Streetz Style Barbie Lookin’ Pretty Hip!

WOW! I never thought I’d be writing about BARBIE! on Streetzblog, but She sure is looking pretty HIP!!  Silver Shoes with black toe polish,  a Crazy Green Dog with spikes, a totally hipster on-spot  tokidoki bag, Pink hair, crip Shades and my favorite-The Tats-even a neck Tattoo-OMG!This whole thing is pretty interesting too since on Saturday,  I walked right next to Simone Ligno the creator of tokidoki just outside of the Sephora store in Honolulu.  He was about to go in the store to sign skateboards and bags. When I first saw him, I suspected it was him, He had on some pretty styling very limited edition tokidoki hi-tops and was looking quite stylish.  I Wanted to stay in the line to meet him too, but there were way too many people there already. Some since 10A and his gig was from 2p. I have a couple of pix from my iPhone3-they are a bit blurry but still show what was going on on Saturday. Sorry Guys/Gals, Ispent my iPhone 4Gs money on a skateboard.. I know could have had much clearer pix for the blog with a new iPhone 4GS, but the board sure is fun to ride!  I actually took it for its first spin on Saturday.  I rode it from my house to Ala Moana Center is and back.  (The mall that had Simone L. at Sephora).

Yep, this is for real, Simone Legno in Hawaii at Ala Moana Center

this line was pretty Massive!

If I knew he designed this Hip and Happening Barbie, I would have for sure stood in line..hehehe.  She sure it looking good. But the bummer is this new Barbie is already sold out!-I would have bought 4 for Christmas presents. How perfect would that be? Does  Anyone know where they’re selling these for okaydoki prices?  The original price was only $50!  (Just saw some on Ebay for $249!!!)

If you’d like to learn more about the “Hip and Happening” tokidoki Barbie with the tats click here, but just letting you know ahead of time, this site which just sold a bunch of these Barbie’s  is ALL sold out already too!!! And we thought Jordans were hard to secure! Sheez!  Supposedly there were 7,400 of these made.  Sometimes the rarest things are the coolest things and the hardest to get. Yet other times, you can run across something and score it really easily and it turns out to be your favorite shirt or Shoe or Doll.  However, I do dislike not having something hip and happening.  Even my new skateboard is a bit like this whole story.  I wanted the Zoo York Streets of New York limited edition board. But every where I looked they didn’t have them and Zoo York did NOT return my 3 emails asking where I could get one. So I went to the skate warehouse and found a board I like even better with a picture of the Empire State Building on it.  It looks good, it rides really well and I totally love it. But a few days after I got it, SW received a bunch of the Streets of NY decks and now “I’m like OMG I could have gotten one of those and they’re Limited Edition”  But what the heck am I even thinking, i have the perfect board-it would be nice to have a limited version of something, but how can you beat Perfect.  That’s hard to do, thus I am Happy! Frick Limited..well at least for today.Although, I’ve still got my eyes on those extremely hard to get at a good price Limited Edition Jordan 11’s that come out near Christmas!

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