Forefront Photo Background Fashion trend

Fun Fashion Trend found in the Background of the Foreground Photo!

During NYC’s Fashion week Sept 2012, I followed a bunch of blogs and saw many trends, colors, hot finds and of course a few obscurities.  It was a lot of fun following blogs this year during Fashion Week, I learned a lot and also noticed that many of the blogs I follow had representation in some of the best seats at some of the best shows.  I wonder if it’s as fun as it looks to be there?

One of the blogs, I follow is WaxWayne’s and Jake Gallagher and his posse from the WaxWayne for GQ Blog have some really good pictures on their site.  Many different Men’s collections including Mark McNairy-whose Hi-Top Camo Brogues I have on my shopping’s Bucket List (even though I’m on my shoe buying probation until Mid-Dec), Michael Bastian, Billy Reid, General Idea, Raleigh Denim and N. Hoolywood.

Of all the shows Jake and his pals attended, I liked the Firemen Coats the best, although the picture I was most drawn to is the following picture from N. Hoolywood. I was first attracted to the  green plaid pants and the dark grey plaid scarf.  Then after looking at the picture a bit more I noticed the fashion trend within the runway show photo.  Check out the front row of the show, practically every guy there is wearing shoes without socks. some have slippers/flip-flops, but the majority are wearing leather dress shoes without socks. I read about the trend a year or two ago, but never had the chance to see it for real. The guys in Downtown Honolulu all wear socks to work and I tried it once but my feet turned all bloody and blistery. If you look at the front row some more, it’s easy to see the rolled up cuffs on Jeans trend too. What a fun picture!  I bet we can find even one more fashion trend in there  LMK if you find one.

Here is the sockless dress show trend in plain sight. Maybe, just maybe they wear real short socks or they just suffer for the look like ladies do with their high heels. Have you seen this trend where you live?  Ever tried it out yourself?  Personally, my feet hurt even with socks whenever I rock my Jordans, I think after all these years, my feet are just too wide to fit in them correctly. Oh well, if something looks good, what’s a little pain when some Band Aids and a very HOT hot tub can fix in a matter of 10 minutes.


N. Hoolywood Runway Shot courtesy of the WaxWayne Blog for GQ

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  1. The style goes back to the 50’s. I have found references on the web about this going back during this time in newspaper articles. College students were wearing their leather dress shoes back then without socks. No short socks for men back then. I have worn a few pair of leather shoes without socks myself without any blistering. It’s important to try on the shoes before purchasing them and walk around in them for a short time before heading out for a full day of activities. Seams of shoes create blisters. Also, the amount of sweating can also affect the feet. Depending on the type of leather shoe worn, it can work with shorts as well.


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