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Hawaii Five-O Filmed Here..

Today was a pretty fun day on the Streetz outside of where I work, we had the filming of an upcoming show of  Hawaii Five-O right outside of where I work in downtown, Honolulu. When I arrived at work it was pretty fun, lots people yelling, Big clumsy looking rigs around, flashing lights, cop cars parked on the sidewalk, then right as I was about to turn into the elevator I saw Alex McLoughlin from Hawaii Five-O about 20 yards away from me with a BIG Gun pointing towards the courtyard. So, I stayed and watched as he said two lines and shot his gun 3 times.  Which he did at least 3 different takes of the same thing.

I then, went upstairs, did some work, then came back down to check out some more action. This time was even better.  Tom Sizemore was there and they shot up a pretend cop car and debris flew through the air just missing me and my friend by about a foot and a half.  And let me tell you if it had landed on us it would have hurt.  At least it looked that way, maybe it was just flimsy paper, but it hit the concrete..well .. like the sound of um .. concrete-looked and sounded pretty scary to me!   I told the grip nearby “Wow! that’s pretty cool how you exploded up something and let it fly and it just missed the people watching it by a little bit”  He did the famous “nod and smile” and went on his way.  I suspect they wouldn’t mind if the flying debris actually did scared off a few of the downtown office folk. I don’t think they’re used to having such a big crowd watch them film.

Through the day they must have told my friend to stop taking pictures like 12 times. He usually stopped, but he did manage to get a couple good vids and a shot of Billy Baldwin, Tom Sizemore and Alex M.  I was kind of amazed he didn’t get dragged away by the big security guards. Kind of cool of them that he was able to get a few shots for his Facebook page. As long as no one tells the plot much, a few pix are probably good for publicity.

Anyways, I went down there one last time around 4p today and that was the BEST!  Billy Baldwin comes raging down the walkway with a blond hostage in tow and a big, big Gun pointing around at us all, then Tom Sizemore does something, next we hear as they told us we would-24 rounds of gunshots-which is a lot more than 24 gun shots-its like a machine gun going off for about 12 seconds and it is LOUD. AFter the 24 rounds went off, Billy B falls backwards and the hostage girl runs away and I guess, all is well?  It was fun and I got to see most of the big stars. Although, Kona Kalakaua wasnt there and they had some guy who looked like Scott Caan there, but it for sure wasnt him.

Overall, it didn’t seem quite as glamorous as I would expect, they sure stood around a lot and MAN-they shot like the same scene 3-5 times and each time it took like 10 minutes to get it ready.  But, it was lots of fun to watch the stars in action and to hear the explosions and gun shots going off.  Today, was a great example of what fun it can be to live in Hawaii. Have a Great rest of the week!

Fun Addendum:  So I actually wrote this around 5pm before I went home from work, Thus I went downstairs one more time on my way home from work at about 6:10pm and the first person I saw was Grace Park/Kono Kalakaua and she was sitting on the bench right outside of my job!  She had a dog with her and I asked if it was hers, the guards in the area said they “thought it was Alex’s”  Grace looked pretty HOT and she had a bloodied bandage on her arm.  She got up off the bench and went to film the last seen, In int Scott Caan also showed up and it was really cool, I got to see Alex M take a big A** swinging punch at Tom Sizemore. I watched them film this 3 times and all three times Tom ducked just in time, But on the TV show I be he really gets “Cracked” pretty hard right across the face.  Pretty amazing how no one got hurt. The punch Alex Throws is pretty wicked!  Ahh, so glad I was able to see the last scene of the day.  After it, all the stars pretty much just disappeared, One blink of the eye and they were Gone!  Fun Day, today I looked around the courtyard and it looked like they were never there. Even the Bank of Hawaii sign that said Bank of Oahu yesterday was back to the normal Bank of Hawaii.

Other thing I wanted to let you know, is they asked us if we were background for the show. We couldn’t quite say yes and get away with it, it seems you need to sign up ahead of time to be an extra and get called in to do the shift, even though many of us thought we were in the background of the shots, we weren’t. Oh well, I’m gonna go fill out the form and see what happens. When I get the call, I’ll let you know.  Take Care.

** Friday night Tom Sizemore was down at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Tonight Billy Baldwin was down there.  Seems like the place to be. I remember when David Beckham was in town, he drank at the Starbucks down there almost every morning. And I saw Dennis Rodman years ago on the beach right out in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, he was smoking a big ol’ cigar with some body building orange tinged in the skin Hollywood type guy and a lady that had a big tattoo on her that said “Mrs. Rodman”  all across her back!

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