Worst Tattoo Teaser posting

I received a picture of the worst tattoo contest from the Seattle Tattoo Expo the other day. Just wanted to let you know, I haven’t forgotten about posting it.  it will be up by Sunday or before.

I saw the premiere of “Columbiana” tonight, It was a bit strange. Sometimes it was hard to tell if it was an action film or a comedy. Although it was fun and better than watching re runs of the Mentalist. Especially since tonight they showed the same Mentalist for the THIRD time.  I used to think re runs just ran twice, but this episode ran THREE times for sure!! I saw the first two times.

Best and funnest quote from Columbiana:

8-year-old girl says to her uncle: “I used to want to be Zelda the Warrior”

Uncle Says:  Well what do you want to be?

Little Girl: “I want to be a KILLER!”  (yep you read right-a Killer!)

Uncle:  “Eh?”

Little Girl: “Can you Help?”  Note: as in be a killer-remember the little girl is age 8

Uncle: “Yes”  (with nothing else said after that)  Was pretty weird exchange of words. Although, Fun for the audience, since it was so different than anything we’ve ever heard before.

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