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Men’s Milan Spring 2015 Trend Report

The Newest of the New direct from Milan (Spring 2015)

Milan Men's Trends-Spring 2015

Picture Courtesy of Milan Mens Spring 2015

Today is July 4, 2014 and here we are looking towards Spring 2015. Where I work we try super hard to work 3 months out, at times  3 weeks and in cases like 4th of July weekend which is super busy for us we work just 3 days ahead of schedule. How do these Fashion Designers work close to a year or more ahead of time? Amazing!

I’m not messing around today and doing a guessing game or searching through All of the Mens Milan Spring Fashions for 2015. Just going to list out the Hot Trends for Spring 2015 directly from the June 25, 2014 issue of WWD. (Thank You for the awesome help-WWD).

Spring 2015 Milan Mens Collections
What is Trending:

  • Fluid Tailoring (Expected this Trend)
  • Denim and Faux Denim
  • Stripes, Nautical and Graphic Patterns
  • Retro-From the Fifties thru the Nineties.  (I’m personally seeing the 90’s in July 2014)
  • Luxe Loungewear (A 2014 trend that continues)
  • Carrot Pleated Pants-These are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.  (Something new..YAH! Not sure if it’s something I’d wear, but at least it’s something new).
  • Voluminous Trenches to Cropped Sued Jackets
  • Athleticism (Continuing Trend)
  • A tropical Vibe (Very big in Summer 2014, especially the Colorful floral on black backgrounds)
  • Soft Bags
  • Chunky Sandals
  • Double-breasted Jackets in longer Silhouettes (Might be interesting) I’d like to see suits with a little looser fit, not sure how much longer I can keep up with the slim, slimmer and Ultra Slim look in suits).
  • Streetwear-Style Layering (One of my favorite trends)
  • Round Sunglasses (John Lennon Style? Not quite my style)

What do you think? What’s your first choice on the list?  Have you seen anything WWD may have missed on the list?  I know I said I wouldn’t guesstimate, but I can’t resist. Here’s a few  trends I’d like to see:

    • Three Button Suits that are not too slim, Tailored yet comfortable enough to move around in.
    • Metallic Gold, Silver and Bronze High-Top Brogues  in a nice dull matte sheen, so they look HOT, yet are wearable to work without garnering too much attention.
    • Double-Breasted suits, Well fitting, yet once again not too tight. With 1.75 Cuffs on the Trousers.
    • Plaids in various shades of Grey, Orange and Blue.
    • Streetwear with lots of rips, holes and frays.
    • Crisp, clean Black and White Streetwear in exotic materials.
    • Extremely soft, comfortable sneakers in Blacks, Greys and Whites with super bouncy soles in flourescent green, Ice Blue, Cobalt Blue and Electric Orange.
    • More Camo in Black and Navy blends with secret sayings and images blended into the camouflage.
    • Loungewear wearable to the actual Lounge. Along with a resurgence of Groovy Hotel Costes Lounge Music.
    • 1920’s x 1990’s. Like mixing High End Luxe with Thrift Shop or Fast Fashion finds.
    • Street Sign Wear.

What Season is it?

One of my favorite looks for Fall/Winter.

One of my favorite looks for Fall/Winter.

Men’s Trends 2013-14

When I started this blog, I would look to the streetz, my personal likes and dislikes,  the internet and magazines for inspirations on what is HOT now.  As the blog progressed I noticed it got very confusing which Season and which Year the various media were talking about.

Some forms of media including WWD tends to be way ahead of what is going on now. Then when that same season comes around they are in with the Moment. Others seem to stay one season ahead and others are in the moment.

In Hawaii, because of the weather, things don’t change much. This winter was a bit cooler than usual so we saw more men wearing long-sleeved business shirts. And we did see many women Rocking the Cobalt blue that was so talked about for the last 9 months or so.  Here and there we do get a few trends going on.

Today, whether you want to be in the now, looking towards Fall/Autumn or looking for inspiration for next spring. Here’s a few samples of what I’ve found from scouring the house magz and internet for information.

Spring/Summer 2013

Well Spring has sprung and we’re now into Summer 2013.  GQ Japan June 2013 reports these 6 Hot Trends to Rock for Men.

*Hot trend from GQ Japan, editorial after it c/o

  1. Flower Print. Colorful shirts and pants. Check out Ralph Lauren Purple Label for inspiration.
  2. Pattern:  Stripes, checks, & plaids. Have fun mixing them up and having fun with this. My mom used to tell me “Don’t mix your plaids and stripes”  This season it’s ok, try it see how it goes. Might want to stick to the same color palette or go for broke and mix some red or black plaid pants with red and black striped shirt, or a purple and orange business man’s shirt with Cooks/Chef checkered pants (This pattern is better known as Black and White Houdstooth or Prince of Wales Checks in the Fashion World).  Check Diesel Black Gold for some striped pants inspiration.
  3. Color:  This is that whole colored pants trend you maybe seeing a lot in the magazines or in person dependent on where you live.  Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, & Bright Blues are just a few to try.  Summer is a great time to try this color plan out. The light will give them a nice glow and might make you feel a bit cooler. For Inspiration check Gap, Express, Alpha Dockers or Ralph Lauren Purple.
  4. Tailored: Out of everything, this is what I’ve been noticing the most this Summer and continuing to be even bigger heading into Fall, next Spring and possibly next summer. The skinny Jean fad lead us all to more of a better fit for Men’s clothing. Be it your pants, shirt or suit.  Custom, bespoke, or just going down to your local tailor and tweaking a few pieces of clothing will get you set for this continuing trend.
  5. Denim: I bet we all have a few too many pairs of jeans. This trend doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get another pair.  It’s about the color denim in your short and long-sleeved shirts, possibly your trainers/kicks.  And I remember last year they were trying to get the jean Jacket back in action, I havent seen that come to fruition. Maybe in Japan? Diesel Black Gold has a nice darker blue Denim shirt that looks pretty crisp.
  6. Leather: Once again not just your pants or jacket, but your shirt can now be made of leather.  For sure, this is a bit too hot for where I live, but I guess it could look ok in a layered look.  This is by far my least favorite of the 6 trends. It just won’t look right on everyone.  GQ Japan suggests Balmain Homme for inspiration.

Winter 2013

The September 2013 issue of Details magazines recommends:

  1. Plaid: I thought this was a two years ago trend. but seems to still be rocking. Especially by some of the more Luxe designers like Saint Laurent by Hedi Simane ($890), Rag & Bone $290), A.P.C $235, Public School ($325), Band of Outsiders ($295) or Armani Exchange ($88). I’ve personally seen some nice plaids at Rag & Bone, just seemed a bit pricey for something I only wear once or twice a year to watch the Pipeline Pro at 4AM. Streetzblog Tip:  check out Both the Army Navy Store (they get lots of left over stock from Japan so they have lots of Large and X Large in stock-2nd or 3rd floor) and the basement of  RagStock-“Premium Recycled Clothing” on Belmont in Chicago for some great deals on some pretty nice plaids. Two years ago at RagStock,  I scored a couple of pristine Hilfiger and Land’s End plaids for less than $10 bucks each. And they weren’t boxy, actually fit quite well.
  2. Black shoes: Cap toe, Loafer,  and the double monk strap is still being pushed hard. I’d also add in black mid cut boots from a luxe designer like Dsquared, Grenson, Emporio Armani or Saint Laurent.  Or my favorite at the moment: The LUXE designer Hi-Top. They may be pricey, but that’s my favorite trend to rock in 2013.
  3. Color:  Once again we get the color green light.  This time it’s olive green, toned down blue, Aqua Blue,  bright YELLOW and RED. (And Details also threw in Brown).  Personally I’d stick to the brighter colors for Spring and Summer. I like the darker greys, slate greys, black, and Midnight blue for Winter.

Spring 2014

WWD is one of the best places to check to the future.  I like the news Forget summer pastels and bright shades, A darker palette rules the Spring Designer market.  Here are the 4 colors that WWD recommends for Spring 2014.

  1. Dark Burgundies
  2. Navies
  3. Deep Purples

I also see more blues and a darker shade of green in the pictures.

And Also from WWD, be on the look-out for these Spring Trends in Mens Fashion: Flowers on pants, shirts, jackets and T’s, Volume Shorts, Loose Tailoring, Darker colors, the Active Lifestyle look, and Clashing Separates.

Whether you’re dressing for now or the future, hope this helps. I always say If you feel comfortable in something, if you feel you look good in it, it gives you confidence or makes you smile, Just wear it!

Have a nice week!  See you on the streetz a lot this week. Friday night at Wet n Wild Hawaii, Friday evening at the Power Bash and Saturday early evening at the Duke Kahanamoku KINE luau!

Men’s Trend’s Fall 2013

“Too Cool For School?”

Men’s Fashion Trends Fall 2013

Taking a Flash-Forward approach to  upcoming trends for Fall, here are the NINE various trends seen at the London, Milan, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. Trends courtesy of and named verbatim by the WWD-February 28, 2013 Edition. With Editorial about the trends courtesy of

Suits, Green, & cropped Pants.  Photo courtesy of David Hart Men's 2013 Collection

Pretty much everything all in one Shot! NewSuits, The Color Green, Heritage Fabrics & cropped Pants. Photo courtesy of David Hart Men’s 2013 Collection

1. Pared-Down Suits: Trousers still looking pretty skinny, yet length depending on where you live and what look you’re going for are either very short & cropped or pretty short & scrunchy. Presently I prefer mine with zero or 2 small pleats,  tailored fairly close to my legs with a slight break above the ankle with a ¾ inch Cuff.
2. Volume Coats: I suspect the designers were over doing it a bit here to show the trend. The coats fit at the sleeves but are big, bulky and basically look like they don’t fit. It’s taken my 15 years to realize most of my clothes are way to big. This is one trend I won’t be participating in during 2013. I find the fitted yet comfortable look to be the best at the moment for my clothes and my future winter coats.
3. 3-D Effects: Puffy fabrics, protruding elements, and various depths to one piece of clothing. I suspect this is a look for fashion forward Paris or Milan. Looks a bit retro 80’s. I’m not very into this look, kinda’ like trying a bit too hard; maybe it will grow on me or possible “on top” my fabric of choice.
4. Cropped Pants: Well above the ankle. Almost like long yet tailored shorts. This looks good if you use High Quality Designer duds. I’m one of the biggest proponents for mixing Fast-Fashion and Hi-End Fashion, but for this to look good I would suggest spending some bigger cash and get your gear from DSquared2 Marc Jacobs, Rag&Bone or Junya Watanabe. Or if you do go FF-HF, invest in some nice hi-top brogues or play with your socks a bit. The Cordovan hi tip brogues look great! Or try  the Pebble Brown Doc Martin’s or some Army/Navy Surplus store combat boots.  The black socks with the Black pants are a look I dig. I’d say it would also work well with Flo-Orange, Flo-Green or Paisley socks as well. Like the look, just spend a bit of cash and get some nice high quality fabrics, or some nice kicks and socks and this should be a pretty stylish Pick!
5. Mr. Green: Basically WWD is saying that dark green, forest Green, and army green are going to be Big colors for Fall 2013. Looks ok to me, I tend to go for the blacks, greys and midnight blues on the weekend. But I do wear a lot of green to work, so no prob’s with green on this end.
6. Heritage Fabrics: Grey, Black, dark camel Tweeds, plaids, Checkers and squares, In nice thick hi-quality pants, shirts, jackets and vests. I think we’ve been seeing this trend taking form for a couple years now. Chic Men Magazine has been doing it up since issue number one. This version has a bit of a “Blow Up” retro Sixties look to it. I like it; you would just need to live somewhere cold enough to make this look work for you.
7. Chic Athletics: Looks like more and more designers going the Y-3 x Adidas Style. Marni, Duckie Brown, Kenzo, Kris Van Assche, Time Coppens and Trussardi using High end fabrics with a sporty weekendy type of look. Things look a bit baggy here, not sure if we’re ready to going back to the big and baggy look. I for one am going to try and stay true to fit for another year or two. Anyone need some XL & XXL NBA or NFL All-Star Gear? I have lots in my closet, waiting for the trend to come back around or prepared to sell it in my new “Kicks and Clothes on Wheels” Mobil Mobile that I designed last week. Right now, you could just email me if you’re interested and are big enough to fit the Gear.
8. Bold Patterns: Flowers, Paisleys, Birds, geometric shapes on pants, shirts, coats, sweaters, and suits. One trend I can do without. Unless I was Dj’ing or doing some sort of Red Carpet entrance. Then I’d still probably stick to my Black, Grey and Orange plaid pants on plaid shirt with black suit jacket look. No birds or toads on my clothes this year!
9. Leather on Leather: Leather Jackets, Leather pants Leather gloves, leather shoes all worn at the same time. If you’re a Rock Star or think you’re a Rock Star this is the look for you. Have fun!
What will you be wearing in Fall 2013? Comment or Hit up the survey just below this blog posting with a quick click. See you on the Streetz.

On The Trend..Colors for Spring & Menswear Fall 2013 official
What are the In Fashion Colors for Spring 2013

Pantone-Color Report-Spring 2013

Pantone-Color Report-Spring 2013

I remember Spring 2012 being the Big time for Lemon Zest and it continued thru Summer 2012. Nectarine seems to be burlbling a bit for about 3 years, maybe this will be it’s time to shine! Everything else including the Lemon and the orange is what colors are going to be in this Spring!

What are the In Fashion Colors for Men Fall 2013 (Milan Show)

And According to WWD the In Fashion Colors for Men for Fall 2013 are:

    1. Inky Blue
    2. Forest Green
    3. Dark Burgundy
    4. Violet (for real?)
    5. Camel
    6. Muted Tones

I’m still betting on Grey from the 50 Shades of Grey Book, but I suspect since they still havent cast the leading lady, Grey, Slate Grey, Silver, Shadow, Nail and the rest of the shades may have to wait until Fall 2014 or Winter 2015. Then since there are 3 movies, It may be a looong grey few years. Maybe it’s good they threw in the Violet? Although, personally Dark Purple I could do, not sure about Violet.

Since we’re on a Trend spotting adventure, I’ll give you the list of what else is supposed to be HOT for Fall 2013. These are taken directly from the January 14, 2012 WWD newspaper/magazine. Thank you to WWWD for providing us with these insights: (Editorial to the right is all done by Scott Mackenzie at

  1. Statement Coats-Oversize or Slim. (I’m betting on even more military and camo coats, the military will have even more bling and the camo will be in all sorts of far out prints)
  2. Supercropped Pants-Well Above the ankle (This one I still believe is for only special areas of the country like NYC, Milan and Paris, I don’s see it being a big trend in L.A or Hawaii, except maybe for a few 22 year olds who can get away with the look  and keep their “Preppy Nerd” look. Or the NBA stars like D-Wade or Russell Westbrook could pull the look off)
  3. The new Suit-Slim with even more details, from zip bottoms and paneling to velcro closures. (I personally think the custom and Bespoke custom suit shops will be making a killing over the next 2-3 years, I see triple side pockets, plaid top pockets, great looking sleeve buttons done so nicely they’ll look better than your best Cuff-Links, Skull buttons will be insanely popular!  And I really like zippers on expensive suit Jackets-that’s what I’m getting next suit I purchase!)
  4. Sporty Chic-Sweats inspired silhouettes.  (hmm better have ripped abs and combat boots for this one!)
  5. Top Heavy, with voluminous, round-shouldered tops over slim bottoms (England? The Runway?)
  6. Oversize collars and hoods, especially in outerwear
  7. Textured Knits-From herringbone to cables
  8. English Fabrics-Including Glen Plaids, Micro-Checks, herringbone, Hound-Stooth and Tartans

And completely off the subject, but one of my favorite movie projects has a brand new trailer. It’s just one day old, so let’s get it up quickly on to streetzblog.  It’s the newest Fast and the Furious entitled as of now SIX.  I’ve had TWO Mitsubishi Lancers because of the F&TF movies, still have a rear spoiler in the “VADER” style on my bucket list!  And even though it doesn’t quite make sense to me, I like it how this movie franchise keeps bringing back some of the best stars from the early days like Han (who I am sure died in Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift and Letty who many thought was dead, but she did show up near the credits in the last movie)  Hope they have some Mitsu Lancers and not all those Chevy’s and Humvee’s from the last movie

What are your thoughts for future Trends in color and fashion?  Coming up in February TWO new “Hawaii Designs” spotlights. See you on the Streetz!

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