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At least you don’t get kicked in the Head!

Survivor TV Show Try-Outs and The “Chuck Norris” Shot

Yesterday I was at the Survivor TV show Try-Outs at Wet n Wild Hawaii.  It was pretty fun, I couldn’t tell you exactly how man people tried out, but at least a couple hundred.  The best one was this lady who first said she was kinda’ hippyish which was a bit far from what was next to come. First, she had on a T-shirt that said something like “Don’t let your Boyfriend look here, or I may steal them”, then she talked a bit more than busted out a HUGE machete and swung it through the air as if she was blazing a trail on some deserted island. Then to top it off, she said that at her real job …she “harvested” organs.  Which meant if you have the “organ Donor” insignia on your license, she was the person that took the goodies out of you and could do it in less than 20 minutes.  She’s probably a shoe-in for one of the contestants on an upcoming show. 

Now for the Chuck Norris Shot-Photo Courtesy of streetzblog correspondent Erik Knox-Shot Ingredients and Directions courtesy of Nefi Martinez.

Now back to the title of the blog, when I was at the try-outs, my co-worker-Nefi who hits the clubs at least 2-3 times a week told me about this crazy shot called the ‘Chuck Norris’. It was so insane, I figured if you haven’t heard of it, now’s the time to get the 411.   As you will see, I suspect it’s something you would probably only do once or twice a year, sounds pretty frickin’ brutal to me!

Ingredients and Instructions for the “Chuck Norris” as described by Nefi in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 16, 2012.

Ingredients:  Coarse Sea Salt similar to what you would put around a Margarita Glass, a Credit Card,  2 x fresh cool juicy lime slices, 2 shot glasses filled to the brim with Ice Cold Patron Silver Tequila, and a Hot waitress. 

Instructions:  (Here goes, it’s probably not what you think!)

  1. Pour the Coarse Sea Salt on the table, take credit card and form the salt into a straight line about an 1/8th of an inch think and 3 inches long.

  2. Inhale the salt through your nose-shake face or scream; whatever happens-happens at this point.

  3. Take the two fresh, cool, succulent lime slices and squeeze lime #1 into eye number one then take lime #2 and squeeze into eye number two.  Squint, cry or whatever at this point.

  4. Slam down shot number one, then shot number two of the ice-cold Patron Silver Tequila.  Whew-Finally the drink and guess what? the torture..I mean the Chuck Norris experience isn’t done yet!

  5. Get slapped in the face by the HOT waitress. Yep, not Joking. 

  6. Hope your hangover isn’t as bad as this drinking experience. At least you didn’t get kicked in the head!


DisclaimerStreetzblog doesn’t encourage this behavior and for sure we will not be held responsible if it hurts, stings, burns or gets you messed up.  It’s just something crazy that we heard on the streetz and think it’s worth writing about.


Let us know if you’ve ever heard of this? Done it?  Or have another fun celebrity drink recipe for our readers? 

Or if you try it after you read this, LMK how it went?  Have a nice week. Happy Father’s Day!



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