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Dot Dot Dot Shades Dot Dot-G.V.G.V Spring 2013

G.V.G.V Tokyo Collection-Spring 2013

The G.V.G.V designer is known as MUG and he/she used insects as their inspiration for the Spring 2013 Fashion Show in Tokyo. I totally Dig this Photo with the Sunglasses matching exactly with the background. awesomeness! Nice Creative work-Mug! Congrats!!

GVGV-Tokyo 2013-streetzblog.com

The collection included Dragonfly inspired clothes using iridescent fabrics for tailored pencil skirts, cropped Jackets and slim pants. These sunglasses have the dragonfly vibe and I would definitely rock em’! I’ll label these babies: “Retro Swinging 60’s ala’ New Wave Futuristic Liquid Sky Vibe Shades”. Oh Yeah! I’m digging the G.V.G.V creativity-Now I gotta’ go and check the web and see if they have clothes for Men. I sure hope so!  This is a designer I could see working for!

Hot Fashions in Tokyo-Spring 2013-streetzblog.com

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