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“Bling” on the 2012 Olympic Games!

Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman-Check out those smiles! and Aly’s earring! photo courtesy of

Aly Raisman’s Stunning Ruby, Saphire and Diamond Earrings

As you may have seen, Gabrielle Douglas, Alexandra Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross won the first team Women’s gymnastics Gold Medal since 1996. And they did it by winning by an amazing 5.066 points, with the final floor exercise performed by #icebath queen Aly Raisman. Congratulations to the Golden Girls or as the media’s been calling them-“The Fab Five”.

Continuing on streetzblog’s passion for fashion and accessories at this year’s Olympic games tonight we’re going to find some of the Bling being seen around the games.  I bet you’ve noticed Aly’s special earrings! They sure do POP on the TV screen! And from a bit of research and a really nice note from Anny from we at found out where you can get your own pair of these custom gems.  Aly wears customized  round, stud earrings from the award-winning Adamas Fine Jewelry in Newton, Massachusetts.

Veronica Sagherian-Owner of Adamas Fine Jewelry says “Aly’s family has been a client of ours for a while and in support of her accomplishments we wanted to create something that fits her style in the Olympic Games. We hope that this is a piece she will wear forever”. I personally have to agree, I’ve noticed her attractive  earrings since the first night of the competition. I guess my TV is getting a bit old, because I couldn’t quite see all the colors in them.  But Now I know why they look so powerful and exquisite-they  were made to match the U.S.A’s colors with Ruby (Red), Sapphire (Blue) and Diamonds (White-well kind of, I’d rather have diamond studs then opaque white, wouldn’t you?)

Aly’s earrings are ruby, sapphire and diamonds representing the colors of team U.S.A and if you’re in the Massachusetts area, you can get your own customized pair by just stopping by Adamas Fine Jewelry  located on 23 Lincoln St. Newton, MA 02461   *I’ve been looking for a custom diamond earring in the NYC Yankees design as seen in the beginning of HowToMakeItInAmerica Season 2 for a while now, maybe I’ll give them a call and see if they can make some of them-Maybe I’ll add a bit of a black gem with the sparkly diamonds!.

Ryan Lochte’s Grill 2012. Picture courtesy of the

Ryan Lochte’s Custom-Made American flag dental Grillz

Since I had to have my left front tooth pulled a few weeks ago, I’ve been very jealous of people with all their teeth. And one day at the dentist’s office my dentist tipped my off to Ryan’s older diamond grillz and joked about getting me one of those instead of a new tooth.  I told him it would be cool with me, but then I found out the price and said “oh, that’s ok, we can stick to the tooth”.  The picture below is the grill my dentist was referring to, it’s Ryan’s grill from 2009.

Ryan’s 2009 Grill. Photo courtesy of

Well Ryan has a brand new grill just for the 2012 Summer Olympics and it didn’t come cheap either.  The New York Times has heard that it may have been around $25,000!!!  And check this out his grill is all diamonds in the shapes of Stars and Stripes  and it was designed with the help of rapper Paul Wall and Houston Jeweler-Johnny Dang.  I bet Lochte helped with the design too, since the other day I heard he wants to pursue a career as a fashion designer. Which makes sense since he helped to design these bright green custom kicks: (On TV, I noticed that on the bottoms one side says Ryan and the other side says Lochte, so when he walks on his deck, you can see his name spelled out; especially when it rains!)

Ryan’s Bright Green Custom Kicks by Speedo. Picture courtesy of

 Olympic Beach Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh’s Golden necklace

Kerri Walsh’s Gold Knecklace. Picture courtesy of

And the last Olympic fashion piece we’ll look at for tonight is Kerri’s necklace.  I’ve seen her wear it during the last 3 games and I notice that it’s pretty dear to her heart.  She sometimes kisses it for luck? and you can also see her make sure it’s still there by putting it under her shirt for safe keeping.  I don’t know all the details on this golden circle. But in Thursday’s Honolulu Star Advertiser, I noticed Elle Couture Jewellers has dime and nickel sized 18 Karat gold medals for sale. You can purchase them with your initial, peace signs, hearts and crosses all in diamonds.  These “Disc Pendants” designed by Roberto Coin  start at $620 and can be purchased at Elle Couture Jewellers, 909 Kapiolani Blvd. in Hawaii or by calling (808) 591-8080

Golden Roberto Coin Disc Pendants.

Have a great weekend, time for me to turn on the DVR and watch some more 2012 Summer Olympics from London, England. I keep wondering why I didn’t go to these?  London is such a fun place to be even without the fun and games of the Olympic games, fashions, kicks and pageantry.  Oh well, next time. Talk to you soon or see you on the streetz. Saturday I’ll be out at Aloha Stadium and later that day at T-Mobile Kunia, then Clark Hatch and after that Open Space Yoga.  On Sunday..who know’s..maybe the beach or the Basketball court. Or hopefully shopping for gold and diamonds..LOL

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