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YOU KNOW your a Fashionista or a Fashionister when…

OMG! I sure hope there's a Y-3 Sample Sale nearby in Hawaii

…you see a sign that says Y-3 in the Sam’s club parking lot letting people know what level and area that they jut parked in. And instead of thinking its a parking sign like most people you get real excited from the sign and  walk up close to it thinking “Wow!  Y-3 -Oh Man! I sure hope there’s a sample sale or pop-up store nearby” and seeing this sign in yellow and black, it sure doesn’t help that the Y-3 brand Uses orange and black as their brands colors.  Me being a pretty bad fashionister especially when it comes to kicks and jeans went right up to the sign and took this picture.  And “No” there was no sample sale or pop-up store nearby. Bummer.

Although one of the reasons this sign stood out to me was my good friend Rolanda in NYC was the first to let me know about sample sales years ago and the Y-3 Sale was the first REAL name brand sale That I ever attended.I loved it, real expensive clothes and kicks for extremely great prices and since I wear Large, a 40 suit and either a 9.5 or 10 size shoe, the sample sales work for me perfectly.  Even though I only wear these shoes once a year at Halloween, I just had to buy something at the Y-3 Sample sale, so I bought theses super bright Y-3’s and at the time bright orange was one of my favorite colors so it worked out well

My Y-3 super bright Orange Hi-Top kicks! Yep, They’re Bright but they’re REAL Y-3’s and that is what matters most!

The funny thing about these shoes is the box says they are for basketball-see below-I cant see anyone in this world wearing them to play basketball. they are soft suede Fashionister shoes only made for late night european style dinners and hotel  Costes After hours lounge parties.

Play B-Ball in these? Hell No! These are sweet, expensive, big time designer shoes!

 Note: defines the word:fash·ion·is·ta as:



a very fashionable person, especially one who works in the fashion industry.

And I define Fashionister (Fash-Uh-Nee-Stir) as the male version of the female Fashionista.  For some reason, I couldn’t find Fashionister on Wikipedia, encyclopedia Britannica or even  Hey-Next week, I’ll be in Seattle for my Step Sisters Weddng. I’ll be hitting the streetz with new QR-Code Stickers and scoping out the latest fashion finds for all the fashionistas and fashionisters, street culture vultures, trendhunters, Hot trends peeps etc.  stay tuned for the Seattle Streetz  Leave a comment if you like, LMK your favorite sample sales or tips on what to do at a sale or  email me at or text or call me if you live in Seattle and have some cool places you think I should check out!  AlohaLatersForNow.


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