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Hot for Fall 2012

The Hot List-Sept 2012

Before I had a blog, I had a few websites where instead of writing about a lot of cool trends, kicks and clothes from around the world, I would just list them and put a few pictures on the site. Today, I will go Old School and just list what I’ve been seeing as HOT in Sept 2012. And since it’s a blog, I may add in a bit of editorial, but I will attempt to keep it pretty simple and easy to read.

And ooops, I guess My attraction to shoes is a bit much, looks like it’s almost all kicks and shoes. Next time, I’ll try better to mix it up a bit more.  Or not. I’m actually on another probation from buying shoes. (September 10, 2012 – December 15, 2012)’s TOP 15 List plus some Burlbling Under Extra’s

  1. Brown Shoes for Fall 2012-Double Monk Strap if  you can Rock em’
  2. TV Show’s-“Revenge”, “Person of Interest” and “Football Night in America”
  3. Aviator Sunglasses-it’s the anniversary of Rayban and Rayban made the first aviator sunglasses to help pilots see better while flying planes back in the day. And on Fashion’s Night Out, I bought a pair of Michael Kors Kauai Aviators, so gotta’ have aviators on this list.
  4. The Color Grey
  5. Brogue Boots-colorful Soles like Cole Haan’s, Camo like McNairy’s, And I still like the Grenson Fred version with the white soles.
  6. Dark Blue and Black Suit Vests-Worn either with a suit or without
  7. T’s with small V collars
  8. Movies-The Hobbit “An Unexpected Journey” and the New James Bond “Skyfall”
  9. 1.5 Inch cuffs on dress pants
  10. Camo
  11. Cobalt Blue
  12. The Lanvin Gangster Breifcase-Check out the new Lanvin store in NYC! I know I will in December
  13. The Jil Sander Paper Bag Purse-If you can find one!
  14. Jordan Retro 11 “Bred”-Or whatever comes out on December 22nd this year.  Was the Jordan 11 Columbia, then the “Playoff” now its the Bred.  They all look pretty good to me. Basically the black, white, Bright red and patent black Jordan 11’s.
  15. EXTRA:  The Fireman’s Coat-Maybe by Spring 2013?-I did see a couple nice ones during NYC’s Fashion Week.  Just not a perfect one for me yet.

Burbling Under:

The New MySpace-Justin Timberlake sure hopes so after sinking 35 million into it, The PS3 mini, Wii University or Just Oceanic Time Warner Cable Bringing your video games directly to your DVR or remote-Kind of a wait and see game on this one, the Mullet Dress, Gum Soles, Leather saddle bags-as seen on the runways for Spring Summer 2013 They Look a Bit heavy and hot for Hawaii-maybe a NYC trend? Tailored Slim Levi’s, Adidas Originals Top Ten Sleek Brogue Pack-If I could I would combine the low tops with the high tops-then these work.  Plaid Blazers cut at the waist, Bow-Ties: The real ones that you actually tie-that’s for sure not for me right now, and the clunky Jewel, Stones, and Metal Choker Knecklaces.

Picture of the Jordan 11’s courtesy of and picture of the Lanvin Breifcase courtesy of  Kicks first seen by Streetzblog on Sole Collector’s website and Lanvin’s first seen on Barneys website.

Stop or Go? TOPSHOP Honolulu-Sept 2012
I went to Opening Weekend of Nordstrom’s brand new Topshop/Topman event in Hawaii. I’ve been to Topshop in NYC two times but it’s been too crowded and the sizes didnt quite fit. But they did have some pretty cool Brit influenced fashions. So I was pretty psyched to check out the Topman Shop at Nordstrom.

The Men’s Section Wasn’t too happening, but the Women’s section Rocks! Here’s the 411: first Men’s then Women’s.

First I went to the guys section/Topman on the Men’s floor. It was rather unimpressive. The suits looked cheap and the rest of the collection was just stuff I would never wear. Kind of a retro 70’s Beach Baha feel to the vibe of most of it. I guess they picked things they thought we would want to wear in Hawaii? I go to Nordstrom for quality and brands that are solid. It’s one of the only men’s stores on the island with brands like John Varvatos, Boss, Calvin Klein, Rag and Bone, Diesel, Michael Kors etc. Now that the Topman clothes arrived it kicked the John Varvatos collection completely out of the store. And replaced it with what looks like H&M quality clothes that aren’t very stylish. Good news is Michelle at the Topshop Women Section told me once this batch is sold a whole new batch of clothes will come in. More on the TopShop Womens collection after a couple of pictures including this picture of one the Women’s sections hip and happening grey coat with the golden zippered pockets:

I like Nordstrom especially the ladies in the Chanel Nail Polish area, they always remember me and many times even remember my name. So, I headed to the Womens Section of Topshop and I was pleasantly Impressed by Michelle and her team!

TopShop@Nordstrom-Michelle and her
As I walked into Nordstrom Hawaii’s Topshop For Women, I could tell right away this was the Topshop I was expecting. The Clothes all looked stylish, InTrend and on target. Plus, I met Michelle right away and she was totally excited to be at her job and she gave me a great tour of the new clothes and invited me to take pictures.That’s the Nordstrom I’ve come to like and enjoy! Michelle was even totally cool and filled with information and enthusiasm before I mentioned that I wrote for streetzblog. Now that is the Nordstrom tradition and Style at it’s best!

Here’s the camo coat that Michelle was wearing. As we know Camo is in big time for Fall 2012 and this jacket is perfect for Hawaii, you can take the lining out for island wear, then put it back in for a trip to Tokyo or NYC. *Something I wouldn’t have known if Michelle hadn’t let me in on it. And they only had 2 left, I bet they are all sold out by now.
TopShop at Nordstrom-Camo

Here’s the Styling Rocker/Club Chic area:

Here’s some of the hip manniquins Looking for a party:

And Here’s the Topshop Fall 2012 Layered look:

What are your thoughts on Topshop at Nordstrom’s? Or your thoughts on Nordstrom’s vibe in 2012? Or just thoughts on shopping in general?  I know many, many business’ are trying very hard to get me to shop on-line, but I still like in person LIVE shopping the bout you?

D. Rose is lookin’ Good!

Looks like D. Rose is getting pretty healthy. From the looks of this VID, He should be playing before Christmas. Last I heard he wouldn’t be back until April 2013.

At Christmas time I’m debating between seeing the Knicks play the Brooklyn Nets or the Chicago Bulls in NYC. Right now, I’m swaying towards the Nets-should be more celebs in the house. But if Derrick Rose is back, I’d for sure rather see the Bulls vs The Knicks. Does anyone know when he is due back on the court?

5 Shades of Macy’s Grey

SuperSavings at Macy’s this Weekend!

5 shades of Macy's

This was one of those weekend’s where Macy’s did one of their awesome sales.  I bought a new pair of grey work pants, a pair of grey kicks and 3 T’s for just $107.16-My Goal was $100, but with these prices what’s another $7.16.  One of my favorite colors is slate grey, nothing I bought was exactly slate but it was for sure all grey.

Sales at the store were between 30-50% off, then if you had a coupon, you also received another 20% off.  2 of my 3 T’s were so cheap, I told the cashier that “they were almost free and these are brand new, unlike prices like this at Goodwill”.  The shirts were the best deal of the evening.  Marc Ecko v neck logo T was $29.50 on sale for $5.78, Marc Ecko striped shirt was $19.50 on sale for $5.46 and David Bowie Faux vintage 1972 World Tour T was $34.50 on sale for $11.19.

The kicks i really didn’t need. I of all people sure don’t need another pair of shoes. And there I was wearing my Cement Jordan’s picking up a pair of INC’s. But Hey for some reason I don’t have any grey kicks in the whole condo. So for $33.29 i purchased a pair of $79.50 Kicks.  Sure hope I wear them! Earlier the same day, I had just made up my mind that I wouldn’t buy any more shoes, kicks, sneakers etc until December 17.  instead of 3 months, my resolution lasted less than 6 hours!

And the reason I was at the mall was to get a new pair of pants for work.  At least I took care of this, they were on sale for $50.39 regular price was a bit high at $85.  That’s one of those sales that I don’t consider a sale, pants for work should be between $30 and $50, I think they mark them up to mark them down. Although these were quality Dockers, so unlike other brands, these do last a long time.  So really a good buy at either the $85 or the $50 price.

Total spent:  $107.16  Total Savings: $143.77 which would have cost $250.93. Lots more fun to shop this way, 5 shades of grey-5 new things to wear. Without the savings and deals I would have probably just bought the pants or waited until they went on sale; but who wants to go home from 4 hours at the mall without a shopping bag, not me!  Have a great week!

Streetzblog Featured in Hit Hip-Hop Video

“Shake Left..Shake right…you’re A** Gonna wind up on Streetzblog courtesy of Mackenzie”


Been promising this video for about a week and a half and here it is! walterFRENCH featuring Romeo Valentine with “Bounce That” produced by DJ(an)Rky.

Vid was shot at Soho Mixed Media Bar in Hawaii and right about at the 2:14 mark, Romeo hits the mic and gives an awesome shout out to streetzblog. About a week ago, When I teased the vid on FB, it  had about 360 views, Now (9-12-12) it’s reached over 7,200 and gaining views by the minute.

BTW: Tyler who’s also in the vid is working on some of Bez’s (Happy Monday’s) old school moves, he’s gonna’ bust out this Saturday (9-15-12) at Soho. Should go well when ol’ school meets nu Skool. Oh Yeah!

Big Thank-You’s to Walter, Romeo and Anrky. Hope you enjoy the vid, LMK.  Gonna’ go check out the new Topman/Topshop over at Nordstrom Right now. It’s triple points week thru Sunday! See you on the streetz.

Hippest Cake in the World

DJ Cake-DJ Victor Sam's B-Day 2012

Beatz By Victor Sam’s Birthday!

My DJ Friend DJ Victor Sam who used to spin “Real Deal” Vinyl back in the Day at Pink Cadillac uploaded this today on Facebook.  He said that the Headphone cord is made from red licorice.  Also said he’d save me a piece, but he now lives in Cali.  This picture actually needs no more writing, it’s just AWESOME!

Hippest, Coolest, Birthday Cake I’ve ever seen.  What do you think?  Wow!

Fashion’s Night Out-Honolulu, Hawaii 2012 –

  1. Fun Night throughout Fashion’s Night Out in Honolulu 2012!

#FNO 2012
I promised you a full report on Thursday September 6, 2012’s Fashion’s Night Out in Honolulu, I didn’t know I would have so much fun it would take me until Sunday to tell you about it. OMG! Here we go, Today’s review of the #FNO streetz will be in thirds: First the Top 7 List with info and pix, a bit of editorial of the event, finishing off with some  more Pictures from the night out. 

1.  Chanel’s Limited Edition Nail Colors 2012:  For three year’s straight, I arrive at Fashion’s Night Out and Head straight to Chanel to purchase their 3 set of the HOT new colors before they sell out.  The first year I did this I bought the really awesome as Khaki Colors-I prefer to call them the Camo Collection and these were my favorites.  The Second year was perfect for my mom, three shades of Blue, her favorite color! This year the 3 colors didn’t do much for me-Plum, Pink and beige.  But since it’s a tradition I bought them and they aren’t for me anyways so hopefully my mom will enjoy the colors by the time Christmas comes around. Oh! And I was also able to purchase a special Limited Edition “Super Golden Vegas” which was only available in Vegas.  So, I bought all of them as Christmas Presents-sorry I sold out their gold! Get this which is totally crazy, my bill for NAIL POLISH was $199.95 including tax..OMG!  but lots of fun, I love being able to nab Limited Editions without having to hit up eBay.  I like this Chanel tradition, just hope next year the 3 main colors are better.  I pretty much thought they would go with a vamp Purple, a bright Purple and maybe a dull green.  That’s the 3 I would have done.


Here’s this year’s Colors from Chanel. Modeled by ARK Marketing Groups-Marilyn Cariaga-Thusday September 6, 2012

2. Michael Kors Kauai Aviators: The Michael Kors Store was for sure the most fun of the night. It was exciting just to be in there and to feel the vibe. Everyone was super nice and friendly and very enthused to be working on FNO. The store was packed too. They had some drinks and some tasty sparkling water in fancy glasses, but they didn’t even need a DJ to make this place rock! The employees and shoppers supplied all the energy needed. As you know, I’m a sucker for limited edition, so YES, I bought the Limited Edition Golden Aviators. I like to call them “RockStar” aviators-the store calls them Kauai and they also LMK that “They are just like Michael’s”.  The store actually had a whole table of offerings specially available for FNO including purses, sunglasses and Ladies T’s. Since The Michael Kors Store was so much fun and I did see them selling a TON of the T’s, that will be number 3 on the Top 10 list. Too bad they don’t do a black version for guys. And BTW: I have my eye on that burnt gold NYC watch they have under lock and key near the register-it was just a bit out of my budget for that night. I think it was $600 or $675. But it has a nice NYC impression on the front and even more detailed art on the backside of NYC. *Michael Kors receives the award for best store of the night! at #Fashion's Night Out at Michael Kors in Honolulu

The Gold one’s on me are the special FNO Aviators. Got em! Good Deal too. Listed at $98-For sale at FNO for $50!

3. Michael Kors Limited Edition Fashion’s Night Out female T’s: These had a bit of an 80’s vibe to them and featured the aviators. I saw one lady buying 4 of them!

4. Prada’s Men’s Levitate Shoes: I wrote about these a few days ago and was on a mission to check them out. They have Brogues in Tobacco and Grey/anthracite, a Chelsea boot in black and the pair I tried on at least 3 times at Fashion’s Night out-the black shoe without laces with a high-end velcro closure. All of which come with the Levitate sole which looks real similar to Some Nike Air Max kicks, yet at a closer look, they for sure have a High End designer vibe and attention to detail on the sole-check out the secret “Prada” written in the back of the brogues pictured below. Also pictured are the Limited Edition Black pair with the Velcro. Jacob who works there told me that 10 minutes after we left the store, they sold the only 2 pairs that they had AND we left at 8:50, the store closed at 9:00!!

Prada Levitate in Tobacco-Fashion's Night Out 2012-Honolulu

Prada-Levitate-2012-Fashion's Night Out Honolulu-

5.  Prosecco: Italian Dry Sparkling Wine similar to Champagne which was available at Prada, Chanel, Uno De 50 and Gucci. Best way to describe it is “It’s crisp, cool, vibrant, tastes and looks expensive, a perfect drink to get someone into more of a purchasing mood”.  Prosecco is Made from Glera/Prosecco grapes from Italy.  It’s Usually served unmixed or as the main ingredient in a Bellini Cocktail, which is a mixture of Prosseco and Peach Puree orginated in Venice. Back in the day, the Bellini actually had a tad of raspberry or cherry juice in it since Peaches were rare to find at the time. Nowadays, it’s almost always made with Peaches-sometimes even using the more expensive white Peach. (*Thank You to wikipedia for much of this information on the Prosecco Drink).

Prosecco Picture courtesy of

It was funny, the Prosecco even followed us to our after FNO dinner at Romano’s macaroni Grill-Who would know they’d have it on the menu? The Picture below is the food not the drink. (Chicken and Spaghetti with Lemon, Butter, Capers, Artichokes, and Mushrooms)

6.The BIG Watch:I spotted this on this fashionably dressed woman at Prada, takes her already pretty exquisite outfit up a notch. I’d say it’s even oversized for oversized. And over at Michael Kors I noticed many women trying on pretty BIG gold and silver watches a little smaller yet almost as big as this one. Nordstrom also had many larger watches for women this season, mostly in gold, rose gold and various colors like this one. I don’t know the brand of it..maybe a Nixon? LMK if you know?

StreetSyles at fashions night out in

7. The “Where’s Waldo” Trend: Remember the 1990’s “Where’s Waldo” books? Where you needed to look through the very intricate scenes to find the guy with the red and white striped shirt? Well, his shirt is now “In-Trend”. I first started noticing people rockin’ the look at this year’s Olympics. I saw them at both the Swimming Events and the Women’s Vollyball matches. Then just last week, the Olympic Gold Winning Women’s Soccer/Football team were wearing the red and white striped tops at their game in upstate NY. I was thinking about writing about the red and white shirts after that game just thinking maybe it was a “sporty” trend, but lo and behold, check out the picture of this girl in a nicely fitting sleek red and white dress, then take a look-see at the next picture with Taylor Swift rockin’ the red and white stripe look at this year’s MTV-VMA’s. By Thanksgiving, I bet you’ll be seeing the malls filled with these striped tops and dresses and by Christmas the mid-west should be wearing the look to High Schools and 20 something bars everywhere.

The where's waldo

Hey! I’m Not Waldo! Go look down the mall for him. #FNO Honolulu 2012

Taylor Swift-Rockin' the Where's Waldo Look-2012-MTV-VMA'

I’m not Waldo either! But I think I saw him up in the cheap seats!

That’s the Top 7, I was trying for the top 10, but ran out of time-at the event, not writing this. That’s where this short editorial comes into play for the organizers:

  1. The event was tons of fun, seemed like the most people I’ve seen in the 3 years I’ve been there. I do suggest that the Mall should stay open until 10p or Midnight.  By the time I got off from work, I made it there by 630 and 9p came way too soon.
  2. It seemed more people knew about the even this year than ever before. But many people didn’t know about the event happening.  One of my good friends was even there at the mall from 830-930 and just went to sears then ate Ramen, he said he saw no fashionista action anywhere. Maybe put some of the budget into hiring bloggers like me to help promote it next year. I’d also go with hip concert type flyers and posters up around town.
  3. Now, I’ve been totally positive all night.  But here is where I have to say something.  The Gift with Purchase!  Come on-spend $300 at the mall and get a few bottles of nail polish?  Everyone knows that the place to get nail polish on FNO is at Chanel.  That’s actually the only brand I buy. I’d much rather receive a Limited Edition shirt with the date and time on it.  And Make them special and collectible over the years.

After this paragraph are a few more pictures from tonight’s Blog which is almost a book-3.5 hours later!! There’s got to be a better way to get pictures from an iPhone on to a Blog.  And I didn’t even get to the pictures on the SD card.  Now, I need a bit of sleep,  I have people to see and places to be go on Sunday morning.  See you on the streetz and of course next year at Fashion’s Night Out 2013.  Upcoming blogs will be on Bobbie Thomas’ top trends for Women, who I saw the next night at AMC and as promised the walterFRENCH featuring Romeo Valentine video with the dope streetzblog mention in it.

Since my favorite colors are Blue and Orange together, here’s a pretty happening dress from Neiman Marcus, This was on the floor that DJ Krazy K was tearing it up with the Big Chicago House Beatz.

Fashions Night Out

I like this next picture of me in the Prada Aviators that match my clothes. It was taken by Marilyn Cariaga from the                 ARK Marketing Group. And the cool thing about it is it has ZERO effects on it, not even instagram, yet it looks pretty tricked out. about all it has is the HDR setting on the iPhone and a great photographer.

photograhphy by ARK-Marketing in

Thank You to Marilyn for hanging out with me at Fashion’s Night Out 2012. Looking pretty fashionable in the Michael Kors RockStar Aviators with the special limited Edition “Super GoldenVegas” Nail Polish from Chanel.

ARK Marketing in

And proof that we were there..

fashions night out

ARK-Marketing Honolulu at fashions night out in Honolulu Hawaii

Tonight’s the Big Night #FNO #MTVVMA and #RNC

Today’s a pretty busy day with work, Fashion’s Night Out, The MTV Video Music Awards-w 2 Chainz special appearance and the convention.

Here’s Swedish House Mafia’s “Dont You Worry Child” #DYWC from Pete Tong’s Essential mix. I’ll see you in about 2-3 hours at Fashion’s Night Out in Honolulu and We’ll be checking in with WalterFRENCH and DJ Romeo Valentine with their newest vid creation which does up some nice lyricism to our very own!!

See you Tonight at #FNO or follow on twitter @scottmackenzie3 or streetzpix on Instagram.

FNO or VMA’s? Glad to have a DVR!!

Fashion’s Night Out and The MTV Video Music Awards are on the same night this year. This Thursday Night.  In the history of the VMA’s I’ve always watched them live.  I can watch Football, Basketball, pretty much anything on the DVR, but the VMA’s?  I think it goes back to the year Madonna did something and they didn’t bleep it out during the live version, then bleeped it out in the taped version?  I know that was it, yep, but nowadays it’s not really live anymore.  We wont be seeing the guy from Rage Against the Machine  climbing the sculpture, the Madonna incident or whatever else we used to get to see during the first 3-5 years of the VMA’s.  That’s ok now, I can go to Fashion Night Out, then come home and watch the Live DVR version of this year’s VMA’s.  But why the same night? 

I figure it’s better to experience something real and outside of the house instead of keeping up a silly tradition fo watching a TV show live.  People Younger than me don’t ever watch anything LIVE anymore.  Thus, I will be at this years Fashion Night Out with my camera and iPhone. Looking for prime suspects for streetzblog. If you see me, please don’t be shy of the camera.  Because if I’m going to miss the VMA’s live, I really need to get at least a few good pictures.

Quick Cheat Sheet for the “Refreshments”  for this years Fashion’s Night Out at Ala Moana Center:

Champagne:  Bally, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Folli Follie and Anteprima Wirebag

Prosecco:  Gucci and Uno De 50

Refreshments:  Ann Taylor, Bebe, Diesel, Lacoste, Local Motion, M.A.C, Old Navy, Wolford, and Tumi

Cocktails:  Diane Von Furstenberg

*source:  Fashion’s Night Out-In Store Events.  More info just click here.

And MTV reports that amber Rose will be rocking her baby bump.  MTV doesnt report but I will got out on a limb,I’m thinking it wont be Amber that does something Big but it will be Wiz Khalifa. Kevin Hart is to host and Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Pink, Alicia Keys and One Direction are set to perform.  Also appearing: Miley Cyrus, Mac Miller, The Fab/Fierce Five and others.  *I think Kanye is still in Hawaii recording his album, but Kim K went back to the mainland last week. WalterFRENCH is still in town for another day or two and it’s still summer here, only difference is there’s a bit more traffic on the roads with school back in session.

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