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Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011-Worst Tattoo contest Winner

Looks like I gotta' go back and get these suckers done when I get some more $$$

So, on Day two of the Seattle tattoo Contest, we took a drive looking for the place that Twilight is set in-Forks, Washington. We drove for at least 3 hours from Seattle to look for this place. Most of the time, I slept, since I hadn’t slept much in Seattle do to the Strong Caffeine in the delicious coffee they serve everywhere. But, even after a 3 hour drive we didn’t make it to Forks, but the places we did see looked just like the movies, so it was ok with me-just a pretty long drive-7 hours round-trip. Due to the long ride, we missed the Worst Tattoo contest, but we did see the Two nights of the best Tattoo Contest. luckily  VictoriaVanBruinisse from was there and she hooked us up with these two pictures of the Worst tattoo contest winner. I don’t know, doesn’t look like much.. I can’t even read what it says, pretty much just looks like an unfinished tattoo. And which one of all these greenish tats on him is the Worst tattoo Winner? What do  you think? Doesn’t look like we missed too much.  Special thanks to Victoria for getting us these pictures.  You can check out more of her pix from the Expo on Flickr.

Yo! Check me out, I won the worst tattoo of the day!

Seattle Tattoo Expo Saturday August 13th 2011

Well, I am having a seriously hard time uploading pictures on to this blog tonight, pictures not showing up, text all out of whack etc. So, I’m just not going to write anything more on this post and just try to upload a bunch of pix from the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011 from Saturday night August 13th.  When the blog settles down, I’ll write a bit more, or for more info check out the previous blog posting from the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011.  Or click here for additional pictures from the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011 Day Two Thanks

OMG-How will I brush my Teeth tonight?!?!?

Hmm, I wonder what's for dinner tonight?

Back of the Official Shirt of the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011

Show us your Tats!

This is Really nice-My choice for 2nd plac

Front of the Official Shirt of the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011Back of the Official Shirt of the Seattle Tattoo Expo

Seattle Ink Day Two: The Seattle Tattoo Expo Saturday August 13, 2011

Seattle Tattoo Expo Sat Aug 13, 2011 Best Tattoo of The Day 1st place winner!






Two Days of Non Stop Tats and Partying







Well just like getting a tattoo, checking out the Tattoo Expo is quite addicting also. After an incredibly long drive out to see the mountains, Lakes and trees near where they shot the Twilight movies, I got back into town and headed str8t over to day two of the Seattle Tattoo Expo.  After being there yesterday, Today was much less overwhelming and I felt much more relaxed and just enjoyed the vibes and all of the great ink being driven into many a people’s skin.  Today, if It wasnt so late in the day, I think I would have had a piece or two done.

I did get there just in time for day two’s “Best Tattoo of the Day Contest”  The winner of tonight’s spectacular piece was done by Timmy B of Black 13 tattoos in Nashville Tennessee.  As soon as I got to the convention and I saw him wandering around, I instantly knew he would be the winner tonight.  I don’t quite totally get the Tat, but it is quite an amazing piece of art, the three D effect and the blazing cartoonish coloring is very Sweet!  Below, You will find pix from tonight’s contest.  Hope to see you guys there again tomorrow, I love it how the Expo is happening right across the street from my hotel at the Seattle Center. How awesome is that!  Hey-If you have a tat you’d like me to write about, email it on over or if  you were there today or weren’t there today, Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these awesome Tats.  Cheeeewhoooo! What a totally Fun time I had on the Seattle Streetz at the Seattle Tattoo Expo.

Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011 Sat Aug 13 Best Tattoo of the Day Contest TOP 3 Winners

Seattle Tatttoo Expo 2011 Sat Nite Aug 13 Best Tattoo of the Day 2nd Place winner

Seattle Ink! Seattle Tattoo Expo Friday August 12, 2011

Hmmm..Where Shall I put my next Tattoo?

While in Seattle for my extended families’  Debi and Gus’ Wedding-Congratulations and Thanks for letting me part of the fabulous Celebration!! was lucky enough to be in the Seattle streetz the same time as the Seattle Tattoo Expo 2011.  I’ve seen these shows on TV, but never in person and it’s just as happening as it looks on TV. Below is a picture of the “Oh So Serious” Like whatevers! Judges at the Expo and a really Happening Goth-Like picture of the Seattle Space Needle taken as I was exiting Friday nights Seattle Tattoo Expo.

Do you happen to know the Time?

The Seattle Space Needle Goes Goth!!!!

It’s actually a bit, no! not a bit but VERY overwhelming if it’s your first time at one of these type of expos. I looked Right, I looked left, I looked straight ahead and all I saw were tattoo artists, colors, T’s, Hipsters, Newbies, Oldies, Goodies, Hotties,  Seattlelites, more colors, more tattoo artists, stickers, The most artistic Business cards in the World, Music, Talking, Gossiping and the buzz, buzz, buzz of the Tattoo Needles sizzling the night away!

Towards the end of the night, they had judges on stage and the promoters put on the “Best Tat of the Day” contest.  There were about 12 entries, however I could only see about 6 since the other 6 had them on their legs and the crowd couldn’t see them. I’d advise for next year to have a big screen TV so all of us can see the great ink. Below, you will find the top 3 finalists and some of the contestants ink done today/Friday August 12, 2011. Tonight’s first place winner was the lady in the middle who had a Salvador Dali Tattoo with pomegranates coming out of his head.

4-7 hours of fun of the Buzz for each of these 3

This was called a "Raccoon Pin Up Tattoo"

And the Winner is...Salvador Dali in a mess of Pomogranites!

Now I can see from both sides of my head in Seattle"Been Drinking Since about half past Noon" Social D.Actually I doubt it,Not really, the mc's were probably just joking..I think cause the didn't sound buzzed

The Best promoters of their tattoos were by far The Black 13 tattoo Parlor from Nashville Tennessee. They had free Hip and Happening Eco Bags, Tattoo Coloring Books for just $5 and some nice shirts. Winner one of the best tattoos of the night was done by Artful Dodger- the Guys I bought a shirt from, who also had Really nice shirts.

If you’re in Seattle this weekend, you can still check out the show Saturday and Sunday from about Noon -10p.  “Good Times, Good vibes, Crippling Hot Ink, and kickin’ Tats to see, snap a pic of, or get” I can be reached this weekend by text  at 808 479-9928. I’ll be back to the show on Saturday, Hope to see you there or check back here for Day two’s HighlightsHave a nice weekend! For additional Pictures of Day One and Two, Just click here.

Cyber-Palm Trees in Seattle

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