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Jacquemus Goes Hawaii Stylee

Interesting how such a big brand ended up on the island of Oahu. I saw on their IG that they would be here one day before the runway show. Next I knew, they were here and did their show. Amazing how they can get the photos so crisp and clean. Suspect they used real cameras and not iPhones. It does show you what is possible.

Celebs in attendance and on Island in March 2022: Sza, Nicole Scherzinger, Jhene Aiko, Bretman Rock and Blackpink’s Jennie. Strange I haven’t seen anyone around town this week. Maybe they are staying on the North Shore?

Not gonna do Highlights and Lowlights for this show, will just show you the pix from the Show: Hopefully it will add some warmth and color to your world today.

See you on the Streetz…blog!

Goodwill Goes Glam

LEGACY with Anne Namba

Goodwill Goes Glam 2019

Goodwill Goes Glam is one of my favorite times of the year.  Fashion show then shopping for deals.  This year we celebrated 30 years of Island Fashion with Anne Namba.  Then it was on to the shopping.  Saw some people pick up some nice Louis this year.  I didnt quite do as well as usual.  Although I did score an autographed Miami Hurricane jersey. Which I will most likely give to a friend who digs that team.

The pictures for 2019 are more artsy than actual Fashion photography. Was testing out some new lenses and filters.  I started with 300 and whittled them down to about 100.  It’s kind of like watching a video with pictures.  Hope you enjoy it and that you can feel the vibe of the show.  You can see a couple of  past years of Goodwill goes Glam 2017 HERE and 2018 HERE

This marks the 8th year of this annual event. Have a great day or night and see you on the Streetz…blog!

The Dancers kicked off the show with a Bang!

Some Selfies to get the crowd excited and enthused for the Runway Show

Anne Namba celebrating 30 Years of Island Fashion.  Goodwill celebrates 60 years of serving Hawaii

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All  shots this year were taken with the Canon Rebel T7i Camera EOS 800D by the Streetzblog team

And the show continues with more fun filled models and exquisite clothing

Almost Time to SHOP!

Let’s Shop!! First the Shoes, second is the hand bags, next up Aloha Shirts, and  finish at the Sports team area

And the hectic scene with lots of action from the Check-Out Area

Until next year, See you on the Streetz…blog!


Yohji Yamamoto Sassy In Paris S/S 2018

SASSY-Definition:  Possessing the attitude of someone endowed with ungodly amount of Cool

The video below is the Yohji Yamamoto men’s 2018 spring/summer runway show in Paris on June 22, 2017.  Once again,  Double Y delivers the goods. Exquisite flow of the tops & bottoms, the appropriate amount of the color black, clothes so comfy looking you may sleep in them,  & loose, flowing draped perfectly silhouettes.

Listed below are the Highlights & Lowlights along with the video of the Runway Show. Enjoy!


  • The Duo layer on the bottom of the pants
  • Super comfortable
  • The crisp, clean lines on the straight legged black pants
  • Writing on the right side of the jackets to match the left side of the pants
  • Baggy, cropped, yet nicely tailored and very comfy black bottoms
  • Deconstructed, Reconstructed suit jackets. Some with splotches of paint
  • Silver Zippers, oversized Silver chains, and more sweet silver acruements
  • Fluid, flow, & fun


  • The music is a big off. The Clothes really don’t even need music, they are so good,  but they would really sing better with some Loungy-Techno-House.
  • The Blues, the off whites and the reds.

Next post will be the finished product of the Mercer Cred Double Cargo Pocket Pants made by Streetzblog for the Fall 2017 collection. See you on the Streetz!

Hood By Air takes Flight

HBA Spring 2015 New York Runway Show

Hood By Air or HBA for short is a New York City Based Street-Wear Brand that is Big on slapping their HBA inititals and Hood By Air name on many of their pieces. In 2014, wearing a Nice large block lettered HBA shirt, moon boot or pants is a lot like wearing a classic logo’d DKNY sweatshirt back in 1994.

Let’s take a look-see at the Spring 2015 Men’s and Women’s Hood By Air Collection.


Grey Hi-Top Kicks:  These are worn throughout the show. Untied, Tied, pants tucked and untucked. From the Runway show these look like a winner. Subtle grey, yet a bit oversized and just enough embellishment to pop.

Military Jacket: The model with the crutches rocks an extremely nice military style jacket in a perfectly layered look.

1990’s High School Chic:  I really dig the style on the female model that has the slouchy black long sleeve shirt with the ripped, worn and torn white jeans. The two pieces are quite different, yet work very nicely together.

Accessories:  Check out the dog/human collars on the models. Slightly creepy, yet adds a 3rd or 4th dimension to the show. But don’t think too far into it, then it’s not as fun! And check out the locks and chains. I saw Madonna Rockin’ the Moschino brand lock and chain the other day and I tried it out about six weeks ago. It’s a fun trend, but man oh man, the chains can get heavy come 2:00 a.m. See picture below of  Madonna and her Moschino necklace as seen on Jeremy Scott’s Instagram. And me in my silver and gold custom-made necklaces worn with a Streetzblog x Romeo Valentine How to Make it in New York collab shirt from a few years ago.

Added Flavor:  When the crowd disperses at the end of the show, did you notice the HBA logo’s on many of the attendees. A nice touch, yet an expected flavor from a brand that knows how to get their Hood By Air out.


Tan/Khaki Kicks: Ugh, the ultimate worst color for sneakers ever. Might be ok for a desert boot, but not cool for sneakers. I wouldn’t even want a free pair of the Khaki Yeezy’s.  Just not a good color for kicks.

The Music:  A bit too slow for this show. And slightly eerie and creepy, which is ok, I just would have wanted it to be more up-beat. Try and watch the same runway show with one of these 3 tunes, see and feel the vibe change instantly and completely. The clothes even become more vibrant, powerful and splendid to wear! Music courtesy: Aesthetic Perfection-The New Black, Krystal System-I love my Chains and Youth Code-What is the Answer.

See you on the streetz of the Hawaii Fashion Month. Hopefully, if I finish work on time, I’ll be at the grand opening of the new Jimmy Choo in Waikiki on Thursday evening. And of course, I’ll be at the Alexander Wang x H&M launch either on-line, in-store or both.  Have a nice Weekend.


Shiny Happy People in Desigual

Bright Lights, Big Color

The Desigual #NYFW S/S Women’s Runway Show

New York Fashion Week is in full swing. Streetzblog is so on it to be there next September. For September 2014, we have the nice people at TRESemme and Mercedes-Benz to thank for the videos of some of the shows. Today we visit the ultra colorful world of the Spanish brand Desigual.


  • Color:  Spring and Summer is when the flowers bloom, the weather gets warmer and vivid colors return from the slushy sidewalks and the grey sky. This show puts you directly into Spring and Summer with the use of Bright Orange, Rockin’ Red, Lemon Yellow and Perfect Lawn Green. If you’re craving the flavor of  Spring and Summer this is the show to watch and the clothes to wear.
  • Black and White:  Even with all the great colors, Desigual was able to slip in a couple of very nice black and white pieces that fit well on the models and fit well within the show. Black and White goes so well together,who cares iit’s Spring and Summer. It works for me. And it didn’t hurt that Adriana Lima wore one of the B&W Mini dresses.
  • Happy:  Fabulous happy smiling models. It’s so awesome to see all these smiling faces on the runway with no uppity hipster attitude at all. Another great touch of happiness that Spring and Summer bring after a cold, dreary Winter.
  • Adriana Lima:  She’s the one with the biggest smile, the air kisses and charisma that makes her such a big time super model.  She gives the clothes that extra oomph of delight and happiness. Even though she’s on the computer screen, it’s hard not to smile back at her when she does the hair toss, smile wink.
  • Music: Just l like the clothes and the vibe of the models, the music is upbeat and fun. And tune #2 is very catchy, one of these fashion week tunes I look for then buy on iTunes.  I shazamed it and the song is Alexandr K & Gembird’s Back Home (Original Mix).
  • Hair:  Nice blend of traditional brunettes, blacks and browns with a tad of the ultra trendy IN look of the moment in hair, the muted fluorescents in various colors. Did I tell you I saw a business lady in Downtown Honolulu Rockin’ the light purple a couple weeks ago? Yep.
  • Shoes: More great colors including bright Yellows, Aquas, Pinks, Oranges and Greens. Now I really know the 90’s are making a big come back. I had a pair of shoes the same color of green back in 1996.

Shazam at


  • The Ending: All in all a very well done show. Only lowlight i could find is at the end the models throw out flowers at the front of the stage. And each time they turn around to go back, they almost bump into each other. For such a happy show overall, this portion gave me a bit of anxiety.  I kept holding my breath so hoping no one crashed into each other causing chaos in such  a happy place.

Grey is the new Black

Thom Browne Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 Fashion Show

Like two shows in one. First half is various shades of grey. Second half is the Court Jester Balloon jacket and pants show. Enjoy!


  • Grey:  There is still time before Fall/Winter 2014-15 to get your grey on. This show validates a theme we’ve been talking about on Streetzblog for a while now. Grey or shall we say Gray? is the BIG color for Fall/Winter 2014-15. Here we see many different shades, various materials and even a grey plaid fish shown to us all many times throughout the show.
  • Textile Mix Tape:  OnTrend with the mixture of different types of plaids, shades of grey and other types of materials all in one look. It maybe an ode to the Eco Friendly Fashion Future of re-purposing clothes or just looks very hobo-chic Ala Mode of the moment. Either way, it’s way Dope!
  • Built in BackPacks:  Ok, so this is taking the Back-Pack to another level. First they look like the back packs blend into the jackets. Then it seems that they are actually built right into the jackets. Either way, very cool. Nice subtle eye-catching detail. Hey-you wouldn’t lose or forget to bring your gear with you when it’s always with you built into your jacket. Nice for the multi tasking always on the move 21st century man.
  • Setting:  The Magical Forest? Alice in Wonderland? An ode to the upcoming Grey, Gray World? Interesting, the fish and other animals are quite fun to see. Not sure about the animal hats and head dressings on the models. It does give the runway a bit more of a theatrical presence, just a bit scary.
  • Shoes: Grey with black soles. Time for a change from the Black Kicks with White soles. Just when I thought I didn’t need another pair of shoes and these are getting ready to come out.  I would like to try a comfortable high top with a cushy black crepe sole. My feet still hurt and I really do need to find something that is comfortable. Thom sure isn’t being understated about the Grey trend. It’s seen everywhere from Jackets to Trousers, Fish to Shoes. Grey will be the new black for Fall/Winter 2014-15.
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