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Grey is the new Black

Thom Browne Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 Fashion Show

Like two shows in one. First half is various shades of grey. Second half is the Court Jester Balloon jacket and pants show. Enjoy!


  • Grey:  There is still time before Fall/Winter 2014-15 to get your grey on. This show validates a theme we’ve been talking about on Streetzblog for a while now. Grey or shall we say Gray? is the BIG color for Fall/Winter 2014-15. Here we see many different shades, various materials and even a grey plaid fish shown to us all many times throughout the show.
  • Textile Mix Tape:  OnTrend with the mixture of different types of plaids, shades of grey and other types of materials all in one look. It maybe an ode to the Eco Friendly Fashion Future of re-purposing clothes or just looks very hobo-chic Ala Mode of the moment. Either way, it’s way Dope!
  • Built in BackPacks:  Ok, so this is taking the Back-Pack to another level. First they look like the back packs blend into the jackets. Then it seems that they are actually built right into the jackets. Either way, very cool. Nice subtle eye-catching detail. Hey-you wouldn’t lose or forget to bring your gear with you when it’s always with you built into your jacket. Nice for the multi tasking always on the move 21st century man.
  • Setting:  The Magical Forest? Alice in Wonderland? An ode to the upcoming Grey, Gray World? Interesting, the fish and other animals are quite fun to see. Not sure about the animal hats and head dressings on the models. It does give the runway a bit more of a theatrical presence, just a bit scary.
  • Shoes: Grey with black soles. Time for a change from the Black Kicks with White soles. Just when I thought I didn’t need another pair of shoes and these are getting ready to come out.  I would like to try a comfortable high top with a cushy black crepe sole. My feet still hurt and I really do need to find something that is comfortable. Thom sure isn’t being understated about the Grey trend. It’s seen everywhere from Jackets to Trousers, Fish to Shoes. Grey will be the new black for Fall/Winter 2014-15.
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