NYC Streetz Day 4-12-21-12-Museum/Resting Day


On my Annual December Trip to NYC, I usually need one day to recuperate and save some money.  Shopping in NYC is kind of like Gambling in Vegas for me, In Vegas I have one day where I watch TV and Check out Cris Angel to stay away from the slot machines. In NYC, I need a day to stay away from buying Clothes and Kicks, so I sleep a bit more, relax and check out a museum or two.  Since this 5 day series was originally meant to show others,what cool things there are to do in NYC, I need to mention that last  year on the “relax” day, I walked from 45 and Madison all the way through Central park to the Museum of Natural History-the Park was clean, smelled great, was relaxing, warm, and I took a lot of great pictures. The museum was cool too, you can see all the different animals and people in the Ben Stiller “Night in the Museum” movies-the museum is  just a bit BIG and overwhelming, so save a few hours or more for it.

Now on to this year, First Stop the FIT Museum.

Streetzblog Outside of the Museum at FIT NYC DEC 2012

Streetzblog Outside of the Museum at FIT NYC DEC 2012

First off, The fashion’s I’m wearing:  The Jacket is from shopping the day before at Superdry on Broadway in Soho. I like the camo, the flo orange accents and the Jacket is actually very warm and stood up to the Chicago wind!  First time in years I didn’t feel the wind go through my jacket. And like many stores in Soho this was 50% off, so I bought a brand new jacket and a pretty happening black and orange T for less than $100!  Note: Everything’s cool about the jacket except the zippers are just a bit confusing-there are 4!, but who cares about something confusing when it looks good!

The Pants are the models own D-Squared very expensive jeans. These were also on sale year’s ago that somehow I rationalized out to buy at the crazy price even on sale. I think I had a $100 bill, a Gift Card, a credit Card and yes, they were 40% off, but any percent off of $695 is pretty crazy.  Just shows, I can pretty much rationalize out any kind of clothes or Kicks purchase no matter how whack and out of budget.  Yikes! (That’s why this month is no clothes or Shoes month) I can’t wait until Feb 1!

And the shoes! The Shoes! Can you believe it! They were just waiting for my arrival. They match the Jacket perfectly, the fit is super comfortable and for some insane reason the flo orange on the bottoms NEVER get dirty-so, so perfect. And yes, these were on sale-$100 off, then since they were the last pair on display-I received another 15% off and another 10% off with my Bloomingdale’s card.  I tell you this year in SOHO every store except Rag & Bone had sales of 40-60% off.  It was amazing!


FIT museum one of two. DEC 2012

FIT museum one of two. Technology in fashion. DEC 2012

For years I’ve wanted to go to this place. For years I didn’t make it, this year I made it a point to go to it. Overall it was a fun experience although it was a bit strange. Both museums at the FIT school had ZERO people working at them-No one to talk to, No one to greet You, No one to..well do anything.  Although, they did have a NO picture policy and the two museums were being patrolled by 4-6 security guards in each museum!!  I just found it really weird that there were no workers there.

The first museum was technology over the years.  Did you know that the US invented a men’s drip dry SUIT way back in 1959. Well they did! and they have a funny black and white video of a guy sitting in a bath tub sipping a martini or was it coffee?.. smoking a cig then getting out of the tub and heading to work.  That was worth the trip-very funny vid. the other piece I really liked was a Pinkish purple A Line Dress from the 60’s with a space ship on it. But since no pix were allowed, I can just tell you it looked great  from memory and my iPhone notes.

FIT Museum 2 of 2.Ivy Style. DEC 2012

FIT Museum 2 of 2.Ivy Style. DEC 2012

The second exhibition was the history of Ivy style.  This vibe was real similar, lots of guards, no photos allowed and no people to say “Hi” to.  But I do have a few more notes on this from my iPhone. Here are the Highlights:  The Thomas Browne mannequin was dressed to the 2013 T’s! Totally in the now SPIKES on his shoulders, SPIKES on his pants and SPIKES on his Shoes in a green and pink flannel jacket with boots that went up to his knee-Very Modern, hip and Thom’s version of Ivy.  Michael Bastian had some nice light grey jeans, they had some extremely bold striped flannel Jackets from Brooks Brothers from 1928-very big and bold horizontal white and red stripes, and also big bold blue and multi colored stripes-Kind of like A Barnum and Bailey circus get up, but it was what you wore if you were preppy back in the day.  And I especially liked the bright orange1919 Princeton reunion Jacket-it was in pristine condition and looked like you could wear it today!

My other iPhone notes from FIT say:  “Camera, Glasses, Pill bottle and Watch” I seriously don’t know exacty what that means but I think it was from the last exhibit near the doorway. Sounds fun and I do remember the setting at the table was that..Fun!

So, after seeing the two exhibits I asked one of the guards where the Gift Shop was. He said down the street near the coffee shop. So, in 23% weather I went to check it out.  Turned out to be the store where if you were a student at FIT you would shop for your supplies. I bought some Skulled out duct tape for my friends at Nephilim Halls Promotions, a BIG dark blue Graffiti Pen, and a pretty cool fiction book about contemporary NYC and Fashion.The Book is entitled: A Whirlwind Profession by Catherine Miller and It was written in 2010 and I’d recommend it to my blog readers.  The Girl in the book is a fashion designer who actually goes to eat at the same Italian restaurant-The Trattoria Dopo Teatro I ate at two days ago from the FIT day. What a cool coincidence. So many restaurants in NY that we both went to the same place and as the book says the food is AWESOME! I also recommend the restaurant!

HP-the Harry Potter Experience

Now this one my daughter really wanted to go to, so since she endured FIT-in a good mood at that. I figured I could take a touristy joint like the Harry Potter dealio. We had walked to FIT from 45th which took about an hour, so to get to HP, we took the subway. it turned out to be pretty fun and only 2 stops to Times Square.  We were treated to a guitarist jamming and singing a Bob Seger tune-he actually got tipped pretty well too!

Unlike FIT which was free, the HP experience was $50 for the two of us. I only watched the first two movies so I was a bit out of it. But everyone else there including my daughter were pretty amazed and enthralled by the displays. my favorite part was getting snowed on when we first went in the door. If you’re a Harry Potter Fan this is a must see, if you aren’t you can probably pass on it. No roller coaster rides like in England’s underground museums, no interactivity, just  a TON of props, wands, clothes, and gear from the movie. It was OK, I would have liked it better if it was a “Fast and The Furious” Exhibition. I’ve seen all those movies at least 3 times each. And Fast and the Furious-Tokyo Drift I’ve seen 8 times. But, if you do like HP you will like this “experience”.

Next blog will be Day 5, the fifth and final day of DEC NYC 2012!  Talk to you then.

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