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Planking, Owling and Chuting…OMG..What’s next?

Since I wrote about planking I’ve been trying to get you some “Planking in Hawaii” Pictures.  It seems harder than I thought.  I find people all over the place planking, but they keep their planks on their iPhones and smartphones, they show them to me and that’s about it. I can’t seem to get them off their phones. But by this time next week, I will have some shots for you, gonna take them myself if I can find even 1 of my 3 digital cameras. Or if my friend loans me their iFlip, I’ll take some this Saturday at the LoveFest at Wet n Wild Hawaii.  In the meantime here’s a Plank from Hawaii that I found on a website filled with hundreds of Planks from around the world.  The site is called and their slogan is “Stiff as a board All around the World”  This is a picture of a Plank Hawaiian Style at the Entrance to a Lava Tube. Pretty recent-It’s from July 4, 2011.

Planking in Hawaii at the entrance to a Lava Tube..July 4, 2011

Today, I asked my friend KC for some planking pix because I know he has some. He said “Nope, planking is out, Owling is in”.  I highly doubt planking is out, especially out here in the 808, it’s really just starting to catch momentum.  I suspect it will stay going at least until Labor Day. Then like all trends all of a sudden you wake up and its over.  Remember Pogs?

But being the interested street trend hunter that I am, I needed to find out what Owling was:  It was easy to find, Hillary Duff Did it earlier today and it made it to the E!online website as you can see below:

Hilary Duff Does the Owl:

Hilary Duff does the Owl on July 18, 2011

Definition of Owling seems to be: Crouch on anything with your kneesclosetogether with your chest and arms Str8t down.  Trend or Publicity stunt for Hilary?  LMK..seems like publicity stunt and it worked, I just wrote about her.

After seeing Owling, I looked for what else is going on and found this really fun video on Chuting from a girl who seems to also be a planking expert.  Her Owling video can be seen below and from there you can check out her planking video which has many of the hottest planks from around the world on it.

Email me some planks, owls or chutes from Hawaii or anywhere else in the World and I’ll collect and post them up  next week on  Now back to Kicks and Clothes on the street..YEAH!  But before that:  I know I gotta do a plank in the stock room in the back of a Footlocker store-that would be fun and it’s always awesome to be so close to so, so, so many Jordans!!

Hot Trend Alert-Planking hits Hawaii!

My friend over at Power 104.3 – KC told me about planking yesterday, I looked at a couple of pictures on the internet and probably thought the same as you-“Are You Serious?”  But today at Sandy Beach, my same friend KC from the KC and TAKA in the morning show gave me this picture of a hot beach babe planking at Sandy Beach. Wow!  Here in Hawaii they are planking!

Planking on Boogie Boards at Sandy Beach, Oahu, Hawaii


Planking is described by Wikipedia as being:

“An activity, popular in various parts of the world, consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body, and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the Internet is an integral part of the game. Players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play. The location should also be as public as possible, and as many people as possible should be involved

 In regards to planking, it seems fun, I guess I gotta’ try it sometime.  But I do wonder?  Did some Big Celebrity make this whole thing up and is now cracking up at all the people doing it?  Who knows, but who cares, Let’s do some planking-comment below or email me your pix at  and I’ll post em’ on an upcoming blog.  For more pictures and additional information I found a ton of cool stuff on planking, check out or  Have fun planking this Summer!

Justin Beiber plankingMy favorite plank so far!

Remember to email me some planks-Hey this could be a whole new blog!  Maybe I should buy ALOT..OMG..blah..blah..ETC…I really have no more words to describe this HOT Summer Trend! Just  Have fun, Be Safe, Email me some pix..Aloha!

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