No Sleep Till’ Brooklyn!

Back in

Custom Brooklyn Nets Swingman or Replica Jersey’s available now Here!

Back in Black

Not really Back since the Nets have moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn. But they are in Black and look pretty frickin’ Banging Good.

The Brooklyn Nets gear is this year’s MUST HAVE look for Fall.  Better than double monk straps, Fireman Coats, Suits that cut off at the waist, Even better than my Fav- The Hi-Top Brogue. The new look Nets is as good as it gets when it comes to lookin’ Hip, Cool, and on Trend. And whatever your body type, you can’t go wrong with any of the gear because it’s all in Fashion’s favorite color-Black!

On Monday when I first went to the Brooklyn Nets new website  the first thing that they showed me was a black and grey screen with the new black jersey. Then a click thru to purchase the Jersey, caps, a few T’s and a few other things. I loved the site, ALL BLACK and GREY, no color at all, felt completely comfortable like I was in my own living room or dj’ing Big Banging underground hit at the nightclub.  *Today when you head to the website, it’s still mainly black and grey, but they have moving pictures and a lot more clutter then I would prefer, but the clothes are still all Black and white sizzling with style and pizzaz!  I really liked the minimalistic  first website with just the basics and all in black, grey and white.

Here’s my favorite Hat with the brand new logo designed by part owner Jay-Z-the New Era 59FiFTY Brooklyn Nets Hat  $32 available here  Jay-Z Was one of the Biggest reason the website and street vendors sold so many NY caps, now he’s bringing the Heat with this and other Black and White Brooklyn Nets Caps.

Brooklyn Nets New Era 59FIFTY

The only Hat you’ll need for Fall 2012-Soon to be seen on many a head-seen here first on Here

New York and Brooklyn may already be rockin’ some of the new gear, but out here in Hawaii it’s still extremely fresh!  Today, I paced the halls at work until Power 104.3’s KC fell to the spell of the new look Nets.  Record Rep Davey D who lives in Manhattan is sending KC his new cap on Wednesday. As soon as he gets it, I’m doing a photo shoot for our websites and changing out his ugly white hat.  BTW-KC does have some nice caps like his City Stars hat and many upon many hats with the letter “P” on them.  But the hat he wears on the website is just plain ugly-the material is whackity whack! Anyways back to black and the new look Nets:

Thursday Night Jay-Z debuted his 40/40 club at the Billion Dollar Barclay’s Center and is now in the midst of 8 nights of concerts, each with close to 20,000 in attendance.

Jay-Z on Day One of  8 NIghst of Concerts at the NEW Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Picture courtesy of

The New Arena has some good eats at it:  Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Junior’s cheesecake and Pizza from L&B Spumoni Gardens. The first Night’s concert was of course also filled with lots of celebrities including Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce, Rihanna, Russell Simmons, Magic Johnson and others. Jay-Z had on his custom Nets Jersey with a number 4 on it with CARTER on the back, he also had a new Nets Hat, a sleek black down vest, dark pants, boots and a few pounds of gold chains.  For more information on the concert, check out this New York Post article

Jay-Z in concert-New York

Photo courtesy of the New York Post and Asadorian/Mejia

Since I’m attracted to Kicks more than anything Jay-Z has been  rocking these Custom Gourmet Brooklyn Nets Kicks.

Jay-Z's Gourmet Custom

Jay-Z’s Custom Gourmet Kicks. Pix Courtesy of

Back to the Fashion Craze for fall, here’s one of my favorite T’s paying homage to True Blue Brookynites-The Beastie Boys!!!

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Available now at Modells

I’ll leave you for now, because I need to get up and go to work Wednesday morning.  But before I go, here is one last look at the New Brooklyn Nets Logo. According to MTV News, Jay-Z says the logo he designed is inspired by the old black and white Subway signs.

The New Brooklyn Nets logo-Picture courtesy of

And I’m sure I’ll tell you this more than once, I’ll be seeing you at the Knicks vs Nets game on December 19th at Mad Square Garden. It’s not the Barclay’s Center, Doesn’t matter to me, those are the two teams I totally want to see play against each other and I love the vibe at MSG. Just going to be hard to decide what to where to the game. I suspect it will be my black and orange Carmello Jersey. Hey after all my hype on the Nets Gear, I’ll still take the Knicks over the Nets and my jersey is BLACK, definitely in Fashion!

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