Madison Square Garden to see Swedish House Mafia, Jaques La Cont and A-Trak.  Tomorrow I’ll be on the North Shore, hopefully checking out the first Crown of the Triple Crown of Surfing.  I’ll get you an update in about 24 hours.

And don’t forget to watch or DVR – “How To Make it in America” this Sunday night November 20th-Even thought there’s only been about 5 shows, HBO is saying it’s the season finale! Woah! That sure was a quick season.  Hope they come back for Season 3.

The Girl with the H&M Clothes

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Book took me a whole Summer to read-Now you can just watch the movie! Photo courtesy of

H&M-The store that I label as”The Store with the most Hippest & Trendiest Clothes in Season with the Best prices” is coming out with a special limited collection of threads inspired by the Book and movie-“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  H&M announced on Wednesday October 26th that the 30 piece collection has “the dark urban feel that defines Salander’s character, with Leather jackets and trousers, torn jeans, and slouchy hoodies”.

Sampling of Lisbeth Salander's clothes picture courtesy of the

H&M which I visit every Christmas in NYC at least three times in 5 days, announced that the collection is designed by Trish Summerville, who also created Salander’s clothes in David Fincher’s upcoming U.S film version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  The Movie is due to release in the U.S just before Christmas.  Me, personally I read the book and saw the Swedish Version of the movie and both were quite excellent. I really have no idea why they are making another movie of a movie that was actually really good. Maybe so people who are too lazy, wont need to watch the sub titles from the Swedish Version.

In regards to the clothes, since this is H&M-the last time I checked you can’t buy their clothes on their website-they are only available in store.  Thus when these release, if they are like any other limited clothing collection, there will be lines and the good stuff will go really fast, especially in the NY Stores. Because when I get to NYC around December 17th each year the newest collections are pretty much sold out.  The Swedish fashion retailer has stores in NYC, Vegas and Chicago amongst other places, but so far none in Hawaii. The Lisbeth Salander clothing collection is set to release world-wide on December 14th.  Best of luck to you trying to get your hands on the goods.  I’ll let you know if there’s anything left when I get to NYC on December 17 or 18, 2011.

H&M Logo-Photo courtesy of

For More information on H&M click here.  If you’ve shopped there before-Cool. If you haven’t just to let you know the prices are super awesome. The Clothes are right on point for in the “Now” Styling.  Just remember that they are inexpensive for a reason, they don’t really last that long and if you are a size L, I’d advise buying a XL, most of what I have bought there shrinks like A lot!  Cool! Super Fun stores to people watch at and a place I just got to hang and see what the streetz are wearing and I usually end up buying $100 or $200 worth of Gear and I do get a lot of good stuff.  Thus, I recommend them.  Just dont’ buy something you want to wear just ain’t gonna happen.

Flyer reminder for this Saturday’s Halloween Radio Show:  Request line for Saturday is (808) 956-7261 or tweet HiChiNY

This just in (11/11/11) According to Entertainment Weekly, these combat boots will also be available at H&M.  I like the zipper on them. And BTW they don’t come with the Duct Tape, You can add that if you like.


Streetz Style Barbie Lookin’ Pretty Hip!

WOW! I never thought I’d be writing about BARBIE! on Streetzblog, but She sure is looking pretty HIP!!  Silver Shoes with black toe polish,  a Crazy Green Dog with spikes, a totally hipster on-spot  tokidoki bag, Pink hair, crip Shades and my favorite-The Tats-even a neck Tattoo-OMG!This whole thing is pretty interesting too since on Saturday,  I walked right next to Simone Ligno the creator of tokidoki just outside of the Sephora store in Honolulu.  He was about to go in the store to sign skateboards and bags. When I first saw him, I suspected it was him, He had on some pretty styling very limited edition tokidoki hi-tops and was looking quite stylish.  I Wanted to stay in the line to meet him too, but there were way too many people there already. Some since 10A and his gig was from 2p. I have a couple of pix from my iPhone3-they are a bit blurry but still show what was going on on Saturday. Sorry Guys/Gals, Ispent my iPhone 4Gs money on a skateboard.. I know could have had much clearer pix for the blog with a new iPhone 4GS, but the board sure is fun to ride!  I actually took it for its first spin on Saturday.  I rode it from my house to Ala Moana Center is and back.  (The mall that had Simone L. at Sephora).

Yep, this is for real, Simone Legno in Hawaii at Ala Moana Center

this line was pretty Massive!

If I knew he designed this Hip and Happening Barbie, I would have for sure stood in line..hehehe.  She sure it looking good. But the bummer is this new Barbie is already sold out!-I would have bought 4 for Christmas presents. How perfect would that be? Does  Anyone know where they’re selling these for okaydoki prices?  The original price was only $50!  (Just saw some on Ebay for $249!!!)

If you’d like to learn more about the “Hip and Happening” tokidoki Barbie with the tats click here, but just letting you know ahead of time, this site which just sold a bunch of these Barbie’s  is ALL sold out already too!!! And we thought Jordans were hard to secure! Sheez!  Supposedly there were 7,400 of these made.  Sometimes the rarest things are the coolest things and the hardest to get. Yet other times, you can run across something and score it really easily and it turns out to be your favorite shirt or Shoe or Doll.  However, I do dislike not having something hip and happening.  Even my new skateboard is a bit like this whole story.  I wanted the Zoo York Streets of New York limited edition board. But every where I looked they didn’t have them and Zoo York did NOT return my 3 emails asking where I could get one. So I went to the skate warehouse and found a board I like even better with a picture of the Empire State Building on it.  It looks good, it rides really well and I totally love it. But a few days after I got it, SW received a bunch of the Streets of NY decks and now “I’m like OMG I could have gotten one of those and they’re Limited Edition”  But what the heck am I even thinking, i have the perfect board-it would be nice to have a limited version of something, but how can you beat Perfect.  That’s hard to do, thus I am Happy! Frick Limited..well at least for today.Although, I’ve still got my eyes on those extremely hard to get at a good price Limited Edition Jordan 11’s that come out near Christmas!

Doin’ Da Luis Guz!

Now I gotta tell you I don’t work for HBO or even know anyone who works there. And Yeah, I know I already posted a “How to Make it in America” video this week. But this one is just too cool and I totally dig the NYC vibe. What song is this? I know I have it on a CD in my car, but my brain is kind of blurred from too much paperwork at work this week. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Luis Guzman gets a neck tattoo-bet it’s not real! See you Sunday October 2nd on Twitter, hope we can watch the first show of the second season together #howtomakeit I’ll either be @scottmackenzie3 or @HiChiNy it depends on which computer or iPad I use on October 2nd.

Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011-Worst Tattoo contest Winner

Looks like I gotta' go back and get these suckers done when I get some more $$$

So, on Day two of the Seattle tattoo Contest, we took a drive looking for the place that Twilight is set in-Forks, Washington. We drove for at least 3 hours from Seattle to look for this place. Most of the time, I slept, since I hadn’t slept much in Seattle do to the Strong Caffeine in the delicious coffee they serve everywhere. But, even after a 3 hour drive we didn’t make it to Forks, but the places we did see looked just like the movies, so it was ok with me-just a pretty long drive-7 hours round-trip. Due to the long ride, we missed the Worst Tattoo contest, but we did see the Two nights of the best Tattoo Contest. luckily  VictoriaVanBruinisse from was there and she hooked us up with these two pictures of the Worst tattoo contest winner. I don’t know, doesn’t look like much.. I can’t even read what it says, pretty much just looks like an unfinished tattoo. And which one of all these greenish tats on him is the Worst tattoo Winner? What do  you think? Doesn’t look like we missed too much.  Special thanks to Victoria for getting us these pictures.  You can check out more of her pix from the Expo on Flickr.

Yo! Check me out, I won the worst tattoo of the day!

Worst Tattoo Teaser posting

I received a picture of the worst tattoo contest from the Seattle Tattoo Expo the other day. Just wanted to let you know, I haven’t forgotten about posting it.  it will be up by Sunday or before.

I saw the premiere of “Columbiana” tonight, It was a bit strange. Sometimes it was hard to tell if it was an action film or a comedy. Although it was fun and better than watching re runs of the Mentalist. Especially since tonight they showed the same Mentalist for the THIRD time.  I used to think re runs just ran twice, but this episode ran THREE times for sure!! I saw the first two times.

Best and funnest quote from Columbiana:

8-year-old girl says to her uncle: “I used to want to be Zelda the Warrior”

Uncle Says:  Well what do you want to be?

Little Girl: “I want to be a KILLER!”  (yep you read right-a Killer!)

Uncle:  “Eh?”

Little Girl: “Can you Help?”  Note: as in be a killer-remember the little girl is age 8

Uncle: “Yes”  (with nothing else said after that)  Was pretty weird exchange of words. Although, Fun for the audience, since it was so different than anything we’ve ever heard before.

Is that some Ink on your shirt?

Well, I have no idea how I missed Most of NY Ink this year, I watched shows 1&2, then for the last 3 weeks I tried to find it on TV and all I could find was LA Ink.  So I looked on the TLC website and they say that the whole season is over and that they will be back in November with Season 2.  Either they only had a 3 or 4 season show, Or I totally spaced out a few weeks or months of my life. I seriously only remember seeing two shows, then missing 1 show and now we are at August 18th.  If you know how many shows they aired, LMK, it would help me understand what may have happened to me when I missed the rest of the season. Hopefully, they didn’t have too many shows..LOL

Here’s a sneak peek of the biggest trend in tattooing-Tattoo Artists with clothing lines.  Here’s a sample of the upcoming Ami James Ink Clothing line.

Boom Boom Boom...Let's go Back to my Room!

These clothes are looking pretty hip.  The black shirt has the total 2011 Ol’ School meets New School Vibe, the girl looks bored, a bit uninterested and slightly pissed off and is probably much prettier with a different look to her face, but I do dig the hat-The Aqua and yellow go nice together with the pattern.  Side note:  Be on the look out for Camo’s Custom Caps Designed by Sniper Wells..coming soon to  The Guys shirt has a bit of Sex Pistols type punk lookage to it and I like the way it crops right at the belt line.  These shirts look nice, but they are on perfect bodies. Not sure how they would look on the rest of us. The perfectly shaped models are: Michael Anthony and Jaden Bach For more pictures of the clothing and models click right about Heeeere.

Seattle Tattoo Expo Saturday August 13th 2011

Well, I am having a seriously hard time uploading pictures on to this blog tonight, pictures not showing up, text all out of whack etc. So, I’m just not going to write anything more on this post and just try to upload a bunch of pix from the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011 from Saturday night August 13th.  When the blog settles down, I’ll write a bit more, or for more info check out the previous blog posting from the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011.  Or click here for additional pictures from the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011 Day Two Thanks

OMG-How will I brush my Teeth tonight?!?!?

Hmm, I wonder what's for dinner tonight?

Back of the Official Shirt of the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011

Show us your Tats!

This is Really nice-My choice for 2nd plac

Front of the Official Shirt of the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011Back of the Official Shirt of the Seattle Tattoo Expo

Seattle Ink Day Two: The Seattle Tattoo Expo Saturday August 13, 2011

Seattle Tattoo Expo Sat Aug 13, 2011 Best Tattoo of The Day 1st place winner!






Two Days of Non Stop Tats and Partying







Well just like getting a tattoo, checking out the Tattoo Expo is quite addicting also. After an incredibly long drive out to see the mountains, Lakes and trees near where they shot the Twilight movies, I got back into town and headed str8t over to day two of the Seattle Tattoo Expo.  After being there yesterday, Today was much less overwhelming and I felt much more relaxed and just enjoyed the vibes and all of the great ink being driven into many a people’s skin.  Today, if It wasnt so late in the day, I think I would have had a piece or two done.

I did get there just in time for day two’s “Best Tattoo of the Day Contest”  The winner of tonight’s spectacular piece was done by Timmy B of Black 13 tattoos in Nashville Tennessee.  As soon as I got to the convention and I saw him wandering around, I instantly knew he would be the winner tonight.  I don’t quite totally get the Tat, but it is quite an amazing piece of art, the three D effect and the blazing cartoonish coloring is very Sweet!  Below, You will find pix from tonight’s contest.  Hope to see you guys there again tomorrow, I love it how the Expo is happening right across the street from my hotel at the Seattle Center. How awesome is that!  Hey-If you have a tat you’d like me to write about, email it on over or if  you were there today or weren’t there today, Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these awesome Tats.  Cheeeewhoooo! What a totally Fun time I had on the Seattle Streetz at the Seattle Tattoo Expo.

Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011 Sat Aug 13 Best Tattoo of the Day Contest TOP 3 Winners

Seattle Tatttoo Expo 2011 Sat Nite Aug 13 Best Tattoo of the Day 2nd Place winner

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