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On The Streetz of the ATL-3/9/12

The photo above is a really cool looking building in mid-town Atlanta.  Supposedly it’s officially called the silhouette Building. I like to call it the “Man in Black” Building, since it looks like a guy in a nice black suit with a Fedora and white  Frenchcuffed shirt.   What do you see?  (Photo courtesy of  This is kinda’ Cool-Hawaii’s own Jake Shimabukoro is performing at the Ferst Center for the Arts in the ATL on March 31st.  If you’re looking for some cool tunes at completely free prices, check out City Cuts Barbershop-they have some awesome mix tapes over by the free newspapers-they also talk a mean B-Ball talk over there and can cut some hair like “totally unreal good”.  And down the street from the BB shop is the nationally acclaimed restaurant as seen on the Food Network-“Chicken and Waffles”.  You gotta’ try these babies-order the Midnight Train-4 HUGE chicken wings, a nice sweet waffle with syrup of course and don’t forget to wash it all down with a delicious nice and tasty “Sweet Tea”.  Pretty fun town, just a little spread out so it was hard to spot the street trends.  About all I noticed were a lot were gals wearing lots of buckles on their boots and I saw 4 pairs of Jordan White 4’s, so they do know What’s up in the shoe game.  Have a nice weekend.  I’ll be in Chicago this weekend.. hit me up on Twitter @scottmackenzie3 or friend us on Facebook/streetzblog.  I’ll have a great report from Chicago including seeing the Bulls vs Jeremy Lin, Carmelo and the New York Knicks playing this Monday Night. Until then have fun, Keep your Kicks clean and your eye on the streetz !

Hot On The Streetz-Men’s Fashion Trends 2012

The-Cole-Haan-Nike-Lunargrand-wingtip 2012 Picture courtesy of Predictionz Men’s Fashion 2012

I’m going to go all out and provide you with a list of what to watch for and Wear if you want to in 2012. This list is being published on Friday February 3rd, 2012 and I won’t go back into it to change it, when I see something new and exciting it will be on a newer blog. This will stay as is and we can look back at it on February 3rd 2013. Everything listed is either something I’ve seen in person, read about on the net or in a mag or I just plain made up.  It’s really just a free-flowing list and I can’t really credit any one source, other than what’s going on in my mind in regards to fashion as of today.  I Hope you enjoy it and that you have a great 2012!

1.Sandblasted and Totally Distressed Denim Jeans:  Industrial carpentry tools like sandblasters, Nail Guns, Rickety saws, scrapers, varied bladed scissors will all be used to make your jeans even more distressed than ever before. Dark Greys, deep blues and light blue with a yellow/orange tinge will be the colors du jour.  Also, the hippest Jean companies will employ street and gallery artists to add even more layers, intricate patterns and tweaks to the most expensive Jean brands.

2. White Painter Overalls from the 80’s:  This is going to be harder to pull off for everyone, but I can already picture someone like Justin Beiber wearing the blazing white Painter overalls from the 80’s with a pair of bright patent red hi-top kicks.  Note: We wore these overalls in the 80’s with one arm done and one arm un-done and we wore the cheap, yet very durable overalls that the real painters bought.  So don’t over pay for your pair of bright white overalls!  Maybe by the end of Summer, We’ll all start coloring them in with spray paint and graffiti to get that special one of a kind look. For now, they will look best in all WHITE.

3. Suit Jackets:  These will continue to stay short, just about waist length. This trend will become more mainstream and not just for the hipsters. Dark Blue, slate Grey and Black in various textures with wool still leading the way. Subtle patterns will set you apart and bring out that special swag to your look.  Pocket squares will continue to become bigger and bigger. Go with the crisp white perfect square if you can or get a nice electric blue and just stuff it into your black suit pocket.

4. Color:  Two trends here. First the combination of monochromatic hues/various shades of the similar color.  Take grey for instance-light grey T, darker grey long sleeve T- shirt, slate grey jeans or chinos cuffed fairly high of course, with grey almost white socks that the world can see, all while rockin’ retro cool grey J’s. Second trend is wearing black, grey or midnight blue, then adding in a bright electric blue pocket square, flourescent Green socks, bright orange kicks or an aqua watch. Basically, dull all over with one or two pieces banging out a “splash of bright color”.

5. Shoes:  I personally like the high top black or cordovan brogues with white crepe soles. if you want to go bolder check out the trend of patent green or yellow suede creepers.  I think Men will continue from where we left off in 2011 with more and more daring colors, shapes and designs. This will be a good year to rock shoes you’ve always thought were for the future.  For Kicks, we have Jordan 4’s and 10’s to look forward to and the Nike Air Yeezy 2’s will finally make it to your feet in either May or September of this year.  With all of the crazy shoes coming out, I know this sounds silly but some will go the opposite way and Rock simple Cons, Keds, ol’ school Pumas, Pony’s and one star cons.  Hey-go ahead rock some simple black converse and like your clothes add a pair of flo green, orange or bright blue laces to them to ad that “splash of color” that we were just talking about in the color/clothes department. Note: as you can see below, I personally like to cuff my right foot higher than my left.  The other look I personally like is different colored shoe laces on my right and left foot.

My Grenson Black High Tops with White Crepe Soles-Picture courtesy of

6. Also HOT:  Hair cuts that are short and perfect. one-two day old beard stubble everywhere but not on the chin. Plaid will continue to go big, bright and bold-wear it as long as it’s HOT. I really dislike the word “manbag”, but with all the stuff we gotta’ carry around all day-the days of plastic bags and brief cases are so over. Thus, Biker bags in exotic leathers, big gym bags, sleek black bags are going to go off! I’m trying my best to come up with a new design to sell that looks Good, yet does not look like a plastic bag or a “manbag”. my latest sketches are getting close-hopefully I can find someone to make them and they can become trendy in Summer or Fall 2012.  And I don’t really like these colors, but I can’t seem to not see them on blogs and mags whether it be clothes or shoes-khaki, white, burnt orange, clay-basically earth tones-but you won’t catch me wearing this.  Me-I stick to black, slate grey, and dark blues.  You-Wear whatever you feel good in and are most comfortable wearing.  with all of this said, my favorite trend for you or for me-is whatever makes you feel good, is comfortable, affordable and just plain makes you happy to put on! Have a nice weekend and a great year!

Note:  One trend I totally dislike right now is not being allowed to nab photos as easy as it was in 2011. I figure as long as I credit them, they should be fair game. but for this article – I downloaded 8 pictures and only 1 was allowed to go on this blog. For now, I don’t like this trend, but hey-it might be good-it will get me out and about more taking real pictures instead of finding them on the web. I’ll let you know how it goes over the next few months. Until then-“Rock what you want and don’t worry about your age, height, weight or ethnicity -you and I only live once, so let’s wear what we like”. Cheers and Aloha! SM

It Doesn’t get Any More “Street” than this!

Yep-It's real!

One of the first QR Code tattoos is on me!  Yep, it’s real, Yep it’s permanent, and Yes I like it!  I still have my stickers and my laminates, but next party I’m at, just flash your QR Scanner on this and bound you’ll be in seconds.  It was the first QR Code that Lee Maxwell at Bespoke Custom Tattoo did and he did say it was fun to do but  a bit of a batty eyed session to make, lots of intricate detail.  He used an extra thin needle and it didn’t even hurt a bit!  I’ll get a bigger, better picture later on, but since it’s so new, this is all I had for you today.

I get most of my ink done at Bespoke.  It’s a really fun place to hang and they do great custom pieces.  Check out Bespoke Custom Tattoo on Oahu across the street from Sams and Wal-Mart on Keeaumoku Street.  Lee  did this piece, Tyler and Ryson are also really good at their custom work.  See you in New York in Mid-December.  The Day I get there, I’m heading to Madison Square Garden to see Swedish House Mafia, Jaques La Cont and A-Trak.  Tomorrow I’ll be on the North Shore, hopefully checking out the first Crown of the Triple Crown of Surfing.  I’ll get you an update in about 24 hours.

And don’t forget to watch or DVR – “How To Make it in America” this Sunday night November 20th-Even thought there’s only been about 5 shows, HBO is saying it’s the season finale! Woah! That sure was a quick season.  Hope they come back for Season 3.

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