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Jacquemus Goes Hawaii Stylee

Interesting how such a big brand ended up on the island of Oahu. I saw on their IG that they would be here one day before the runway show. Next I knew, they were here and did their show. Amazing how they can get the photos so crisp and clean. Suspect they used real cameras and not iPhones. It does show you what is possible.

Celebs in attendance and on Island in March 2022: Sza, Nicole Scherzinger, Jhene Aiko, Bretman Rock and Blackpink’s Jennie. Strange I haven’t seen anyone around town this week. Maybe they are staying on the North Shore?

Not gonna do Highlights and Lowlights for this show, will just show you the pix from the Show: Hopefully it will add some warmth and color to your world today.

See you on the Streetz…blog!

The Super Secret Beach

We tend to stay close to the street, checking out new shoes, clothes and trends & taking care of the Street Meat Market Atelier on the Streetz…blog. And forget to show and post some of the color filled fun in the Sun.  Here’s some pix from Kokoloio Beach Park. Saturday 2/6/21 during Super Bowl weekend. I stayed the day, others camped the night. Maybe next time, I’ll be more adventurous and give the tent a try.  Enjoy the scenic waves, colorful water, billowy-sweeping trees, deep-cushy sand and bright blue skies from the North Shore of Oahu. 

See you on the Streetz…blog!

Honolulu as seen by Monocle

Interesting View of the Place I live

Hmm. A slightly British accent commentating on Honolulu, Hawaii..the place I live most of the year. When I lived in Chicago, we would pretty much stay in the same 30 mile radius. So not much has changed living here. I would be considered a Townie. It takes me about 10 minutes to go almost everywhere in my car. A bit less than a 30 mile area.

This Monocle Travel Guide to Honolulu is pretty decent. Other than a bit more in depth view of Downtown-Chinatown and some more beach activity. They did a nice job on the hipster aspects of where I live.

Here’s a quick list of some of the places viewed and the names of the people to ask for when you get to these places:

  • Hawaii Theatre:  John
  • Beach Vollyball: KC
  • Panama Hats: Ryan
  • Blue Note:  Martha or Kristin

The only place, I’ve never been on their list is the Livestock Tavern. Guess I better check it out!

I liked the wording Tropical Modernism that’s a good take on our Sunny Island Paradise. And their tag line is pretty cool.  City’s are Fun, Let’s Explore.  See you on the Streetz!

Car-E-Oke in Hawaii

Car-E-Oke in the 808 State

One of my goals for 2015 is to share more blog posts on the sun, fun and culture of the place I live. It’s a goal I’ve strayed from in favor of World-Wide designer fashion, Luxe-Life kicks and other clothes and sneaker features.

Today, I take you to the center of Hawaii Culture with the first webisode of Car-e-Oke. When I woke up this morning I scanned my Instagram very quickly and saw the word Car-e-Oke. I thought it would be a good name for a singing contest promotion. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized I knew the people responsible for the word and the post. They told me about it and I was like Oh I was gonna nab the name for a Singing Contest. (JK) So, in respect to the Young Hawaii folks, I won’t be stealing the name for a promotion and will share the vid with you on streetzblog.

This is the first webisode of Car-E-Oke featuring musician, Kiwini Vaitai interviewed and driven around town by Kaipo Kapua. Nice concept, Roses and Thorns sounds like an Island hit and don’t miss the surprise about 3/4 of the way through the video. It’s pretty funny. From the Island of Oahu, Here’s the video:

Let us know what you think in the comments section, or write your thoughts below the youtube video. If you would like more information about Young Hawaii, Kiwini Vaitai or Kaipo Kapua, email Email me anytime.  See you on the Streetz of Ohau this week at Eat the Street Friday night, on the radio Saturday night and at the Beach on Sunday. Aloha!

On the Streetz of U.H

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

I took 2 Computer classes over the weekend from 9A-4P on Saturday and Sunday. During the break from Day One’s class I had the opportunity to hit the streetz of the University of Hawaii-Manoa Campus.  Here’ what I saw as  art, Interesting or both.

Makiki Heat-University of Hawaii @ Manoa-6/29/13


The Free Store

This Free Store is located in the Art Building. It’s basically a free thrift shop. Drop Something off or pick something up.  The day I was there, it had a dusty carpet, 2 Books, an old car stereo and what looked like a pretty nice flannel shirt.  I suspect I’ll come back  sometime and donate a few things to give it a bit of an upgrade. I’m on a big time mission to declutter my home and office. The concept of the free store is a good one, it just seems a bit run down and I did step on a bit of glass-yikes!


The Broken Emergency Phone

On the TV news, I’ve heard of a few break ins and a bit of crazy things happening at U.H over the last couple of years, so when I saw the Emergency phone was broken, I figured it needed a picture taken of it. Mainly because I know UH has put a lot of effort into increasing security and this didn’t quite match their efforts. I also took a pic of it because it looks a bit artistic with the Pink Pastel and the Flo-Yellow in front of the green background. It almost looked like it belonged over in the Art Area near the Free Store.

UH Sign-streetzblog

Emergency Overted with the Security Escort Service

So, all is well with the safety efforts. This sign was just 10 feet away from the funky phone. And there were two PAY PHONES next to it. Pay Phones? I haven’t seen a pay phone in years. I’m sure the Pay phones were put there, near the Sign and also in place of the broken emergency phone.


4th of July Tie Dye

This is my favorite find. Something Different, interesting, new and innovative all in one sign. What Fun! Tie Dyeing Just in time for the 4th of July.  And it says Shirts are free, Kinda of wish I had a real student I.D. Sure hope they have Blue and Red Dye!


The P/Parking Machine

Ooops! I totally forgot to take a picture of this. I’ll get it on July 11 during my next computer class. Actually it’s more of a funny story and you can imagine the picture of the Parking machine.  I was walking back to class and bumped into a guy who said “I sure hope I don’t get towed, I couldn’t figure out where to pay for parking”  I was like “Uh, you pay at the green Parking machine” So I walked the man over to the machine and it has a HUGE P on it, the man said to me “See, that’s a P for Phone, it’s not a parking machine, it’s a phone.” Too Funny!

U.H Shoes-streetzblog

And since I’m a shoe guy

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the shoes made by the art students. They were all quite well done and nicely detailed.

On the Streetz in less than 20 minutes at University of Hawaii’s Manoa Campus. Who knew a few minutes of wandering could bring so much fun to the World. (All pictures taken by me with my iPhone4-s, Didn’t trick them out, you can see those at STREETZPIX on Instagram)

Party Rock was a Song that came in number ONE as the song of the Summer a couple of years ago. This year we have another Unanimous Song of the Summer for 2013.  Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky”.  This vid has all the lyrics, It’s a good way to learn the words before your next Bar-B-Que, Bar Hop or Beach Blast.

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