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PRADA-Pre Fall/Winter 2018-19

Newest of the New-Number One

Menswear 2018-19.

When I was in NY in Dec 2017, they had a book for sale for $275 that told the Men’s Trend’s for 2019. It was quite pricey, yet a bit tempting to see what colors and trends are in-upcoming.

Instead of buying the book, In Jan and Feb 2018, Steetzblog will post some Runway shows and what we see at the early shows. Today, we have Prada-Pre Fall 2018 + Fall Winter 2018-19.

Check the Vid below and here’s a quick, insta re cap of some of what’s in store for us for 2019:

Black, Continued trend of Flo-Yellow, Blues in various shades, knee length shorts. Classic Prada Red and White on Black, Lots of Bags n Tags. Slate Grey, Whites, Women in Men’s wear, gender fluidity.


Hats, More bags n Tags, Decent hi-tops, some tan, some more Fluorescent. Fluid, Comfy Cuts.

Overall, Nice show, some of my favorite colors, music worked, clothes fit the classic Prada vibe perfectly. Didn’t push the envelope to much, but didn’t need to, very wearable clothes and Kicks!  

What’s HOT-Memorial Day Monday-2013

The Makiki Heat Hot List-Memorial Day Monday

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

Streetzblog “Makiki Heat” Top 8-Memorial Day Monday-2013

1. Kate Moss St. Tropez Tan:  39 Year old Kate Moss is the new star of St. Tropez Self Tanning Products. It seems like Kate Moss has either been 29 or 39 for the last 20 years, never seems to age. She is the Self Tanning products first ever face and BODY for its debut global ad campaign.  I could use some self tanning products. Might protect me better from the real Sun.  Yesterday I played basketball for exactly an hour, got the worst sun poisoning even with lotion on me that I couldn’t go to the beach today. Ugh!   Been using Frozen blue and green gels, ibuprofen and Aspirin since last night.  Finally seems to be working. Might make it to the beach by dusk.

Kate Moss wearing the"Ultimate Tan" - St .Tropez Self Tanning creme and spray-picture courtesy of

Kate Moss wearing the”Ultimate Tan” – St .Tropez Self Tanning creme and spray-picture courtesy of

2.Prada’s Writing Competition:  Budding Blogger and writers check out the Prada Journal’s vision shaping reality writing contest. The Contest runs through June 18th and instead of 1st 2nd and 3rd place categories the company will devise a subset of style categories to choose winners.  I’ll be entering a couple of things later in June, I just need to let the theme simmer a bit more, now my brain can’t quite conceptualize what to write in regards to “What Realities do our eyes give u? And how do these realities get filtered  though lenses?”  Then, I Hope to win a shopping spree at Prada.  The Ala Moana Store sure has nice sunglasses, shoes, Messenger bags, and suits, just a little pricey and for some reason I’ve never been invited to a sale there.

 3.  TCA-3 Siphon-Vacuum Coffeemaker: If you like the taste of Coffee better than the Buzz of Coffee, check out this master brewmaster. It looks pretty cool and sounds like the coffee tastes pretty good, I just don’t think I’d have the patience to wait for it to brew. You can get one of these at Amazon or if you’re in NYC, check out the Blue Bottle’s backroom Siphon Bar to try a tasty treat.  And this machine brings us to Makiki Heat’s Hot List number 4.


4.  Breaking Bad Finale: That funky coffee maker reminded me of Walt and his Chem-Lab in Breaking Bad.  For some reasons I thought the BB Finale was coming in June, but we need to wait until August 11, 2013. This will be the last season, I say this totally sarcastically “I wonder what will Happen?” You know either all of them or most of them will die or go to jail. Even though I like the show,It’s about time! How many years can you continue to make millions of dollars from Ice without getting busted or shot to the morgue.

5. Nails Inc. Feathers:  Get your nails lookin’ fly with these colors that create a feathery effect when applied to your feet or toes.  Available for $9.50 here.

Fly Nails! Picture Courtesy of

6. XOX Betsey Johnson: New Reality TV show on the Style Network.  Features Designer Betsey Johnson and her daughter Lulu as they flow through their daily routines. Whether you’re into clothes, the Fashion Industry or just entertaining TV, this is the show for you.  Betsey Seems to always be having fun, her daughter seems to like Champagne and drama, between the two, there’s lots of good tv to be seen. Betsey seems to give her daughter Lulu a lot of money and Lulu calls her mom a “Disneyland Character”, that didn’t seem all that nice to me, but caught my attention enough to watch the first show.  I saw show number 2 last night and supposedly there are at least 6 shows to go. They eat lots of Italian food and never seem to cook at home, I would like to live with them! YUM!
7. Cafe Sistina: Northern Italian Eatery on the island of Oahu where I live.  In my mind there aren’t very many Italian places where I live, so I just go to the same one all the time. The Food is tasty and they remember me there.  Order  the Veal Picatta w/ lemon and butter without the wine sauce..and substitute the Penne with Angel Hair pasta, don’t forget the delicious cold Antipasta Misto and you’re good to go. I’ll be there tonight.
8. The Beats Pill Wireless Speaker: Great Neon Colors, Surround sound from such a small speaker and no cords! I tried these the other day at work, within seconds I had my iTunes library playing from my iPhone wit ZERO cords. Extremely easy to use Blue Tooth technology. And very nice loud solid sound.  Great for home, the Beach and the B-Ball Courts.  I’ve got the Bright Neon Orange Pills on my “Wish List” for Summer 2013!
Beats Pill-Streetzblog
Here’s one more picture of Kate Moss getting her tan on and a Nice Big Pic of the Beats Neon Orange Portable Wireless Pill Speaker.  Have a Great Week!
Kate Moss Streetzblog

Beats-Pill-Neon Orange-streetzblog

Fashion’s Night Out-Honolulu, Hawaii 2012 –

  1. Fun Night throughout Fashion’s Night Out in Honolulu 2012!

#FNO 2012
I promised you a full report on Thursday September 6, 2012’s Fashion’s Night Out in Honolulu, I didn’t know I would have so much fun it would take me until Sunday to tell you about it. OMG! Here we go, Today’s review of the #FNO streetz will be in thirds: First the Top 7 List with info and pix, a bit of editorial of the event, finishing off with some  more Pictures from the night out. 

1.  Chanel’s Limited Edition Nail Colors 2012:  For three year’s straight, I arrive at Fashion’s Night Out and Head straight to Chanel to purchase their 3 set of the HOT new colors before they sell out.  The first year I did this I bought the really awesome as Khaki Colors-I prefer to call them the Camo Collection and these were my favorites.  The Second year was perfect for my mom, three shades of Blue, her favorite color! This year the 3 colors didn’t do much for me-Plum, Pink and beige.  But since it’s a tradition I bought them and they aren’t for me anyways so hopefully my mom will enjoy the colors by the time Christmas comes around. Oh! And I was also able to purchase a special Limited Edition “Super Golden Vegas” which was only available in Vegas.  So, I bought all of them as Christmas Presents-sorry I sold out their gold! Get this which is totally crazy, my bill for NAIL POLISH was $199.95 including tax..OMG!  but lots of fun, I love being able to nab Limited Editions without having to hit up eBay.  I like this Chanel tradition, just hope next year the 3 main colors are better.  I pretty much thought they would go with a vamp Purple, a bright Purple and maybe a dull green.  That’s the 3 I would have done.


Here’s this year’s Colors from Chanel. Modeled by ARK Marketing Groups-Marilyn Cariaga-Thusday September 6, 2012

2. Michael Kors Kauai Aviators: The Michael Kors Store was for sure the most fun of the night. It was exciting just to be in there and to feel the vibe. Everyone was super nice and friendly and very enthused to be working on FNO. The store was packed too. They had some drinks and some tasty sparkling water in fancy glasses, but they didn’t even need a DJ to make this place rock! The employees and shoppers supplied all the energy needed. As you know, I’m a sucker for limited edition, so YES, I bought the Limited Edition Golden Aviators. I like to call them “RockStar” aviators-the store calls them Kauai and they also LMK that “They are just like Michael’s”.  The store actually had a whole table of offerings specially available for FNO including purses, sunglasses and Ladies T’s. Since The Michael Kors Store was so much fun and I did see them selling a TON of the T’s, that will be number 3 on the Top 10 list. Too bad they don’t do a black version for guys. And BTW: I have my eye on that burnt gold NYC watch they have under lock and key near the register-it was just a bit out of my budget for that night. I think it was $600 or $675. But it has a nice NYC impression on the front and even more detailed art on the backside of NYC. *Michael Kors receives the award for best store of the night! at #Fashion's Night Out at Michael Kors in Honolulu

The Gold one’s on me are the special FNO Aviators. Got em! Good Deal too. Listed at $98-For sale at FNO for $50!

3. Michael Kors Limited Edition Fashion’s Night Out female T’s: These had a bit of an 80’s vibe to them and featured the aviators. I saw one lady buying 4 of them!

4. Prada’s Men’s Levitate Shoes: I wrote about these a few days ago and was on a mission to check them out. They have Brogues in Tobacco and Grey/anthracite, a Chelsea boot in black and the pair I tried on at least 3 times at Fashion’s Night out-the black shoe without laces with a high-end velcro closure. All of which come with the Levitate sole which looks real similar to Some Nike Air Max kicks, yet at a closer look, they for sure have a High End designer vibe and attention to detail on the sole-check out the secret “Prada” written in the back of the brogues pictured below. Also pictured are the Limited Edition Black pair with the Velcro. Jacob who works there told me that 10 minutes after we left the store, they sold the only 2 pairs that they had AND we left at 8:50, the store closed at 9:00!!

Prada Levitate in Tobacco-Fashion's Night Out 2012-Honolulu

Prada-Levitate-2012-Fashion's Night Out Honolulu-

5.  Prosecco: Italian Dry Sparkling Wine similar to Champagne which was available at Prada, Chanel, Uno De 50 and Gucci. Best way to describe it is “It’s crisp, cool, vibrant, tastes and looks expensive, a perfect drink to get someone into more of a purchasing mood”.  Prosecco is Made from Glera/Prosecco grapes from Italy.  It’s Usually served unmixed or as the main ingredient in a Bellini Cocktail, which is a mixture of Prosseco and Peach Puree orginated in Venice. Back in the day, the Bellini actually had a tad of raspberry or cherry juice in it since Peaches were rare to find at the time. Nowadays, it’s almost always made with Peaches-sometimes even using the more expensive white Peach. (*Thank You to wikipedia for much of this information on the Prosecco Drink).

Prosecco Picture courtesy of

It was funny, the Prosecco even followed us to our after FNO dinner at Romano’s macaroni Grill-Who would know they’d have it on the menu? The Picture below is the food not the drink. (Chicken and Spaghetti with Lemon, Butter, Capers, Artichokes, and Mushrooms)

6.The BIG Watch:I spotted this on this fashionably dressed woman at Prada, takes her already pretty exquisite outfit up a notch. I’d say it’s even oversized for oversized. And over at Michael Kors I noticed many women trying on pretty BIG gold and silver watches a little smaller yet almost as big as this one. Nordstrom also had many larger watches for women this season, mostly in gold, rose gold and various colors like this one. I don’t know the brand of it..maybe a Nixon? LMK if you know?

StreetSyles at fashions night out in

7. The “Where’s Waldo” Trend: Remember the 1990’s “Where’s Waldo” books? Where you needed to look through the very intricate scenes to find the guy with the red and white striped shirt? Well, his shirt is now “In-Trend”. I first started noticing people rockin’ the look at this year’s Olympics. I saw them at both the Swimming Events and the Women’s Vollyball matches. Then just last week, the Olympic Gold Winning Women’s Soccer/Football team were wearing the red and white striped tops at their game in upstate NY. I was thinking about writing about the red and white shirts after that game just thinking maybe it was a “sporty” trend, but lo and behold, check out the picture of this girl in a nicely fitting sleek red and white dress, then take a look-see at the next picture with Taylor Swift rockin’ the red and white stripe look at this year’s MTV-VMA’s. By Thanksgiving, I bet you’ll be seeing the malls filled with these striped tops and dresses and by Christmas the mid-west should be wearing the look to High Schools and 20 something bars everywhere.

The where's waldo

Hey! I’m Not Waldo! Go look down the mall for him. #FNO Honolulu 2012

Taylor Swift-Rockin' the Where's Waldo Look-2012-MTV-VMA'

I’m not Waldo either! But I think I saw him up in the cheap seats!

That’s the Top 7, I was trying for the top 10, but ran out of time-at the event, not writing this. That’s where this short editorial comes into play for the organizers:

  1. The event was tons of fun, seemed like the most people I’ve seen in the 3 years I’ve been there. I do suggest that the Mall should stay open until 10p or Midnight.  By the time I got off from work, I made it there by 630 and 9p came way too soon.
  2. It seemed more people knew about the even this year than ever before. But many people didn’t know about the event happening.  One of my good friends was even there at the mall from 830-930 and just went to sears then ate Ramen, he said he saw no fashionista action anywhere. Maybe put some of the budget into hiring bloggers like me to help promote it next year. I’d also go with hip concert type flyers and posters up around town.
  3. Now, I’ve been totally positive all night.  But here is where I have to say something.  The Gift with Purchase!  Come on-spend $300 at the mall and get a few bottles of nail polish?  Everyone knows that the place to get nail polish on FNO is at Chanel.  That’s actually the only brand I buy. I’d much rather receive a Limited Edition shirt with the date and time on it.  And Make them special and collectible over the years.

After this paragraph are a few more pictures from tonight’s Blog which is almost a book-3.5 hours later!! There’s got to be a better way to get pictures from an iPhone on to a Blog.  And I didn’t even get to the pictures on the SD card.  Now, I need a bit of sleep,  I have people to see and places to be go on Sunday morning.  See you on the streetz and of course next year at Fashion’s Night Out 2013.  Upcoming blogs will be on Bobbie Thomas’ top trends for Women, who I saw the next night at AMC and as promised the walterFRENCH featuring Romeo Valentine video with the dope streetzblog mention in it.

Since my favorite colors are Blue and Orange together, here’s a pretty happening dress from Neiman Marcus, This was on the floor that DJ Krazy K was tearing it up with the Big Chicago House Beatz.

Fashions Night Out

I like this next picture of me in the Prada Aviators that match my clothes. It was taken by Marilyn Cariaga from the                 ARK Marketing Group. And the cool thing about it is it has ZERO effects on it, not even instagram, yet it looks pretty tricked out. about all it has is the HDR setting on the iPhone and a great photographer.

photograhphy by ARK-Marketing in

Thank You to Marilyn for hanging out with me at Fashion’s Night Out 2012. Looking pretty fashionable in the Michael Kors RockStar Aviators with the special limited Edition “Super GoldenVegas” Nail Polish from Chanel.

ARK Marketing in

And proof that we were there..

fashions night out

ARK-Marketing Honolulu at fashions night out in Honolulu Hawaii

Does Prada Wear Nike?

New Prada shoes with fancy

Available now at

How bout’ these for a major fashion statement for Fall? I like the two-tone burnt brown/Tobacco colors on the top. Cordovan is such a HOT color, The bottoms look nice and comfy but are a bit debatable, I would need to see them in person. Although, the real question I have is “Does Prada want Nike to notice these for some free publicity?” Because no where do I see that this is a Nike air sole unit, but it sure looks like one. I know that the Cole Haan’s  do have the sanctioned Nike sole and are legit.

Maybe Prada noticed how much publicity the Lebron 10’s got from the $315 price? And figured, hey why don’t we make a sole like there’s and see if the bloggers and newspaper writers talk about us?  *As you can see it’s working. **For additional styles and colors like black and anthracite click here.  There are truly some nice new styles  in the new Prada Levitate’s-they have brogues, a Chelsea Boot, even a nice black shoe with a velcro closure; all with the Air Bubbly Sole Units! Shoes while they last are going for $660.

Speaking of the Lebron 10’s, here’s another blogger/me talking about them on their post, mainly because of the sole, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on the excitement-these kicks made the front page of the WSJ!!

The recent Nike press release was pure bizzareness!! Nike says it will no longer have stores open at Midnight to sell the new releases, but will wait until 8am. You should see all the funny comments all over the web. This Totally makes no sense. The biggest comment I’ve seen numerous times is “Ok, so let’s have them camp out through Midnight until 8am, what good will that do? 8 more hours to hang on the streetz?

And the other bizzareness is Nike asked stores not to post pictures of the new releases. That is totally whack, because all you need to do is go on the internet and the pictures are everywhere, the picture I have below is from some website in Japan. I can’t even give them props because the writing written below the shoes was in Japanese.  But it was easy to find. And if it wasn’t easy to find, I still would have found it!

And last funny thing about this whole new Nike thingy is one commenter said something like this: “Why doesn’t Nike just shut down all the sneaker hype blog sites and then we can all get the shoes we want?” Aaaah Good luck on that sillyness. As long as there are shoes, kicks, sneakers, boots that impress me, I’ll be writing about them and probably wearing them too.  How would you shut down sneaker bloggers?  Too silly.

I’m going to check out the new Prada’s at Fashion’s night out at Ala Moana on Thursday September 6th. If you’re in town or your town has a Fashion’s night out, I recommend it. The first year it was really fun, lots of free champagne, free prizes, great deals, DJ’s and I met a lot of cool people. Last year, I was kinda stressed out from work and didn’t have a good time. But this year, I plan to have fun. See you there!

Upcoming on the streetz of Oahu:   WalterFRENCH is performing at Soho on Oahu this Saturday night-9-1-12.  TopShop/TopMan is coming to Nordstrom on Oahu on September 10, 2012. #britishstyle  I’ve been to this store in NYC and it tends to ROCK!  Medium priced, yet very in the now fashions with quality higher than other “chain” stores.

Topshop coming to Hawaii-Picture courtesy of

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