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What’s Lit-NYC DEC 2017

Top Hot Spots-NYC DEC 2017-Via Streetzblog


  • Daniel Patrick: My favorite Hi-End Streetwear brand.  Check them out near Alexander Wang at 96 Grand Just off-Broadway.  Make sure to say Hi to Lauren and Noel. Pro-Tip:  If you don’t see the color or style you want on the showroom floor, just ask, they should have it in the back or can order for you.  See more about Daniel Patrick Soho here
  • KITH:  Took over my go to store Atrium a bit back. I was kinda’ upset about  that, so didn’t go there for a while. But you gotta go to the KITH on Lafayette.  They have very nice clothes and almost every shoe you could ever want. And it’s a great place to get some nice selfies with tons of white shoes on the walls and under the floor!
  • Barney’s: Go in December when things are on sale. I always score something good.  This year, bought a  pair of Y-3 x Adidas Bounce Sole Kicks. Original Price: $390, On sale for Less than $150!! Hot brands in December 2017 include:  Off White, Greg Lauren, Public School, Gucci, Grenson, Fear of God, Rick Owens and a newer fav of mine: Ben Taverniti Unravel Project.
  • Canal Street:  Its back to being out on the streetz. After 5 years of having to go underground or around the block. Dec 2017 found everything on the street. Amazing goods at great prices.
  • Broadway Marketplace: Check out the OWMXN area-Super cool people, great prices. Mix of originals and hip, cool brands.  People who work here are super nice and fun to hang out with, another place to name drop Streetzblog. They’ll hook you up for sure.  You can also find them on-line at OWMXN.Com or @OWMXN.  The marketplace is set to move soon.  Right now its on Broadway near Spring and across from empty_Gallery.
  • em_pty_gallery:  This is the Off-White store in Manhattan.  Usually a line outside. Some things are for sale inside some not. And not all sizes on the floor.  And nope, you can’t just buy the sneakers. When I was there, you could purchase something from the new line-$1,200-$1,400 hoodies. Then your receipt goes in a drawing. But you need to be in town if you are the winner.  Prize drawing was about 6 days from day I went. It’s a got to go to place. Just go, It’s kinda’ trippy, enjoy the experience and talk to or listen to the people in line. Prices like usual. Not for people looking for deals. Yet, clothing is still Pure Fire!
  • Dover Street Market/DSM NY: Many of the best Hi-End designers all under one roof. This year the entire staff was very friendly and helpful. Hi to Jonah for helping me out with a gift and wrapping it up perfectly.  Pro Tip: December is a great time for sales, some items up to 50% off. Ultra Pro Tip: If you see a T or piece on the rack & it’s not in your size, Just ask. Many more sizes are in the secret storage area. I’ve been going here since they opened. Very fun to wander the stairs or take the elevator to each and every floor. Wear your hottest gear here. The day I went, 75% had Virgil Abloh x The Ten collection, limited edition vans and Triple Sole Balenciaga’s. Major HEAT on the FEET! See more about DSM here
  • Art at Canal: This is on Canal at Chinatown. Live DJ, Graffiti walls, and some Dope Clothes. Dec 2017,  we find clothes designed by Tommy Hilfiger’s brother. Some nice Floral-Camo prints mixed on top of firemen jackets.
  • AF-1 Design your Own Soho: Pick Low, Mid or High-Tops, then color, add laces, spray paint,stencil etc. Everything is provided.  Customs made in minutes.  Very fun!
  • Adidas Mid-Town: Most everything you want all in stock. Just no Yeezy’s. Everything else is there. But grab fast, the NERD and other quick-strike gear goes very fast. Pro Tip:  Many things that are sold out on-line are available in this store. You just need to look around and stay for a while. Things drop randomly every couple of hours or so.  Fun to be there when it happens.
  • Around the World Magazines: The best Magazine Store in Town!  This year, they have many mags on sale for just $5 including back issues of Chic Men & In Trend. Even if they are a couple of years old, still lots of inspiration to be found. You can also get the latest issues of System, HighSnobiety, European GQ & HypeBeast all in Mag form.
  • Madison Square Garden:  Whether it’s the Knicks or Rangers. Check a game out.  The arena is fun! Music, Light shows, T-Shirt cannons that blow big blasts of white smoke. They even have Lobster Rolls, exotic cheeseburgers, great shopping and lots of drinks. And you are guaranteed to see a celebrity or two. The night I saw the Rangers play, the Bella & Gigi Hadid were both there, center ice chatting, cheering and taking selfies.
  • Modell’s:  About a block from MSG.  Get your gear here.  This years they have 2 for $20 Knicks T’s. Some great Winter Classic Rangers with awesome prices and Lebron Soldiers in more colors than I’ve ever seen in one place. Nice price too! $129 for a pair.
  • Bryant Park: One of the best places to people watch in all of NY City.  Punk, Chic, Business, Tourist, Local, Trendy, Norm-Core, High Fashion, Models, Celebs, Family, Singles, Flourescent, Fake Fur, Real Fur, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Coney Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan & more. Eat, Shop, Skate, Take Pix, Sit, Walk, Mingle, Drink, and Ride the Carousel.

Nike AF1 Soho, Art at Canal, & Dover Street Market.

Foot Locker Times Square, Adidas Store Mid-Town, em_pty_gallery Soho, The Uptown Punk 8618′ Streetzblog pants.

Barney’s, Selfies, Some of my Own Sewn Clothes.

 Bryant Park, Fashion Ave, & Madison Square Garden

Places w/ Biggest lines out the door:

  1. em_pty_gallery
  2. Pink in Soho
  3. Canada Goose
  4. Bathing Ape Soho
  5. Supreme
  6. KITH
  7. Tiffany’s
  8. MOMA

Streetzblog x H&M x Off-White Bomber Jacket 2017

Go to Guide to DSMNY

 Go to Guide-Dover Street Market NYC

Continuing to create new episodes of content, Streetzblog is keeping in the tradition of multiples ala the Hawaii Designs and Makiki Heat Series. With the Go to Guides. These will be guides to various places throughout the world with ideas and suggestions on where to shop, eat and sleep. In that order.

We also think it would be cool if you could add in your own suggestions on the Go to Guides in the comment section. Either mention something that pertains to this area of town or give us a tip on the similar subject but in your part of the World. The more tips and suggestions the better experience it will be for the various Streetzblog visitors looking for places to see, shop, eat, play and sleep.

Today’s go to guide takes us to the #funandfabulous Dover Street Market NYC experience. As done by Scott at Streetzblog 2x. Once in 2014 and the other time in 2015, both in the month of December. BTW: Happy New Year! (1/1/16)’s Go to Guide to Dover Street Market NYC

  • Head Down 45th to Lexington, make a right, pass the Post Office. Go to Grand Central Station. Note: If your suitcase is too full of goodies from NY, stop by the Post Office on Lexington and send a large pre paid box back to your home. During the Holidays, You can even watch a bit of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer while you stand in line.
  • Grand Central Station: I suggest going in to the marketplace. Here you can find the freshest Meats, Cheeses, Candies and a full-on Cornucopia of delicious delicacies. Great presents and you can take awesome photos of the freshest food around town.


Secret Time: Now this isn’t quite as fun as finding these places all over the city and going to the original venues. But if you are low on time or just like to get things done quickly. Go into Grand Central Station and you’ll find some of NY’s and the World’s best and most talked about institutions. These include the Shake Shack (Remember the Shake Shack in Central park in Sex in the City, we’ll this is is the place) The same burgers, French fries and frozen custard can be found here. Magnolia Bakery-Try the famous Red Velvet Cupcake or buy a box for the relatives you’re coming back to or going to visit, Cipriani Dolci, Diptyque, Frankie’s Dogs on the Go, Juniors Bakery (Like the cheese cake place with the long lines in Times Square, yep same place), Michael Jordan’s the Steak House NYC, the New York Transit Museum and Gallery, Oyster Bar and Restaurant-this is the place you see in all the TCM movie classics and yes! it is the oldest restaurant in all of Grand Central, Two Boots Pizzeria, Zaro’s Bakery-been around for over 75 years and still tasting as good if not better as day one!.


It took me 28 x going to NYC to find the secret to getting all you need in 1 place. And the place to go is Grand Central Station. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on seeing the town. But this is a super-duper secret if you are low on time or just want to see everything you imagine NY to be all in one simple destination.

  • Step out of Grand Central Station and continue down Lexington. There’s a couple good deli’s to pick up some coffee-In NY I always order Deli Coffee extra Sweet and Light-it’s like drinking a donut with caffeine or get some fresh carrot juice along the way. And don’t worry you didn’t walk past DSM yet, its about a 15-20 minute walk to DSMNY.


  • DSM: Be careful that you don’t miss DSM. You need to pay attention and turn right at 160 Lexington Ave. at 30th. Street. The area looks very residential. But yes, this is Dover Street Market. I suggest that you go to each floor and see what’s going on. Bring your camera to take pictures of the monthly art installations along with some of the best clothes you will ever see in one place. Note: Some things are a bit pricey so be prepared. The first year I bought the DSM x Converse black Hi-Tops and the 2nd year I nabbed a Patricia Field Black with white lettering Vogue in Japanese Snapback. I was very tempted to get the Commmes Des Garcons drop crotch shorts, but they were just a little too pricey for my budget on that day. Also while there, make sure you talk to the workers, they are usually very friendly and happy to help you find what you’re looking for. They are also dressed very hip and happening. Check out their looks for inspiration.
  • Note: If you can’t make it to DSM in person they have a great Mail order shop entitled DSMNY E-Shop. It’s here you can purchase the limited edition items. I picked up a Jordan x DSM shirt and a sweet Commes Des Garcons x Supreme blue plaid workers jacket that I get lots of complements on. Yes, it was pricey, but very worth it!
  • After shopping or Window Shopping at DSM. Go back the way you came a couple blocks and eat at Vezzo the thin crust pizza joint. It’s dark inside which always rates an A+ for me, the pizza is really good and they have a fantastic Arugula, slivered cheese, pear, and Gorgonzola salad to die for. And the serving is HUGE. Perfect after a long walk and many steps in DSM, I think there are 7 total floors at DSM and the best and most fun way to see it all is be the steps. (They do have an elevator so no need to panic).
  • After you eat, you can head over to Korea town, or back track to 37th and head to Around the World magazines. That’s what I did the last time I was there. Around the World Magazines has some of if not the best Fashion magazines all in one spot. And in the back there are older editions of great titles for awesome prices along with additional fashion and graphic design oriented books. Around the World Magazines is located at 148 West 37th Just past Broadway.
  • After the Magazine store, lunch and DSM my daily budget is pretty done. So I usually walk back to the Roosevelt Hotel on 45th and Madison. My favorite hotel in all of NYC. Say Hi to Alfredo if you go there. Tell him you heard about him from Scott from Hawaii on Streetzblog. I’m sure he’d be delighted to see you. If you do stay here, make sure you make it to breakfast on at least 1 of your days. They guys down there are super friendly, they have unlimited Starbucks coffee, fresh fruit, some of the best bacon in the world and it’s a pretty cool vibe with pictures of Teddy Roosevelt on the walls and great views of the streetz from the seats. The Roosevelt Hotel is located at 45th and Madison Ave. smack dab in the middle of Mid-Town.



Phillip Lim Hits The Bulls-Eye at Target

Designer Phillip Lim Hits Target this Sunday September 15, 2013 w/ clothes, bags & Shoes for Guys and Gals

Phillip Lim for Target-MEN

Picture courtesy of

This Sunday Phillip Lim’s limited edition clothing, Kicks and accessories hits Target stores. Typically Phillip Lim clothes are quite pricey. I’ve seen $325  sweat pants and backpacks going for $1,250.  And his designs are usually sold at places like Barney’s NYC. This is an awesome opportunity to snag some of Phillip’s designer duds for less than $100. The picture above is just one of the outfits I’ve seen. For guys, I know Target will have pants, shirts, leather bags and jackets and even some pretty slick-looking kicks. I think I’ll stop by Target this Sunday and check out the line in person. Hope it comes to Hawaii on Sunday, sometimes we get things later than the mainland. That can be a good thing or not, just depends on what it is and how popular things are. If I do find things on Sunday I’ll let you know what it looks like Live. From the internet and the TV commercials the gear is looking pretty good to me. What do you think?

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

The picture above is one of many of the Women’s selections. I thought it looked the best. This is one of those blog posts that I want to tell people about, but would also like to keep a (slight LOL since there’s been so many commercials) secret. Because if the clothes and kicks are anything like what they look like on I suspect this line is going to sell fast. Prices are great too! The Men’s Kicks were less than $50 And guess what? They will even have (French Terry) Sweat Pants for $29.99. See you Sunday on the streetz at Target Salt Lake, Hawaii.

Here’s a Nice preview video of the collection. Some great up-close pictures of the Men’s Hi and low top Sneakers, some clothes and up close and personal shots of  the Women’s Purses.

And here’s the behind the Scenes making of the TV commercial you may have been seeing this past week or two on Network TV.

On the Target Web-Site, Phillip Lim’s Designs have been labeled as super-chic and this is what PL had to say about the new Collaboration: One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with Target is because I felt that together we could create a collection that would inspire-one that is cool and chic, but still very accessible

By the look of the TV commercial, they do look super-chic and quite attractive. I think the Black and the Grey got me Good. Two of my favorite colors that go perfectly with each other. And the commercial has a pretty slick vibe to it.

BTW: Is the store pronounced TAR-GET or TAR-JAY? I’ve always called it TAR-GET, but my sister in Chicago and a friend in NY call it TAR-JAY.

Cyber-Monday-2012 #cybermonday official

This is good and bad, I misplaced both my Credit Card and my Debit card and my driver’s license lat Saturday night.  Good of course because now I really can’t shop on Cyber Monday and bad of course because i wasted 2 hours tearing up my house and car Sunday night looking for the 3 cards. I’m sure they will all three show up sometime around 11P on Monday Night-just after Cyber-Monday is officially over.

it’s ok, I’m still on a “no buying clothes and shoes with credit card ban until December 18 and a no buying kicks probation with any type of money or CC until the same date”.

Here’s some of the Great Deals I spotted on my email and twitter feeds, IF I could buy today. Since it’s so early or so late at night right now 3:24AM, I’m not bothering with many links or pictures, I’m sure for one day and for such good deals you can just google them. Happy Cyber Monday Shopping!  *Note:  You may need to sign up for some of these newsletters and alerts yourself, or they just may work with the codes I listed.  At least the info is all listed below and 4 for 40 percent off a little work is probably worth it!

  1. Adidas Cyber Monday Special: Spend $75 get $10, Spend $100 get $20 and my favorite is spend $150 and get $40! Code is holiday. (Email offer)
  2. @MarcJacobs:  40% off Fall, free shipping and GWP.  Now even without a CC or Debit Card handy, I have tried this sale twice but don’t get it. Everytime I click on something I like it seems to be full price. Even when I put it in my basket it comes to full price. They tweeted me, so I tweeted them back asking what was up?  Been about 20 minutes and I still dont know. I tried the same  thing on Thanksgiving.  I don’t get how this 40% off sale works, unless their isnt anything for Guys available at 40% off, maybe all the good stuff is the winter line not the Fall?  If you know, LMK. Thanks (Twitter Feed)
  3. Eastbay:  Get $25 off orders of $99 or more.  Use promo code EMEB2V69 at Check-Out. (Email offer)
  4. SWELL:  Get 25% off all day long on Cyber-Monday. Use promo code:RGIFT2U  (Email Offer)
  5. Hackney’s Restaurant:  Purchase $100 in gift cards and receive a $20 GC for yourself. Would be fun to use when the Bears play and they have that 50% off hamburger deal.  BTW their best burgers are the blue cheese burgers on dark Rye-YUM! (Email Offer)
  6. Tobi: 40% off of entire site.  This is where I found some pretty trendy pants I read about in Details magazine. Many HOT designers on this site. But so far this morning all I can find are the Women’s clothes and I can’t remember my password to get on the site. oh well, if you want to work hard enough to get this deal, I think it is worth it-the designers are actually pretty awesome and typically big time Quality items. You may need to sign up quickly for their news letter.  Promo code is:GOBBLE40 (Email Offer)
  7. Amazon:  They just say to keep clicking until I find something for a good price. That’s ok, I want speed and info quickly now so I can go back to sleep. LOL (Email offer)
  8. Barney’s:  Has 11 pretty happening designers listed including Theory, Vince and Michael Kors.  They say “shop the sale and get free 2 day shipping” (Email offer) I think its much more fun to shop in person at Barney’s, real similar to a Nordstrom shopping experience.  Lots of great fun people to help you!
  9. Case-Mate: Save Up to 50% off site wide.This is actually pretty fun. I had a choice of 4 windows filled with snow, I got to choose 1 and see my deal. Then I clicked on another button and received my own personal “active” promo code. I did get my own personal active promo code. but the snow thing didn’t work too well, the iPhone just thought about it and it tried to access something but nothing happened. so I called them and no one answered. Cute and fun idea, but not exactly user-friendly. oh well maybe it will work for you. I’d actually recommend shopping on your laptop or iPad and not the iPhone, second time tonight I couldn’t access things quickly. (Email Offer)
  10. @Megan_Massacre:  Get 20% off everything on her webstore all day today. She’s from the TV show with Ami where they do the live tattoo’s in Soho.  Not sure what she is selling, I’d buy a tat from her, not sure if I need anything else, from a tattoo artist. (Twitter Feed)
  11. Brooklyn Nets: Spend $100 and get $25 back, Now that is a deal! Promo Code: CMDEAL  (Email Offer)

*Marc Jacobs Update (4:36AM)  They said to look for the full list of sale items at   Hope this list helped a bit with your Cyber-Monday Shopping. Let streetzblog know what you bought or if you find some cool deals for our readers.  Just click in the comments section or email me at   Or if you’ve got something great for me to write about for Cyber-Monday or the Holidays just text me at 808-479-9928. Have a great day!

Hey and since I was having too much fun during Black Friday Weekend, I didn’t have a chance to write up the deals.  But the best thing I saw was over at the Volcom store in Haleiwa. They had $23 Shirts with the Volcom logo and the Hawaiian Islands  on them for 2 for $20. That’s 4 for $40 instead of 2 for $46!!! I bought 4. Perfect Christmas Gifts, LOL-I already gave 3 away and wore the other yesterday!.  Anyways if you live on Oahu, I’d head over there or call them and see if the deal is still on.  It was still on Saturday Afternoon and that was not Black Friday it was Saturday.  OK, going back to sleep now, gotta’ work in the morning. Lates!

5 Shades of Macy’s Grey

SuperSavings at Macy’s this Weekend!

5 shades of Macy's

This was one of those weekend’s where Macy’s did one of their awesome sales.  I bought a new pair of grey work pants, a pair of grey kicks and 3 T’s for just $107.16-My Goal was $100, but with these prices what’s another $7.16.  One of my favorite colors is slate grey, nothing I bought was exactly slate but it was for sure all grey.

Sales at the store were between 30-50% off, then if you had a coupon, you also received another 20% off.  2 of my 3 T’s were so cheap, I told the cashier that “they were almost free and these are brand new, unlike prices like this at Goodwill”.  The shirts were the best deal of the evening.  Marc Ecko v neck logo T was $29.50 on sale for $5.78, Marc Ecko striped shirt was $19.50 on sale for $5.46 and David Bowie Faux vintage 1972 World Tour T was $34.50 on sale for $11.19.

The kicks i really didn’t need. I of all people sure don’t need another pair of shoes. And there I was wearing my Cement Jordan’s picking up a pair of INC’s. But Hey for some reason I don’t have any grey kicks in the whole condo. So for $33.29 i purchased a pair of $79.50 Kicks.  Sure hope I wear them! Earlier the same day, I had just made up my mind that I wouldn’t buy any more shoes, kicks, sneakers etc until December 17.  instead of 3 months, my resolution lasted less than 6 hours!

And the reason I was at the mall was to get a new pair of pants for work.  At least I took care of this, they were on sale for $50.39 regular price was a bit high at $85.  That’s one of those sales that I don’t consider a sale, pants for work should be between $30 and $50, I think they mark them up to mark them down. Although these were quality Dockers, so unlike other brands, these do last a long time.  So really a good buy at either the $85 or the $50 price.

Total spent:  $107.16  Total Savings: $143.77 which would have cost $250.93. Lots more fun to shop this way, 5 shades of grey-5 new things to wear. Without the savings and deals I would have probably just bought the pants or waited until they went on sale; but who wants to go home from 4 hours at the mall without a shopping bag, not me!  Have a great week!

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