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Club-Mate: The Next Red Bull

Highly Caffeinated Soda Moving Quickly up the Speed Ladder

Here we can see Club-Mate in the original flavor along w/ 4 additional versions. If you get a chance to try it? LMK how it tastes? (Aug 17, 2015)

Here we can see Club-Mate in the original flavor along w/ 4 additional versions. If you get a chance to try it? LMK how it tastes? (Aug 17, 2015)

I highly doubt anyone will ever beat Red Bull as the Go to default for an Energy Drink. Many have tried, many have tasted better, were packaged better. But, one of the biggest marketing laws ever is “First In” will win continuously or at least for a very long time and Red Bull was First in on the Energy Drink Category. And, Look how long Coca Cola or Coke has lasted in the soda category? Yet, Club-Mate, a highly caffeinated soda from Germany is buzzing in all the right places to make it pretty massive fairly soon.

Berlin computer programmers were amongst the first early adopters in the early Aughts, next it hit the German Rave scene where expectedly it was mixed with Alcohol.  Today (August 17, 2015) it’s stocked and ready for action at some of the most famous Hi-Tech companies including:  Facebook, Kickstarter, and Gawker.

As it moves along the tech-track, it’s also highly visible where trends kick into gear fairly quickly including bodega’s in the Hipster areas of Brooklyn and the Lower East Side of NYC.

One more plus to the Club-Mate story is it’s made from Yerba-Matte. From my visits to healthy places like Whole Foods and Down to Earth in HI, I’ve been noticing a VERY high increase in the purchases of drinks containing this ingredient. I tried to switch from coffee to Yerbe-Matte about 5 years ago, but it was just a bit to jittery for me.  But, the 18-28  year old crowd at the Health Food stores are buying this stuff up like crazy. In an informal survey, I’d say it’s the 22 year old female that likes this caffeinated treat the best.  Thus, Club-Mate, just might be the real Next Big Thing! To see more about CB click

A little side story, When I was in Berlin in 1996, I drank Red Bull every day. This special Berlin Concoction of the brand name was so potent (At the time 3x more caffeine than the American version eventually contained), I could only drink half a can in 3 hours. I’m 1 of those people that loves to track trends and look for the NBT, I figured this was it and I was finally going to be a millionaire. I brought back 4 cans of the coveted Red Bull, had a few friends over and gave them a couple. They loved the buzz, but didn’t quite like the taste all that much. I still thought it was my ticket to the Big $$’s. But as what used to happen to me, Life Happened and I went to work as I was supposed to and let my RB dream go on the wayside. It was about 2, maybe 3 years before it went big in the states.

Maybe, it’s time to get some of this Club-Mate out to Hawaii and make those Mills?  Whatcha’ Think?  Anyone tasted it? Seen it in their local little store or bodega?  We call them little stores in Hawaii. I’ve yet to taste a Club-Mate, but if it comes from Berlin, where I tasted my first Red Bull, this should be pretty Big.  LMK if you see it or taste it and what you think of it?  Maybe we can all make some Money!  See you on the Streetz.  This Week, I’ll be checking out Straight Outta’ Compton, a couple local concerts and maybe, hopefully, finally making it to the beach before the Summer is over. Have a nice week!

What’s Hot-Saturday March 1, 2014

March Mania 7 Hottest Streetzblog Picks

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

DIVERGENT: The 3 books have many similarities to The Hunger Games Trilogy, yet a completely different vibe.  I read the first two  books in less than 2 weeks (Divergent and Insurgent). The third book-Allegiant is a little harder to get through. But overall, a well written, easy to read and quickly to picture in my imagination series.  The movie comes out March 21, you still have some time to read the books, but not much.  It should be a pretty Big movie, critics are 50/50. For some reason, it’s a bit of a sleeper in regards to pre-hype.  Many people where I work never heard of it, go figure.  I’ll go with 85% Big.  Ellie Goulding has three songs on the Soundtrack. The movie stars Sharlene Woodley, Theo James, Zoe Kravitz and is set in a slightly scary dystopian society set in Chicago, Illinois. Lots of action, thrilling, suspenseful and a bit of the required love story.

TATTOOS:  This is a no brainer. In the movie, Divergent one of the 5 factions is pretty tatted and pierced up. No matter how the movie does, the tattoo business is sure to spike. Some Tats from the movie I’ve already seen include  the Abstract Russian Constructivist art of the five factions: Dauntless (the faction with the Tats), Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, and Amity.

HOCKEY IN THE SNOW:  Today the Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins at Soldier Field in Chicago and the snow is coming down in buckets.  Right now, it’s the 2nd period and it hasn’t stopped snowing since the game started! (Attendance: 62,921)   Fashion/Style Alert-The Chicago Team has some great looking Black Jerseys.  Typically they are geared up in Red or White.  Today they’re in a nice Dark Black with Red and White trim.

Blackhawks Jersey

SPRING FASHION QUICK ACCESS:  I could easily do a whole blog on Spring Fashion. For today, here’s the quick hit list according to New York Magazine. Note: Mostly Female trends but some cross over to Menswear.   Earthenwear (Muted browns and Beige colors), Sporty Sparkly Sandals (Lots of bright Colors), Grab a Glue Gun (Bedazzling for the 21st Century-almost, well actually a bit too much), Most Athletic (1970’s style meets 2014’s fabrics), Fringe Festival (Dresses, Hats, and many Fringy purses), Pop Art (Even more bright colors), Rich Color/Retro Shape (Smooth Turquoise and Yellow heels ala 1950), Accordion Pleats (Just like the name says), Brown Bling (Gold and Brown around the eyes), Disco Dresses (Sparkly Gold and Silver w/ lots of bling), Logos (We saw this in the Marc Jacobs Runway show), Lab Coats (White on White), Banker Blues (Classic Blue shirts styled à la mode), Gingham (Hmm, so hard to wash), Teeny Tiny Bags (Just a bit bigger than a man’s wallet), Great Big Jewels (This looks like lots of fun!).

PEBBLE’S STEEL SMART WATCHES:  These not only work like Dick Tracy’s watch, but look very stylish too.  Metallic Link watches in Silver and Black, there’s also a leather band too. I suspect there will be even more to come soon.  They feature apps, quite close to an iPhone.

A NUMBER AND A NAME:  T-shirts with numbers and names on them, but not your usual sports team shirts. Recently, I’ve seen shirts with fashion designer names on them, various prescription drugs with the number of the drug on them, Even Louis Vuitton has a Fringy black shirt with the number 14 on it. Probably for the year 2014?  I noticed this trend back in August 2013, but it really started to Heat up in November/December 2013, I’d say it’s still on the upward swing, has not hit its peak.  Time to wear your numbers and names now.

KENDAMA KRAZE:  This could be an Asian and Hawaii trend now, but its bound to hit you sooner or later.  When I first saw it, I didn’t think it would last this long. But last week (2/28/14) Long’s Drug Store in Downtown had a batch of Kendama’s at 9 a.m. by the time I went back to get one for a friend at 3 p.m they were all sold out.  Yesterday, there was a big tournament put on by #OURKAKAAKO and there’s another in a couple of weeks from now sponsored by Diamond Bakery and Shriner’s.  Be prepared when these come to your city, You could make a lot of money if you have inventory to sell. Or at least you have fair warning that these sell very quickly, so buy one when you see one for your favorite Kid, Grand Kid or friend’s children.  Most people who play this look about 5-17 years old. And it’s a bit more male than female.  Be ready for your Kendama Kraze!

BTW: I don’t know where this Vid was shot, for sure wasn’t Hawaii, the island of Oahu where I live does not get snow ever. This is my favorite video I’ve seen to show you all the different tricks you may want to master when the Kendama’s come to your town.

See you on the Streetz!

streetzblog all star logo

My Wish List-March 17-2012

Black Patent Vanquish x Tricker’s High Top Brogues-These are on the very top of my March “Wish List” So nice!-just gotta’ think of a couple of $10,000 interactive Advertising Campaigns and I can get them. Shouldn’t be too hard, everyone needs a reason to wake up in the morning with mission and this is mine!

Even bloggers have a wish list, especially bloggers who blog about Street Styled Kicks and clothes who don’t work in retail, probably have longer wish lists. First on my middle of March wish list are these Vanquish x Tricker’s black Patent Leather High top Brogues. I know, I just got a similar pair at Christmas, The Grenson Black High Tops with the light white crepe sole. But these are just so, so nice.  Check out the box and accessories they come with!

Now that’s some dope, drop, Fading, exquisite LUXE at the highest point on the Power Spectrum Gear.  I can feel the nice soft felt on the shining cloths. Oh..if you do own patent, Here’s a quick lesson on how to clean them.  Use the clothes like above with a bit of warm water and dry completely. NEVER use the ol’ reliable Mr. Clean magic erasing sponge that works for most other sneaker fabrics-it will scrap the patent right off, right quickly like it did to my limited Edition Blue and Orange And1 Marbury’s back in the day.  But if you do have a pair of J’s or other leather sneakers, especially AF1’s, the Magic Eraser is unbelievable how well it works to make your kicks Icey crisp, clean and vibrant.

These Vanquish Guys have a pair of pants I actually tried to buy today, but I got through the Japanese only so far, I couldn’t figure out the cost of shipping to Hawaii, Thus, I went to Old Navy and bout a pair of $11 and $18 jeans that I will take my bleach pen and sand paper pen  to make them look similar.  Or my friend at broke2gear or my other friend at can help me order them up.  If you need help, give me a call or email and both Thomas and Sharen have some great Japanese speaking skills. BTW-I start Japanese in April. My goal is to go there, buy a bunch of stuff at good prices and sell it right here on or on  Here’s a picture of the Jeans I want and here’s where the Vanquish site is located.

One more item I like is this Hoodie.  I think the main reason I like so many of their clothes is the come in mostly black and that is for sure my favorite street color with slate grey a close second.

And here are the last three things on my wish list:
The Black and Orange NYK Carmelo Jersey:

The Black, Blue and Orange Jordan 4’s. Labeled various names on the internet like the Cavs-Yuk, The Knicks-Ok and the JorLin’s-I like this name. I sure ain’t no Cav fan, used to be Lebron fan but never was a Cav’s fan. Note: These are not out yet or at least I couldnt find them earlier this morning on the internet. And so far, no release date mentioned.

And as you already know, I still want a pair of Concord 11’s size 10. But I am waiting until I make a big deal like selling my book “Wave-Goodbye” to a movie studio or selling a bunch of “How to make it in NYC” Shirts. Or maybe some other idea I havent thought up yet. But being stubborn on these and need to make something happen before I can get em’.

And when I do get them I am for sure getting the real one’s with the Icey blue sole. I’ve seen some ok fakes out there, but the soles were extremely “Off” BTW I don’t own any fakes, unless my cements are and I just don’t know it,for some reason they didn’t come with a retro card, but maybe they don’t do the cards anymore. LMK if you K. Thanks What’s your wish list for March or April? Comment it up if you like.

Q..R you ready to Roll

Q..R You Ready To Roll? and Win! Photo Courtesy of

Hip, Hot and Happening.  This is the Codigo Cube-Actually a 6 sided Dice with different colored QR codes on it. It’s a game you play by first zapping your QR Code Reader on any of the sides of the cube, then signing up as a contestant,  next it’s time get things rollin’ and let the games begin. All Sorts of fun trivia games await you.  I suspect I am one of the first to write about this fun new game with QR Codes, since I just got it today directly from one of the “Gifting” Suites at the  2012 Academy Awards-Thanks to Chris and Cora from Coradorables. I Hope this post makes up for me not covering the fashions at this year’s Oscars-I just didn’t plan out my day well and was way too pre occupied trying to Make the new Streetzblog Facebook page look Good.  And I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos to figure it out.

After I play with these dice a bit, I’ll either update how it goes here on or on  That’s the place I usually do up the QR Code craziness.


The Girl with the H&M Clothes

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Book took me a whole Summer to read-Now you can just watch the movie! Photo courtesy of

H&M-The store that I label as”The Store with the most Hippest & Trendiest Clothes in Season with the Best prices” is coming out with a special limited collection of threads inspired by the Book and movie-“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  H&M announced on Wednesday October 26th that the 30 piece collection has “the dark urban feel that defines Salander’s character, with Leather jackets and trousers, torn jeans, and slouchy hoodies”.

Sampling of Lisbeth Salander's clothes picture courtesy of the

H&M which I visit every Christmas in NYC at least three times in 5 days, announced that the collection is designed by Trish Summerville, who also created Salander’s clothes in David Fincher’s upcoming U.S film version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  The Movie is due to release in the U.S just before Christmas.  Me, personally I read the book and saw the Swedish Version of the movie and both were quite excellent. I really have no idea why they are making another movie of a movie that was actually really good. Maybe so people who are too lazy, wont need to watch the sub titles from the Swedish Version.

In regards to the clothes, since this is H&M-the last time I checked you can’t buy their clothes on their website-they are only available in store.  Thus when these release, if they are like any other limited clothing collection, there will be lines and the good stuff will go really fast, especially in the NY Stores. Because when I get to NYC around December 17th each year the newest collections are pretty much sold out.  The Swedish fashion retailer has stores in NYC, Vegas and Chicago amongst other places, but so far none in Hawaii. The Lisbeth Salander clothing collection is set to release world-wide on December 14th.  Best of luck to you trying to get your hands on the goods.  I’ll let you know if there’s anything left when I get to NYC on December 17 or 18, 2011.

H&M Logo-Photo courtesy of

For More information on H&M click here.  If you’ve shopped there before-Cool. If you haven’t just to let you know the prices are super awesome. The Clothes are right on point for in the “Now” Styling.  Just remember that they are inexpensive for a reason, they don’t really last that long and if you are a size L, I’d advise buying a XL, most of what I have bought there shrinks like A lot!  Cool! Super Fun stores to people watch at and a place I just got to hang and see what the streetz are wearing and I usually end up buying $100 or $200 worth of Gear and I do get a lot of good stuff.  Thus, I recommend them.  Just dont’ buy something you want to wear just ain’t gonna happen.

Flyer reminder for this Saturday’s Halloween Radio Show:  Request line for Saturday is (808) 956-7261 or tweet HiChiNY

This just in (11/11/11) According to Entertainment Weekly, these combat boots will also be available at H&M.  I like the zipper on them. And BTW they don’t come with the Duct Tape, You can add that if you like.

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