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Hungry for some Panem Style?

Get your Hunger Games Groove on at Net-A-Porter

Capitol Couture at net a porterCatching Fire Opens this Friday November 22, 2013 and it’s looking like another hit movie.  The story is already a good one and the graphics and CG effects not seen in the first, will be seen in full glory for Catching Fire. Get ready for the clothes to crank  it up a couple notches.  They will be  even more outrageous than the first movie, especially in the Capitol City. Effie even wears a lavender ensemble straight out of Alexander McQueen’s 2012 Collection and get ready to see her in this  Classic  orange and green Alexander McQueen dress she wears during the Reaping .


Check this out! Trish Summerville who collaborated with H&M and the The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo back in 2011, is at it again, this time teaming up with Catching Fire and Net-A-Porter. Beginning this Thursday November 21, 2013, you can get your Hunger Games Groove on with the exclusive Capitol Couture collection. There will be 16 luxury pieces of Clothing, jewelry and laser cut leather goods all  based on the Catching Fire’s Fashion Forward looks.

Capitol Couture

Get ready to get on-line later this week, I suspect but don’t know for sure that these clothes will be limited in some way, shape or form. At least we’ll have a fair opportunity to nab them, the only way to get them is on-line at NET-A-PORTER.

Living in Hawaii, I wonder if someone will be selling the Wet-Suits they wear in the movie? Those look pretty slick!

Streetz-Gear for the Hunger Games

“My Stomach’s Growling like a Starved District 12 resident for the HUNGER GAMES Movie Premiere”

The Hype is growing bigger day by day for “The Hunger Games” Movie premiere. Some have been lucky enough to see it in LA, Chicago, New York and London. And many more of us can go to see it on Thursday night at Midnight or like me I need to work early Friday morning, so I’ll be there at 6:00PM on Friday Night.  After reading the book in less than a week, I’m looking forward to checking out the city of the future and the awful in concept-yet extremely exciting in print “Game” that is played through most of the book and the movie.

For some reason, many of the people I work with aren’t in the know on the Big Hysteria surrounding the movie, maybe its because we live in Hawaii? or maybe, we just don’t have any Teens hanging out around the offices? or the Teens and young adults who have parents that work with me, just arent talking about “The Hunger Games”  to their parents? Whatever the reason, there’s not much of a buzz where I work, but there sure was a buzz in Atlanta and Chicago when I was there last week and the National media is doing it up Big Time! David Letterman had Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence on last night and he has Peeta/Josh Hutcherson on there tonight. Me, the first time I saw the TV commercial trailer for the movie, I could tell there was something special about it, so I tracked down the book and read it cover to cover in less than a week.  I asked my 8 and 11-year-old nieces about it, but they had to read it for school, so werent to “hype” to it. Be warned-this is Gonna’ be BIG and at least two more movies should come after the first.

For Streetzblog, here’s a few cool Ways to rock the gear without being to Gaudy or over the top.  The three things I have picked out seem to be hard to find, when I’ve clicked on the shirts on two other blogs, they took me to some site called etsy and it said that the shirts were NOT available. It didn’t say they were sold out, it didnt say they were getting more in, it just said “not available”  what’s that supposed to mean?  if etsy was my site, I’d sure make the two shirts available and do it now. the movie is Tomorrow night at Midnight and the Hype is only going to get bigger throughout the weekend and onward.  Well, maybe etsy will read this blog and let us know how to get the two shirts that are shown below that are in my opinion pretty hip without being too commercial.

The FirstShirt I would rock is the Grey District 12 T, it tells just enough about the fact that you’re hip to the movie without going over the top and as you know I like the color Grey.

Second T I dig is the Cinna shirt. It’s kind of like my “I have my own T shirt Company Too” T that I bought in 2009 in NYC. Did you know that Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna in the movie?  I like kinda’ recognized him in the trailer but couldn’t quite place who he was,I needed to read about it on the net.

And the Kicks are by converse, you can most likely get these at Cons customs on the web or for sure at the Converse store on Broadway in Soho/Noho in NYC.  That store totally rocks with the iPads that help you customize your cons. They were ahead of the game bringing the pads to the store in 2010.

If you want something to wear this weekend, the easiest places to get gear is at Hot Topic either here or at the brick and Mortar store or at Amazon Dot com-they have tons of T’s including the ever popular-“Boy with the Bread” and “May the odds be always with you” shirts.

Friday Night, if I have enough energy I’ll do a quick street stylez review on what people wore to Opening Weekend and maybe a little review about the movie.  However, I’m one who when I really like a book, I tend to have a hard tome with the movie version until I’ve seen it a few times, we will see Friday night what my brain thinks. Hopefully good things. See you at the movies. If you’re there, say “Hi” I’d love to get some quotes from you for Friday night/Saturday mornings blog or we can twitcast something or you can leave some comments below if you like..just click on “comments”  Have a nice Thursday! Cheers and Aloha!  Note:  I’ll be attending the special Scion premiere this Friday night at Ward Theatres at 6;00PM at the Ward theatres in Honolulu, HI on the island of Oahu.

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