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The Guys with the Pearl Necklace

TrendCity or NotReally?

The latest trend in Men’s Jewelry is the Pearl necklace rocked by both Mega-Man of the Moment Pharrell and the longest standing Main Man of Hip-Hop Jay-Z. What do you think of this trend?  Rock or Not?

I like pearls, especially the black opalescent Tahitian Pearls and some of the other pearls that change with the light. They are really dope when the light hits them and they completely change color. I say R-O-C-K.

Check out Jay-Z’s kicks, they look to me to be the He Got Game Kicks that Jesus Shuttlesworth/Ray Allen wore and were the most spotted Retro Jordan’s in NYC by Streetzblog in December 2013. I may need to get a pair of those. They keep popping up and being seen by me way too much.

Well, this is a hard one to admit, but I rocked some Pearls 17 years ago.  I wore them to a family dinner in the suburbs of Chicago. I thought they looked real solid and something a Rock Star would wear. They were a strand of Greyish Black Pearls with a nice Silver chain. I seriously thought they looked very stylish. But, man I got teased right and left that night. I doubt I can find them now, but I did really have a nice lookin’ Pearl necklace. I think I nabbed it from my sister..LOL.

And if it means anything, I’ve been wearing a small dark pearl earring and an opalescent Pearl earring in by left ear since November 2013. My Diamond is still in my right ear. I’d like to take credit for the new trend or no trend. But, let’s give the props to Pharrell and Jay-Z.

This is not a commercial, but if you would like to get some Pearl earings  or a necklace, Check out Na Hoku Jewelry at Ala Moana Center and make sure you ask for my favorite friendly store Sales Associate, SallyAnne. I always get my charms for my mom from her and I bought my two Pearl earrings from her too. It’s not nearly as fun as seeing her in person, but you can check them out on-line if you live outside of Oahu.

What do you think of the Pearls on guys Look?  LMK.  See you this weekend at the Harlem Globetrotters, University of Hawaii, and of course..either at the new H&M in Waikiki or Ala Moana Shopping Center.

*This trend was spotted and tipped off to me by my friend Rolanda.

POP Rocks!

What’s Hot for Pop Father’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day is all about making sure that you send or deliver Flowers and maybe eat a bit of brunch and a phone call or two. Father’s day in my household is all about our annual tradition of  Breakfast at IHOP on Kuhio Ave in Waikiki, some presents for my dad and either getting some new kicks or wearing a pair that were just on ICE. Not sure what yo do for Father’s day, but to make it rock, You can’t go wrong with brand new Kicks to give  your father, grandfather, cousin, Neighbor or son.

Jordan 5's -

1.  Streetzblog Recommended Kicks for June 2013:  Any of the newer Lebron’s are a great choice-Super high-tech and the colors are pretty crazy perfect for dads all over the world.  And you can’t go wrong with Retro Jordan’s-this Sunday some nice black/grape 5’s are coming out.  Places to find these Hot Kicks for dad include, Premium Laces NYC,  FlightClubNYC, Eastbay and Mental Kicks.  Or if you’re a gambling kid, take your chances on finding some of these at your local Footlocker, Footaction or Champs.

Jordan 5 n the Black/Grape/Aqua colorway:  This is my favorite pair set to release this Saturday June 15, 2013. Eastbay might be a good place to get them at cost. I tend to like black in most my weekend clothes and especially as the main color of my kicks and I really dig the icey blue soles on these. TIP: If you put a pair of Dr. Scholl’s “Back” or “Knee” insoles in the Jordan 5’s they are great to play in and usually don’t even hurt my feet!

Next up are any of these various colorways of the Lebron 10’s.  They are a little pricey, but they are top of the line in technology and come in so many colors you’re bound to find your dads fav.


Lebron X Picture courtesy of

Lebron X -

Lebron X Knicks Colorway. PIcture courtesy of

Lebron X

Lebron X-picture courtesy of

Lebron X

Lebron X MVP-picture courtesy of

Lebron X

Lebron-X-My favorite.  Picture courtesy of

And any Jordan Retro 1-20. Especially hot are the 1-5’s, 11’s and 13’s.  Have a Great Week!  Cheers and Aloha!And as an added bonus, here’s the Adidias Real Deal “Knicks” Kicks that Iman Shumpert will be sporting during the 2013-14 season.  Not yet available to the public, unless  you know somebody.

Adidas Real Deal “Knicks” Kicks. Photo courtesy of official

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