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So in Straw of it.

The Summer 2014 Straw Fedora Hat Trend

Wow! Crazy fast, Ultra quick, let’s look stylish yet all alike, mega-moving speed of light trend of the Summer.  The straw hat trend or as most of what I notice in particular the Straw Fedora Hat Trend.

Since early June, I’ve seen so many straw Fedora hats In Downtown Honolulu, Ala Moana Mall, Windward Mall and especially along the streetz of Kalakaua in Waikiki.  I saw them first, started taking pictures second. Made a draft of this post way back in early June, took some more pictures. Thought I was going to post 30-40 pictures. Realized I only had 4 good shots, 2 ok shots and 12 unusable photos. So, I figured the trend may die before I get 30-40 pictures, so figured it’s already July 8, 2014, I just better post what I have.

I’ll update it later in July, if and when I get some more shots. Just trust me on this one, In Waikiki alone, two Thursdays ago, I was counting 4 in 10 wearing some sort of straw hat and most were the fedora type.  I can’t wait any longer to post this. Hope you enjoy  the pictures. And I hope to get you some more. It’s once again time when my brain thinks it’s time for a DSLR, but once again I spent my camera money on suits, shoes and shorts. Such a shop-o-holic. I have 3 credit cards in the freezer. Might be time to put some ice around them…LOL Yep, they’re in the freezer like the Confessions of a Shopoholic heroine does with hers, but hers are frozen. Mine, so far are just in the freezer and not in my pocket. Baby steps, today’s rationalization is How can I blog about clothes, shoes and hats? If I can’t personally go shopping?

All Shots were taken via my iPhone 5s utilizing either the camera+ App or Snapseed App for post production editing. Are people wearing these hats this summer where you live?  Last Summer? Or not wearing them at all?  It would be interesting to know if it’s a world-wide phenom or just a Hawaiian Island trend.


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