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Giants win Superbowl-Madonna wins Half-Time-February 5, 2012

Today’s game was great, super close and my team Won. I grew up in Chicago and the Bears are my favorite team, but with them not there, my second favorite team is the Giants-mostly because they are from NYC (and Yeah, I know they Play in New Jersey). The commercials were ok this year, I pretty much liked the Ferris Bueller/Mathew Broderick CRV? commercial, secondly I liked hearing the Cult Song “She Sells Sanctuary” being rapped upon during a bud fest commercial. But really, the best part was actually the football game and the half-time show.

Usually, I would go to sleep by now and write this in the morning, but I want to write in Sunday night before I might get brainwashed by other people’s opinions and the weird yet undeserved dissing on Madonna I’ve been reading this week on twitter.  She really doesn’t deserve it, Hey I’ll admit it, I’ve always liked Madonna ever since the Borderline and Lucky Star Days. So here goes the report on the show:

Personally, I think She put on a Fabulous Show, with lots of time, effort and preparedness put into it. The Beginning costumes era “the movie-300” were completely over the top extravagant. Then, Then, Then .. pretty much the main reason I wanted to write tonight is the next dancers all came out wearing my Raf Simmons Dr Martins!! As you know, I got mine last February on Melrose St. when I went to see the Prodigy in L.A and I wear them to 80% opf my DJ gigs. Oh-that was so awesome to see them wearing my 3rd favorite pair of shoes I own! YAH!

Raf Simmons Doc Martins!!!

I dont know how long the video at the top of the page will last, but for now it’s showing up in high quality HD with nice sound. You can check it out while it lasts. Just in case I’ll do a quick run down on the rest of the show, along with some pix from Getty’s, AP and NBC/E!.

Madonna Started off with Vogue, with a super extravagant set, with even more outrageous designs on the field. The Dancing was off the HOOK!

PIcture of Voge Multi Media on he field

Then She went into “Music”-you know the video with Ali G Big Pimpin’ in his bright Golden  Track suit.  And it was somewhere in here that the guy with the fro and the white Robe danced on a rope flying through the air. I really dont know how he still has Balls?  LOL The pains of putting on a BIG SHOW! I guess Go Big or Go Home… He sure did a good job though. BUT OUCH!

Robe on a Rope Going Up, Down and Off the Shizzy!

Then Surprise guests LMFAO showed up to do a quick rendition of Party Rock and If you’re Sexy and You know it.  I think that Madonna was going off extremely well by herself and to add them wasnt good or bad,  but since Party Rock was the Biggest song of the Summer-it really couldnt hurt and I sure bet the live crowd loved it. After LMFAO, some cheerleaders including Nicky Manaj and MIA came out to dance and sing to Mad’s new Tune ” Give Me all your Lovin” Or as I was calling it on the half-time show-YOU LUV MADDONA- it was a bit of a cheer then the real song, which has possibilities, especially if she gives it to AfroJack to mix up a bit.

The Boy Toy's Still got it Rockin'

I didn’t notice it but sources at E! have said that M.I.A gave the middle finger, not sure why she thought she needed to do this, the show was really quite good and didn’t even need controversy to get more post hype on it. So that’s all on that silliness.

Next up, the drummers came out and Expressed themselves with a very quick excerpt from the same song and showed us all Cee Lo Green, who went on to do a great “Like a Prayer”  everyone was dressed pretty dark and goth which was pretty awesome and the twinkling silver lights in the stadium were awesome.

"Ah-I think I just prooved it-I AM THE one and only QUEEN of POP"

Then Madonna and Ceelo Went up into the air. And the last thing I remember was Madonna disappearing into the stage in a blaze of explosions and smoke and we saw “World Peace on the Field”  Here’s one more picture, just in case the video becomes “a no go” in a day or two” i sure tried to take the most legal version-it even has a short commercial for Jay Leno on it. so, lets hope it stays for a while. Hope your Monday is a good one. I know at my job, people are typically in one of the worst moods of the year the day after Superbowl.  I think the Monday after Superbowl should be an official holiday, so I dont have to deal with all the hangovers and bad moods. Ah-I could just think ahead and take a vacation day. 2012 is supposed to be my year of ACTION-oh well at least I remembered, next year I’ll go for the action and take a Vay-Cay Day.

It doesn't get much cooler than this pic!

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