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Birthday Celebrations for Michael Jordans 50th!


Michael Jordan is just days away from turning the Big 5-0 Check out Sportscenter now thru Sunday they are doing some pretty fun specials on him. Upcoming are his Kicks and Gear, Yesterday they talked about the Celtics game where they say he scored 63 points but my video at my house which I can’t find right now, says he scored 72 labeled in permanent black sharpie.  Something I think I’ll never figure out..hehe.

And Check out this dope Vid from TED done by Lemon Anderson.  It’s entitled ” Please Don’t Take My Air Jordans”, My mom would never let me wear mines when I went to downtown Chicagoland back in the 80’s.  We only wore our canvas Cons down there. I like the Video, rhymin’, vibe, gestures etc. Nice job Lemon! What do you think? I also wonder what Kicks are going to drop on MJ’s BDay?  Anyone Know? Maybe a secret Quickstrike? Hope I’m in Foot Locker when that happens!


(Updated blog post-Feb 11, 2013)
I received a text the other day from a bigger Snearkerhead than myself and they said that they think the Big Shoe will be the AJ1.  Maybe in that Black and Flo Green colorway?

And Hypebeast recently reported that the Air Jodan 111 Black Electric Green will release on February 16 and they also think that there will be a Black Electric Green AJ1!

Air Jordan 111 Black-Electric Green..Photo courtesy of

Air Jordan 111 Black-Electric Green..Photo courtesy of

For even more Black/Flow Green Kicks starting with the AJ1 thru the AJXX8, check out this great site to see the 28 Days of Flight. Each day they show us a New Black and Green Shoe, finalizing in the brand new Jordan XX8. Which you can see right now below:

AJXX8-Picture Courtesy of Forbes and Brand Jordan

AJXX8-Picture Courtesy of Forbes and Brand Jordan

Jordan Turns 50 on February 17-Same Day as the NBA-All Star Game..Hmmm..
The Nike Air Jordan 111 also turned 25 with the February 6 release of the AJ111 Retro 88 with the iconic Nike air on the heel. Picture below:



On February 17 ESPN’s Sportcenter will debut the full list of MJ’s 50 Greatest Moments. And NBATV has a special New interview with MJ on All Star Weekend. Let the Jordan Frenzy get even bigger. Hope he shows up at the NBA All-Star game this year!

No Yeezy’s but Got Melo’s

Yeah, I know the other night I said I didn’t need any Nike Air Yeezy 2’s because I could just look behind my couch or in my closet for a new pair of Kicks.  But, when all the hype  happens for a new shoe and there is THAT MUCH HYPE I end up breaking down and either getting that shoe or something else.  This time I checked about 8-9 times for the Air Yeezy in Black/Solar Red, but then on Monday when my friend said he needed a new pair of work-out shoes, I said let’s go to Footlocker NOW.  We went, he bought his Adidas Kicks that will be put to good use and were a purchase useful and needed. Me, ever since I saw Carmelo wearing these in the 3rd play-off game, I’d been eying them on the web. So, when we got to FL and I found out that they were on sale, I put them on walked 3 steps around the store and bought them.

Not exactly sure where or when I’ll wear them other than out of the store..LOL! But, now my shopping urge is gone and I’m a happy (non) camper.  “Non” as in didn’t camp for Yeezy’s. hehehe.  It’s funny but the only Nike’s that don’t seem to hurt my feet are the Jordan 3’s, Lebron 3’s and the special pair of Blazers I have.  Sure hope these new Fly-Wire dealeo’s don’t hurt. I’ll let you know when I wear them.  Next blog will be “What to get for Father’s Day”  Until then..Have a nice Night!

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