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Glamarama Holidaze Pant

Dye Hard-DIY Jeans

Dye a Day and Another Day

This project is like no other.  27 hours straight with maybe 2 hours of sleep. Brought us 3 pairs of Distressed + Tie Dyed with Bleach Jeans And almost 1 RIT Dyed Army Jacket. As usual the YouTube Videos are helpful but it always takes a lot longer to do what they do in 12 minutes. This time 12 minutes turned into 27 hours. Yes, it is fun, Yes, I am happy with the finished product. Glad I had a day off and budgeted the time involved to produce the end result. While it’s all fresh in my mind here are some tips if you attempt a project like this.

Distress and Tie Dye Jeans Tips

  • Budget plenty of time for this project
  • Use Rubber Bands or Rubbery hair ties. String doesn’t work well
  • You can distress before or after the dye. Really doesn’t matter. I distressed 2 pairs with an Exacto Knife. The easiest way to distress jeans is to cut slits with an exacto knife. Just remember to put a magazine in between the 2 layers. Make slices, then wash in Cold and dry on Medium and you are good to go.
  • Get food and Drinks ahead of time. It’s hard to make food or mix drinks with all the toxic chemicals and gloves to take on and off
  • Buy 2 pairs of Gloves.  One of my gloves burnt off my hand. Pay a little extra for the $5 brand instead of the $2 pair. It’s worth it.
  • Get a mask to breathe through while taking the rubber bands off. The Bleach is pretty intense. Many YouTube videos don’t mention this. I recommend it as something mandatory.  My skin and brain is still tingling a bit. Hour 29.
  • Tie Dye Jeans.  The Army Jacket did not take the bleach. Nothing happened. So I put in inRit Dye. The Rit Dye didn’t work either, it just kinda morphed the camo print. must be the synthetic fabric. Most likely the Polyester in the jacket.  Well, 3 out of 4 came out Great!
  • Have Fun!  If you’re not having fun doing this type of gig, don’t bother. I enjoy things like this. If you don’t enjoy the process the time involved isn’t worth it. But the end product is pretty Sweet! *And if you want, email me your waist size and i can make you a pair. Just some costs + shipping. Should be like $75 + $25= $100
  • Play some good music. I listened to the BBC Live for 2 days. Heard everything from Heavy English Hip-Hop to underground Dancehall, to some Annie Mac classics, to a pretty Dope Diplo Mix
  • Don’t spend too much time rubber banding.  One pair took me 3 hours to rubber band another about 30 minutes and they both came out Rad.  Although, the more time you spend rubber banding the more intricate the patterns will be!

Here’s some pictures of the process:

And the Final Products:

The Bones Brigade Pant F/W 2019-20 Sniper Wells design for the Street Meat Market 2 different pairs of size 32 Waist.  Both Distressed and Tie Dye with Bleach. Both are for sale and ready to ship in time for the 2019 Holidays. E-mail if interested

The Layed Back Hack Pant F/W 2019-20 Gold and Dark Blue. Designed by Sniper Wells for the Street Meat Market. Size 34 Waist.

List of Ingredients for a Tie Dye Jean Day

  1. Rubber Gloves-2-3 just in case straight bleach hits them. Some disintegrate. I used Glam Gloves, paid a bit extra, but they still burnt through. Thus, the need for 2-3 pairs
  2. Bleach-Get the Linen infused scent
  3. Gas mask of some sort-Even just the paper version from the Doctors office
  4. Sharp Scissors-Get some good ones, its worth it when cutting off the rubber bands. I’d recommend the kind used for sewing. The Sharper the better. Also thin sharp scissor tips works well to get the rubber bands off easily
  5. Rubber bands of various shapes and sizes + Rubber Hair Ties
  6. 2 Big plastic Buckets I got 2 at Walmart for a great price
  7. Cold Water to rinse. And rinse them really well. Then wait a bit before washing in cold water in the washing machine
  8. Jeans-The Dark version came out a nice shade of Green and Blue. The lighter pairs came out White and Blue.  I’ve been scouring the Sale racks at Macy’s for 2 months. Got 2 pairs for a really good deal. The other during the One Day sale. I have 1 pair to wear and 2 x size 32 waist to sell if you want a pair. Just LMK
  9. Food and Drinks-Already prepared and ready. You don’t want to mess with food and the chemicals in the Bleach
  10. Music-Helps set the tone of the event
  11. A phone and a camera-It’s hard to just use your phone to do everything. Thus the Camera. But be careful you don’t want to get bleach on it. Maybe get a friend to document the process for you. That would work. I played music with my phone and used the camera and sometimes the phone for the photos

Here is the Gold and Blue pair shot in Waikiki IRL 11/29/19

See you on the

Goodwill Goes Glitter & Glam

Goodwill Goes Glam Runway Show

Thursday July 20, 2017
Blaisdell Exhibition Hall
Honolulu, Hawaii


The Goodwill Goes Glam Runway Show kicks off the Glam shopping weekend. When Goodwill takes over the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall to sell some super excellent used and new goods with the proceeds going to Goodwill’s Education and Employment Training Programs.

This is the 6th Annual GLAM! Fashion show utilizing some pretty awesome fashion finds found at Goodwill. This year’s presentation takes you on a 40 year adventure divided into 5 sections: Generation, Retrospective, Transformation, Moments & Confessions.

After the Show, you could shop the Runway looks along with a special section of Kaypee Soh pieces and with a good eye, you could nab some great designer duds at inexpensive prices.

This year’s presentation was produced by award-winning artist and designer Kaypee Soh. Along with co producers Amy Azada, Rene Rodriguez and my friend who got us in as VIP; Amanda Stevens. (Rolanda, Mina, Kat and I all Thank You for the terrific seats & invite to this special GLAM! Fashion Show). Hair & Make-Up:  Paul Brown & Jonathan Freitas.

Shown below are pictures from the Show. You’ll see some Glamorous Glitter, Pop Art Colors, a bit of Camo and even some Dark Goth eclectic pieces. It’s pretty unbelievable what one can do with some creative minds, a bit of fancy hair and makeup with Goodwill clothes. definitely very GLAM!

Goodwill Goes Glam Fashion Show 2017

Sexy & Colorful!

Sweet Mint Green Jacket with matching Mickey/Minnie Ears. More Color and our first male model of the evening.

Camo, Stripes and Big Bags. Very On-Trend for July 2017.

The Glitz, The Glamour, the Big Bags and the Sparkling Golden GLITTER!

Glitterama! And as the pix below show it was nice and shiny IRL BTW: The S/S Mens Commes Des Garcons has some pretty good-looking Glittery baggy shorts for guys.  Will we see all this glitter and glamour  on the Streetz?

The Red Dress was pretty incredible and dramatic.  Some darkness lurking, and a lot of pieces of clothing put together to become a dress worn by a super happy model.

Darkness with the white and Black Gothic wedding vibe. Then Pop Art brings the show to a close with a Nice, Bright, Playful, Avant-Garde, Colorful themed Finale.

The Finale. Pix of Kaypee Soh and Amanda.  (You can also watch a video of the finale on the @streetzpix Instagram)

Big Score of the Night. BAPE’s and Black patent PRADA Hi-Tops, both in my size! Later this week, I’ll show you the total haul.  I’m glad I had a pre set budget. Putting back things was much harder than grabbing them. And sure am glad I’ve had practice at NY Sample sales.  One more minute and someone else would have had both of these kicks!

*Seen on site at the Runway Show:  Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Project Runway’s Kini Zimora, Dawn Amano-Ige, & Grace Lee with Steve Uyehara.

**The Shopping continues Saturday July 22nd and Sunday July 23rd at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. If you’re on Oahu, I’d suggest checking it out.  They also have food, a selfie zone and other fun things to play, see and do.

***All pix taken by Streetzblog with an iPhone 6s. Take whatever you like and share with the world.  ****Kinda’ went with the ultra secret app with the blur filter…

See you on the Streetz…Blog.

Reconstructing the Deconstructed Seersucker

Not Ready To Wear…Yet

My goal was to have these ready to wear on Father’s Day 2016. But, as I was reconstructing the deconstructing I added in a few additional design elements. And am not done yet. For Today, I’m just posting some pix. When they’re complete, I’ll give the story and the deets on the how to’s on the DIY. Happy Father’s Day!



Hot Stars in the City


The Streetzblog Hawaii Designs Series chats with CityStars Apparel…Where Everyone Deserves to be a Star!



For this edition of Hawaii Designs, We sat down with CityStars Apparel’s, Romeo Valentine after this year’s Honolulu Festival Gala. Where we feasted on Delicious Delicacies from Ruth Chris Steak House, Morimoto Waikiki, Roy’s Hawaii Kai and Honolulu Coffee Company. Prior to the Jump event with DJ HED at Vice Nightclub. The picture below is from the Honolulu Festival’s Friendship Gala in front of one of the World’s largest Aloha Shirts. Romeo, DJ HED and Scott March 7, 2014

1. So, you recently celebrated your one year Anniversary, Has everything gone as you expected?

In our first year we’ve experienced a lot of turbulence but through it all it helps us grow. Without the turbulence we wouldn’t be able to overcome our fear of flying and reaching for the stars.

2. And you brought in big time DJ Carisma? How did you hook that up? Have you brought anyone else to Hawaii?

DJ Carisma is a friend of mine that I’ve met a few times she came out here but really linked up the time she came out here with Honey Cocaine for the Chris Brown concert. DJ Carisma fits perfect in our genre and what we are about, so it was great to have such a humble but successful person to bring in for our one-year anniversary along with Abby De La Rosa.

We have brought in other acts before such as YG, New Boyz, Tyga, DMX, DJ Drama, Glasses Malone, DJ Hed, and more. We also plan to bring a lot more fun shows and events in the future featuring some national acts. And for Spring Break 2014 we brought in San Fran’s DJ Amen.
DJ Amen Flyer

3. Are you a clothing company or like an all around lifestyle brand?

Both. We live this lifestyle in the night life to the music to the dancing we like to keep it fresh. We want everyone to feel like a star when they rock the gear.

4. What are your goals in 2-3 years with CSA?

Our plan is to take this dream we have and make it reality. When we do that we want to take everyone who supported and was their to contribute and help us when we struggled with us to the top. CSA wouldn’t be without the hard work and dedication everyone puts in.

5. The name of your brand is so perfect, it seems to fit so many different things that you do, from the designs to the shows. How did you come up with CityStars Apparel? And what does it mean to you?

The name didn’t come over night but when things come to you they just  happen. It fit perfectly with my lifestyle. I was in the clubs every night, promoting, partying, rockin’ the mic and in the day I was at the radio station (Power 104.3). It all sounds like fun which it is, but hard work so the city represents the hard work and the stars represents you being better than just normal. You are a CITY STAR.

6. Who creates and designs your shirts and hats?

Our main designers are Ryan “Dj First Class” Garo and I (Romeo Valentine). Along with Gary Dymally and Monica putting ideas together to help contribute and Ka’aina Nahale working hard on hand drawings that he comes up with or ideas we have that he can bring to life.

7. What type of software do you use to design everything?

Everything we do is in Photoshop. As well as drawings on a piece of paper which we transfer and redraw in Photoshop.

8. What has been your biggest seller?  And why do you think it did so well?

Our biggest seller to date has been the Louie Stars design we released in early 2013. I believe it was the best seller because the design pattern was catchy and our customers at the time liked the how long the design was on the shirt and of course our floral snapbacks are in high demand.

hot babe in citystars floral snapback

9. You recently made football shirts? How did you pick the teams you chose? Which was the biggest seller/hottest colorway?

We chose the 5 teams which had the best following in the state we are in which is Hawaii. Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Oakland, Dallas and New England. The best had to have been San Francisco and Oakland.

citystars girl in football gear

10. And where were the Chicago Shirts?

We actually made a Chicago Design but it didn’t make the cut along with the Packers.

11. How did you come up with the idea for the football shirts?

We grew up watching football. It was cool to represent your team in the club without having to worry about dress codes of jerseys.

12. I really like the purple and orange Galaxy lanyards? They are very intricate? How many hours did it take to design and then produce them?

The lanyards where quick it was the design of the galaxy pattern that took a while. If you look closely there are small City Stars logo’s inside of the galaxy. We also have Hats with the same pattern.

14. How do you get the word out? I know I see you on Instagram a lot? Which social mediums do you use?

It’s all word of mouth and Social Media. We also do photo shoots and update our look books. Right now we are on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

Citystars black and white one

15. Do you think you could have had the same success with your brand 2 years ago before the social Media explosion?

That’s a tough question. I do believe us coming out when we did was perfect timing to really make a statement and get to the next level.

16. Where do you see Social Media going in the future? Are you on any newer mediums? Any cutting edge social media sites you would recommend to an up and coming designer?

Social media is a rollercoaster, by that I mean which social network will be on top and with that being said when the next social network comes out we are going to have to jump all over that social network.  We are willing to take that challenge to go to the top and keep rising. Right now though Instagram is where it’s at.

17. For the just getting going designers our there, what is the perfect size for an instagram photo? How bout the length of a FB or instagram video?

For designers starting out using social media, it is important for the dimensions to be just right. When using Instagram the photo has to be a square. Making your photo 5 inches by 5 inches will show you exactly what viewers will see. Facebook videos can be longer than Instagram videos. When creating a video it depends on what type of message you are trying to get across, thus affecting the length. A 15 sec Instagram video and a 2 minute Facebook video are good lengths to keep viewers attention. We like to use Instagram to reach our fellow CityStars because of how quick and easy it is to use.

Two Cute Girls at the Party

18. I know your clothing line is available on-line, do yo have your clothes in any stores in Hawaii? and Hatsby in Pearlridge mall which we will expand soon once we are able to justify ourselves as a brand.

19. Any plans on having a brick and mortar store? Why do you think its important to have a brick and mortar store in the digital age?

Of course we would love to get a flagship store but at the moment that isn’t in our lane and we understand that which will make us work harder to a goal.

20. Do you personally shop more on-line or in person?

On-line is easier plus you can see the deals.

21. Ok, so we made it to question 21, now tell us about your latest release, the galaxy snapbacks, Where are they available? Are they a limited release?

Yes, only limited amount are being made in the 2 colors with 2 style ways each. Once they sell out there will be no more. (The Galaxy Snapbacks  available now/4/3/14 at


22. And after the Galaxy snapbacks without telling too much, what are your plans for the Spring/Summer line? And maybe you could let us know a little teaser about what to expect in the Fall 2014 or the Winter 2015 line?

Let’s just say his name is COMET.

23. Anything else you’d like to comment on?

We greatly appreciate everyone who supports us and is a part of our vision to take things to the next level so we can get to a point to put on shows for everyone without being over charged. We aren’t about ourselves we are about the people. We all work Hard. Everyone deserves to be a star. We also want to thank our good friends at Hawaii’s Finest for helping us out with so much.



Haiyan Relief Efforts with Streetzblog and CityStars Apparel

 HI for PI

Typhoon Haiyan, One of the Largest storms ever recorded caused massive devastation in the Philippines on Friday November 8. 2013. Sustained winds were 195 mph with gusts reaching 235 mph. As of 11/15/13, Per U.S.A Today’s Research Department, there are 11.5 Million People affected by this storm. The Island I live on in Hawaii has a varied mix of cultures and ethnicities including a very large Philippino community. Streetzblog is doing our first outreach program, since we write about Kicks and fashion the most here, we figured we’d do a shirt design and deliver a couple of checks to the disaster relief efforts.

Streetzblog has teamed up with CityStars Apparel to help raise funds for relief efforts in the Philippines. We have created the HI for PI (Hawaii for the Philippines) shirt in limited Edition White.  We will donate half of the money to the Red Cross and the other half to UNICEF to help the children affected by this devastating event.  If the white shirts sell out, we will make another color. If we only sell the white ones, we will send a check to the Red Cross and another to UNICEF. Get a shirt or 2, so we can make lots of colors and send lots of money to the cause. (I’d like to do White, Black, Red, then Yellow) Although, I’d be happy with any efforts we do achieve. This isn’t the first time I’ve made some shirts, just the first time, I’ve done them for relief efforts. Here’s a nice picture of the front of the shirts:


Shirts have been produced (11/22/13) and are ready to mail or deliver to you.  If you live on Oahu,  Hawaii, you can call me at (808) 479-9928 and I can get you a shirt for $20. If you want to order one anywhere in the world just go to (There may be a little extra for shipping dependant on where you live). Here’s a nice picture of the Back of the shirts:


See more of the shirts at CityStars Apparel dot com or If you’d like to donate directly to the Haiyan Efforts here are some additional links and information:

Text the word AID to 27722 to donate $10 or give on-line at the World Food Program.
Text the word TYPHOON to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army. The organization uses
100% of all disaster donations in support of disaster relief.
Donate at the American Red Cross
Help the children with medicine, food, supplies and water at UNICEF.

Have a Great Week! See you on the Streetz.

Citystars Black Friday

“Hawaii Designs” Series One – 1of5 -Throwback League



Today is the launch of “Hawaii Designs” Series One featuring Throwback League. I found Throwback League thru my Instagram account @streetzpix. I noticed that they did an excellent job of promoting themselves thru the Instagram medium, their colors were always nice and vibrant and they have a great Hawaiian Vibe. Thus, here is our first installment of’s “Hawaii Designs”-Series One. One of Five before December 31, 2012. I hope you enjoy the interview with Owner and Designer-Royce Kaleo Machado, make sure you check them out on their website , Facebook, or Instagram account. Have a Great Day!

Tell Us a bit about Throwback League?
Our company is called Throwback League
Throwback: A reversion to an earlier ancestral characteristic
League: A collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose.Basically people coming together to remember the past, our ancestors, true Hawaii. Hawaiians of blood and at heart.One of our first designs was our King Kamehameha foil statue designs. Our goal was to make art from the “throwback” art, people, way of life, and make it modern for people to wear.

King Kam Foil Tee-Throwback

King Kam Aloha-Red&

What was your inspiration to do a clothing line?
Other than me loving art and graphic designing. I started this clothing line because I was tired of walking into clubs or venues rocking a new shirt I just bought and as soon as I got in, A bunch of people were wearing the same thing! That’s the reason why we only print 50-75 shirts per design/colorway so that people know that they’re 1 of 50/75 that own that shirt.

How Long have you been around?
We’ve had designs ready to go since the end of 2008.But we actually started the clothing line in March 2009 with a simple cracked logo tee that we were selling for just $10.Not to make any profit, but just to get the name out there.Actually.. no one wanted to buy it. Just family and friends at first. Kind of discouraging for it being our first t-shirt.But after all that mess and support from my girlfriend, my family, and friends. I think we’re doing just fine.

What are your future goals with the clothing line?
The goal is to open up a small shop somewhere. On-Line is doing great. But you still have some people who are new to the clothing line who want to actually see, touch, and feel our product to make sure we’re legit. I didn’t start the clothing line to become rich. But it would be nice to be able to support my family, pay bills, and put food on the table doing something I love. The bigger pay off is walking down the street, at the malls, and seeing people wearing Throwback League Designs.

Here’s one of the shirts I see a lot on Instagram in various colorways:


I notice that you do a really good job marketing your clothing line on Instagram, Can you give our readers a few tips on using Instagram? Is Instagram your primary marketing tool or just the one I notice the most?
All the social media’s have made it really great to get the clothing line out there. Facebook and Instagram have been HUGE on getting the clothing line out there. At first we were just using Facebook which was a big help, but Instagram really allowed different people from all over the world to be able to see our clothing line. Instead of having to add us as friends like on Facebook. They simply follow or see us through hashtags. Big marketing tool that. I don’t think a lot of people would know about Throwback League if it wasn’t for these two tools.

Do you use any other forms of advertising and marketing? Traditional? Social?
Another way I advertise is by doing big craft fairs at the Blaisdell. We actually have one coming up for Thanksgiving Weekend. That allows us to hit the local market and have all types of age groups who don’t normally use or have Instagram or Facebook to see our products. I also design and print for a couple of high schools that also allow me to put my logo on their shirts.. that’s big for us.



Who are the bands and other celebrities that Throwback League  sponsors? How do you see this translating to sales? Who do you see as a new upcoming Hawaiian artist or sports figure?
I’ve sponsored family and friends in the beginning. But I’ve recently picked up a local pro surfer and an MMA fighter out in California. Just a couple weeks ago I picked up an up and coming hip hop group called Common Difference. You can see their music videos on YouTube. I think they’re pretty good and really love what they’re doing. I see the same determination in them that I have. Their music videos really caught my attention as well. Sponsoring their ladies and gentlemen may or may not generate sales. But as far as eyes being able to see it.. that’s all i can ask for.

I thought it was so awesome that you made special One of Kind combo packs, How did that idea come around?
Did you sell them all out? and how long did it take?
Those type of ideas fly off the top from however I’m feeling at the time. haha..
That’s the type of decisions that you can make having your own business. If you wanna do something.. do it!No one to ask or answer to. Didn’t take too long. I believe most people like to match their hats and their t-shirts all the time. Why not make it easier for them and match it yourself? Hats have become a part of the clothing you wear, they’re not just an accessory anymore.


I personally like the Blue and Orange color scheme on your clothing? what are your favorite colors? What are your customers favorite colors? And which is your top selling shirt/hat?
As far as the snapbacks.. Black dome/White brim colorway has been the top-selling hat. Design doesn’t matter. People just love that colorway.
The King Kam Aloha (UH) tanks and tees have been the best-selling items by far.

Throwback League on
My favorite colorway is probably Gold and Black. Not sure why.. but the Gold just pops on black material. You never know what the customers want.. you just keep putting out new stuff all the time and people will keep coming.

Do most of your customers live in Hawaii?
Most of my customers do live in Hawaii, but I’ve had a lot of sales in California and Las Vegas.

Do you have customers from other parts of the world and if so from where?
Other than the US. I’ve had sales in Canada, Australia, and England.

Why did you take your clothing line out of traditional brick and mortar stores and just go with the internet site? tell us where we can get your clothing?
I took my clothing out of all the stores because as far as the business aspect.. it doesn’t really generate income. It’s more of an advertisement. You have to think.. they need to get paid too. So you lose out on your end.
Until we open our own shop.. the only way to pick up our clothing line is at big Blaisdell craft fairs like the one on Thanksgiving weekend, and through our website.

What are your favorite brands/designers?
I haven’t really shopped for t-shirts in a while.. but I still love HIC, T&C, and some of the local brands.I also like the designing and styles of Silver Star and Xtreme couture

Where do you see Fashion and Fashion trends in 5 years from today?
What types of vehicles do you see yourself using for advertising and marketing in a day, year or 5 years from now? I know moves so quick it could be just a day.
haha.. Fashion and Fashion trends move so quick. You just have to be able to adapt and adapt quick before you get eaten alive.
Stay true to YOUR style but also be able to tweak some things here and there to make sure you’re on top of things.
Weird thing is.. when I walk through the malls or anywhere there are a lot of people. I’m staring at people shirts all the time. Checking out the designs, what color people are wearing, the style of t-shirts, etc. I have my own clothing line.. but I’m still a student continuously learning.


What can we look forward to? Or is that a secret until its released on Instagram?
Just look forward to seeing more Throwback League out there. Usually when I see one TL shirt at an event or the mall, It’s the only one I see. haha.. Good for the person wearing it because no one else has it. Bad for me because no one else has it. haha..
But I definitely like to come out with new things every week.

Here’s streetzblog’s favorite Throwback League Item, nice Street Style-The Throwback League Hoody:

Let us know your thoughts on Throwback League in the comments section. Check them out at the upcoming 26th Annual Islandwide Christmas Crafts and Food Expo November 23-25  at the Blaisdell, Follow them on Instagram, Facebook or check out their website to get your own gear.  Some Gear from them and a pack of Lion Coffee is a perfect gift for your friends that don’t live in Hawaii.  Easy to get the Gear and Coffee and mail it in one of those flat rate boxes and you have no “Holiday” stress this year!  Special Mahalo to Royce Kaleo Machado for taking time out of his busy day to be the first featured designer on the’s “Hawaii Designs” Series One-#1of5-2012. Have a Great Week!

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