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Brooklyn is TRENDING Big-Time Right Now-10-20-12

Staying on the Brooklyn Tip!

Here’s a fun catchy tune by  Theo Katzman entitled “Brooklyn” It gives a Bit of the vibe and shows some of the local hang-outs of the Borough

And Here’s Fabulous Freestylin’ on the first Episode of the “Association” on NBATV.

We Might as well introduce you to the Brooklyn Nets Cheerleaders while I’m in this new-found Black and white Brooklyn World. Check out their Boots-Pretty Hyper-Fashionista

And Here’s some Brooklyn Hip-Hop with “BK Till I Die” featuring SYMphONY, Mr. Fantastik and Bess repping Brooklyn with some tight rhymes and interesting dance moves. The video shows a bit of the local vibe and is shot all over Brooklyn’s famous landscapes. I like how they have so much fun with the video. The diamond or Q-Zironia that says “Fake” on it is  pretty funny! I’d like to think it’s made out of real Diamonds then that would be something I’d Rock! And check out the dudes Bright Yellow and Silver Polo Shirt.This sure ain’t Manhattan style. Brooklyn in the House..fer sure. Enjoy!

Next new posts will be about some interesting Hawaii goings on including some up and coming designers and some Halloween Hots. In the meantime, please fill out the survey below. And also if the answer is Yes, where in Brooklyn I should visit while I’m in Manhattan December 18-23, 2012-Just click on the comments section. TU

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