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“Toy Boy”-2012-Hip, Hype n’ Happening Edition

Hooks up to your iPhone!!

Hooks up to your iPhone!!

Still Shopping for the Holidays?  Here’s some HOT Shots

  1. The Lazer Blaster:  Check this sucker out!  It actually attaches to your iPhone and transforms it into a full on Lazer gun.  Get the free App, slide the tricked out orange and black attachment on to your phone and you’re good to go! You can shoot up to 250 away and play with up to 24 people.  Available at for a mere $39.99.  Sure would be fun to have a bunch of these around work on a Friday
  2. Eau De Pizza Hut:  Want to be with the “IN” crowd this Holiday season. Get your hands on this limited Edition Pizza Hut parfum.  It’s very limited edition which makes it so sought after.  Supposedly smells like fresh dough.Hard to find, makes it wanted by many. Kind of like the Burger King cologne that Ricky’s sold out of a few years ago. Although this scent is pretty easy to imitate, just get some of that gooey dough in the tube  from Pillsbury, rub it on your neck and arms and you should be pretty good to go and smelling like something “Limited Edition”  Or like you just cooked a bunch of pizzas.  I think I’ll pass on this one.
  3. Rick Owens Sneakers:  Big, Black, Bold and pretty pricey. But if you want to make a real Kickin’ statement, bust out the credit card and get yourself a pair of these for just: $1,210

Rick Owens $1210 Sneakers Revone

  1. Jennifer Lawrence:  Well, she isn’t for sale or anything and I usually do a special blog on celebs in Hawaii, but with lack of time during the Holidays and lack of internet service at my house for the last two weeks. Here she is live and in person on Oahu.  Sal Masakala from ESPN said on the Surfers Poll Awards that she was staying over at Turtle Bay last week.  He joked that he was trying to time his trips to the lobby so that he could check her out.  Supposedly She was there along with many of the cast from the upcoming “Catching Fire” the second book and second movie from the Hunger Games. Here’s a  few pretty awesome pictures of her on Oahu in November 2012:


Jennifer Lawrence Already on "Fire" in Hawaii!! November 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Already on “Fire” in Hawaii!! November 2012

Getting ready for Battle!

Getting ready for Battle!


Kicks and Camo in the Streetz of Paris

Paris Streetz-photo courtesy of

My mom always used to tell me “Don’t wear striped shirts with Plaid Pants” I wonder what she’d think of Funky Camo and Multi Colored Brogues?  I personally like this look, the pants look pretty comfortable too.  I’d just get the Hi-Top Version of the colorful Brogues and change the laces to bright white and I’d be good to go.  Just couldn’t really pull it off out here in Hawaii.  Paris-Yes, NYC-Probably, Chi-Town-I’m not sure, Mississippi-Hell No.

Rick Owens Hi-Tops in the Paris Streetz-Photo courtesy of

OMG! Look what we have here-those ultra expensive Yet still on my Hit list Rick Owens Black and White Hi-Top Kicks that I wrote about back in July.  And they are on a real person in Paris! Way to go with the skinny pants tucked in to show off the Kush Kicks!  I bet those shoes are comfortable-they just look comfy! And Looks like he has a pretty fashionable lady with him too!  The Rick Owens Kicks are still looking good six months since I first laid eyes on them-I Wonder if they ever go on sale? or if Rick Owens has a Credit Card I can apply for?  I’m on a mission to pay off my Barney’s card that I bought my Grenson Black Brogues with crepe white soles with, until then, I’m not even going to look at the Barneys DOT COM site.  But if anyone gets these, I bet they do.

Thanks to Highsnobiety for the Fresh picks from Fashion Week in Paris.  According to their site, these two shots are from Mid January 2012 somewhere near the actual Rick Owens Fashion Show.   Before I retire from, I am going to Tokyo and Paris and if I get to those two places, next stop is MILAN!  Have a nice Sunday! Go Giants!

Nice $hoes!!

Nice picture-Expensive Kicks

I saw this picture today on hypebeast in their streetsnaps section. I was like Wow! that’s a perfect shot of shoes! black with a classy zipper, crisp clean white laces, perfectly scrunched skinny Khaki’s and a nice reflective shadow. So, I went on-line to find out what they were..come to find out the picture better look nice, these kicks are going for $1,025 on sale now for a mere $718USD at SSense.  I guess that’s why they caught my eye, they are crippling expensive kicks.  They are still nice especially with the crisp white laces and the perfectly scrunched khakis.  If you want a pair for real and have the  dough, check out Rick Owens Classic High Tops. Hey-maybe they cost so much because they are made in Italy.  First I’ve ever seen of this brand.
See you Thursday night at Lotus in Chi-Na-Town, Hawaii.  Gary O, Nocturna and Sniper Wells Dj’ing from 9P-2A.  80’s, 90’s, now, Punk, Post Punk, Industrial, Cyber-Goth, and more!  OH … and I’ll be Rockin’ my $150 Metallic Pewter Docs-which I thought were pretty expensive shoes!
Tonight's Shoes-Metallic Docs from Melrose Street in L.A Side View

Tonight's Shoes-Metallic Docs from Melrose Street in L.A Front and Side view


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