Doin’ Da Luis Guz!

Now I gotta tell you I don’t work for HBO or even know anyone who works there. And Yeah, I know I already posted a “How to Make it in America” video this week. But this one is just too cool and I totally dig the NYC vibe. What song is this? I know I have it on a CD in my car, but my brain is kind of blurred from too much paperwork at work this week. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Luis Guzman gets a neck tattoo-bet it’s not real! See you Sunday October 2nd on Twitter, hope we can watch the first show of the second season together #howtomakeit I’ll either be @scottmackenzie3 or @HiChiNy it depends on which computer or iPad I use on October 2nd.

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  1. Nice video, I always visit this blog site has a lot good stuff!!!!


  2. Kind of funny leaving a comment on my own blog, but I just remembered why the song is so familiar. Its the tune I played back in May and called it one of my Summer Stormers for Summer 2011. Then I heard it a bunch at LoveFest 2011 at Wet n Wild. It’s called “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce. oh yeahah!


  3. HI Scott. I like your blog. I have a feeling you would like this music video. It’s a spoof, politically incorrect, but insanely funny:

    Check it out. And I look forward to reading more by you.


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