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See 8 or more big Celeb’s in Madonna’s video

Spot the Stars

The video is shot at the Standard Hotel in New York, one of the favs for the fresh, fast, fun, frolicking fashion jet-set. Thus, many celebs showed up to appear in Madonna’s video. It’s another great time to play the “Where’s Waldo?” game and see who you can see in the vid. Madonna and Nicki Minaj are of course easy to notice. And my favorite is Alexander Wang the king of Health-Goth.

Who do you see? Watch and write the many names down. You can also play spot the designer brand names. At the bottom of the video are the celebs I noticed. Anyone I missed? What are the fashion brands? Or who is missing? I think it would be fun to see the OG king of the Club Kids-Michael Alig do a quick appearance. Some other notorious NY oriented people I would like to see are Chloe Sevigney, Hailey Clauson & Karlie Kloss, Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Jacobs, Sienna Miller or the Olsen twins since they just celebrated a super elaborate Birthday party. Let us know in the comments section, who I may have missed or who you think is missing from the Video. And the designer brands you spot. Have a Nice Weekend.

Madonna of course
Alexander Wang
Nicki Minaj
Kanye West
Katy Perry
Chris Rock
Jon Kortajarena

And if you’re wondering who Michael Alig is? or want to see more of the 1990’s Club Kids shenanigans, here’s a fairly new trailer of the latest in Retro 90’s Club Kid movies.

A Younger version of Sex and the City?

The Other 3 Should Have Gone Pink Hair Trend

The Cast of Younger

The Cast of Younger. Photo courtesy of: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP.

The TV show Younger premieres this week on TV Land. When I was in NYC in December, I kept seeing posters that said Coming Soon in March: Younger, I meant to take a picture of the ads, but kept getting distracted by shopping, people watching and eating. And I figured, I’d get back to Hawaii and hear about the show and write about it on Streetzblog. Giving everyone a very advanced notice of the show.

Well, as you can see, I saw nothing of the show way out here in the Pacific until I happened upon Hilary Duff and the man star (Nico Tortorella) with green hair on GMA this morning.  Being half asleep, yet coherent enough, I noticed that they were talking about Younger and how it premieres this Tuesday March 31st on TV Land!

The show looks like fun! It’s from Darren Star the creator of Sex and the City and the clothes are styled by Patricia Field who also did the styling for Sex and the City. So, just for the clothes it should be a HOT show.

Younger stars Broadway actress Sutton Foster (Bunheads/The Angriest Man in Brooklyn) as a 40-year old suddenly single mom who attempts to be 26 so that she can get a hip, cool job in the City.  The show also co-stars Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire), Debi Mazar (Entourage & Goodfellas) Miriam shor (The Good Wife & Bedazzled) and Nico Tortorella (The Following & Scream 4). Here’s the trailer, see what you think of the new show that is bound to get viewers, for the content, the fashion or hopefully BOTH.

So funny, I always mess up and call Sex and the City, Sex in the City. I had to fix it like 4 times for this blog post. And for the record, I thought Madonna looks good-looking like a 26 year old on her Instagram and on the awards show. This show looks perfect for those of us who don’t take an age that we are given and do or wear what we are Supposed to do or wear. And as I always say in my style advice. If you feel good in something and you enjoy wearing it, Wear it…You only live once, Any time and Any age is a perfect time to enjoy your Clothes and Kicks, no matter what age your birth certificate may say you are.

You should have seen my Health-Goth clothes on Saturday. If I can get them off my Go-Pro, I’ll post them on Instagram. Not at all age appropriate, but I felt good and at least I thought I looked good!

Addition to blog-4 hours after writing the original.  You can see the pilot of the show here. Totally legal link on TV Land. I just watched it, very funny especially when her phone goes off in a meeting. The Show reminds me a bit more of How to Make it in America or Entourage than Sex and the City. Was enjoyable and cracked me up a few times. LMK what you think, if you watch it.

All Points Project NYC

Thrill Seeking Photographers in NYC

This Video:

Makes my stomach Drop

Eyes Pop

Gives tips and tricks that Rock

I really need a DSLR camera to Cop

Watch out for  Cops

Parkour practice Spots

Of course, some post production Crops

To bring the world, picturesque Instagram Shots

Did I mention, it makes my stomach…DROP!

I’d like to be able to make my instagram shots pop more like these shots. But whew, just watching this video gives me the chills. If I was there looking down, I doubt I could handle it.  What do you think?

Happy Holidays from Streetzblog

The only thing that comes between me and my Calvin’s is Streetzblog…and maybe Kate Moss.

I usually do a pretty simple Holiday campaign with stickers and shirts.  In 2012 we had the SB logo in the original colors of black and red on white Anvil Shirts.  2013 I upgraded to slate grey American Apparel shirts with Orange and standard Gray colors on the logo.

In a couple of days, the 2014 campaign will unleash to the world. I’ve been seeing a CK Jean revival as of late. Mark Wahlberg is a huge movie star and Kate Moss is still looking hot and doing her thing after many years. So, with the help of Romeo Valentine, we tatted up the two and tweaked their underwear a bit. Be looking for the new stickers on the streetz of NYC this Thursday December 18th-23rd, 2014.  And possibly a shirt or two if I can get all the pieces to the T-Shirt puzzle to fit together in time.

Look to Streetzblog over the next couple weeks. Covering NYC:  December 18-23. And Chicago: December 24-29, 2014. In NYC, we’ll be reporting on the latest Street Style’s, Hottest Holiday Gifts, New Stores, Delicious foods, the Latest Kicks, Uptown, Downtown, and of course Mid Town-cause that’s where I’ll be staying. Chicago, we’ll be checking out some norm-core in the suburbs then hitting the streetz of Belmont.

Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings! and Mele Kalikimaka!  Maybe I’ll see you on the streetz of NY, Chi-Town or back in HI for New Year’s.

While we’re on the CK Tip, let’s check out a couple of pictures from their upcoming Calvin Klein White label Spring Summer 2015 collection. Check out the oversized logo on the undies. Pretty Rockin’ Whatcha’ think?

What’s Hot-NYC Dec 2013

Mid-Town and Up-Town NYC Dec 2013

  1. The Color GOLD:  Whether designers took their tip from the iPhone 5S or not, the color of the Winter Season in Mid Town and Up Town NYC is Gold. Gold metallic kicks, Golden Store windows, Bright Gold Jewelery ala 1980 big chain link necklaces and more!
  2. Brown Boots:  Mostly on the ladies. Just about an inch below the knee. Dark Brown, mid browns and some light brown. All in sleek or subtle brown leather. Many with zippers on the back of the leg.
  3. DC x Skull Candy Kicks: Wouldn’t call this the hottest pick, yet I’d never seen these before and they hit on the Gold trend. Black kicks with DC logo and the Skull Candy Skull logo embossed in Gold.
  4. Funky Sole Shoes:  Bright Blues, Yellows, Greens, even Camo. The sole of the shoe is just as important as the shoe.  I’ve also seen a bunch of Gold and silver Metallic shoes, kicks and pumps.
  5. The SFA Yetty:  These big furry flobs of fur are in the Saks Fifth Avenue Windows. So sweet and cute. You can get a picture of one upstairs. But if you want to buy one, they “say” they are all Sold Out. If I were them I’d get some made quickly. Lots of children and children at heart including us were looking to get one or two or ..
  6. NY Rangers Game:  This was the first time I’d seen a hockey game in Mad Square Garden. It was very exciting. It moves a lot faster than basketball, yet very fun to watch. And this game had extra flurry. The Rangers were losing 3-1 in the last period when they came back to tie it 3-3. then it went into a 5 minute over-time. Was still tied. So they did this Shoo-Out Thing. It was extremely exciting. Just one guy on one goalie. So Awesome and everyone stands and screams, oohs and aaahs. I really dig a good shoot-out as they are called. What fun!
  7. Tags:  I may add to these, for now, here are a few cool tags to tag your Instagram & Tweets if you are coming to NYC for a Holiday. Or if you want to fake it and just try to get famous in the center of the universe.  #NYMADE This is the tag for the Knicks and the Knicks games live at #MSG/Mad Square Garden.  If you’re checking out the Rangers tag your tweet or instagram with #NYR and #NYC and you may end up on the jumbotron. And my favorite so far, TSQselfie-It says on the ad, BE FAMOUS! Take a selfie and tag it with #TSQselfie and it will be posted on the back of an old tricked out multi media magazine stand smack dab in the middle of Times Square.  Also use, #streetzblog #StreetzNYC #StreetzHI #StreetzCHI and I’ll be seeing you on the Streetz. This week in New York City, next week in Chi-Town.

*Note: I did go to Barney’s to see the Jay-Z Collection, that I wrote about a few weeks ago. The windows outside were really fun and the collection was pretty interesting to check out. It was in a special dark black multi media room with sound and videos.  However, the price points on all the items were all above $500. So, a Bit hard to shop. Oh, they did have a $150 bottle of cologne, but as far as clothes and watches, very expensive collection.

Check back later this week as streetzblog goes Downtown, Soho, Noho, Chelsea and other fab places in the Center of the Universe-NYC during the Holidays!

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

streetzblog dot com black logo

A Jay Z State of Barney’s

A New York Holiday-Barney’s 2013

A new York Holiday at Barneys

A New York Holiday Kick Off at Barney’s NYC – November 20, 2013

Barneys is going to be fun this Holiday Season with a Jay Z collab celebrating the vibe of NYC. Barney’s has collaborated with Shawn “Jay Z” Carter for this years Limited Edition Holiday Collection. Last year was the Walt Disney Company’s “Electric Holiday” and the year before was Lady Gaga and “Gaga’s Workshop”.  In my opinion the Electric Holiday was a bit too family and young children oriented.  I did enjoy Gaga’s Workshop-the Windows were very extravagant and the gifts although a bit pricey ($45 for Rock Candy) were well curated and I was able to purchase some nice gifts for friends and family for Christmas.  I also liked the Gaga Shopping bag, it was worth the purchases.

This Year’s Collab looks to be pretty awesome especially for guys.  Most of the offerings are for Men with some items being dual-gender and home pieces for everyone. The Color Scheme is simple yet effective for a NYC vibe; colors are White, Black, Silver and Gold.

The designers include a plethora of famous and in the moment  Hi-Luxe brands Most of which can be seen throughout the year on on Barneys Website. The Big Names are a who’s who of who is HOT in today’s fashion world: Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Montcler,  Proenza Schouler, Balmain, Stutterheim, Hoorsenbuh, Shawn Carter by Hublot, Elder Statesman, T Anthony, Acne, EN Noir, Roc Nation, and Just Don. WOW! That would sure be a fun premiere party to attend!

Some of the pre announced items include: a sleek crisp minimalist back-pack by Balenciaga, an 18 Karat Double Ring from Hoorsenbuh, A Hoodie from Rick Owens and a tailored Jacket from Lanvin. And probably the most extravagant item is a Shawn Carter by Hublot 45 mm watch with Alligator strap, a yellow Gold movement and a “Deployment Buckle” (What is that?) with a cost of $33,900.  A polished black ceramic version is also available at $17,900.

Items will be available November 20 – January 3 at Barney’s Flagship stores in NYC, Chicago, Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Boston. With a few items available at prior to November 20th.  I’ll be at the Barneys Flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC about 3:00 p.m On Wednesday December 18.  I’ll let you know first hand what its like, For sure looking forward to it. (Information and source of most of this information is courtesy of the September 25, 2013 Edition of WWD-Merci Pour Le Tip)

A bit of SHM for your WED

Swedish House Mafia-Farewell Tour-Mad Square Garden & Barclays NYC-2013. with a bit of MSG NYC 2011 thrown in for fun!

I did try to get to this show, but since I was just in NYC in DEC 2012 and I saw SHM at MSG in DEC 2011, I really didn’t try that intensly. And I’m kinda’ trying real hard not to use my credit card for 3 months. Other than “One Pair” of Jordan 1’s, I’ve not used my credit card since December 29, 2012 which is pretty good for me!

SHM is saying this is their last tour, We shall see about that. Being there in person myself in 2011,  I can say they have the best video and light shows I’ve ever seen and this show looks even better than the one I attended. But, when I saw them John Martin was there live to sing this tune. I Don’t see him during this song this past Friday night. BTW: He’s a really cool Chap and dresses with pure European flair mixed with NYC street Swagger. Here’s “Save the World” By SHM from this past Friday night March 1st – 2013 Live at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Next up is SHM with Resurrection/Here We Go into /Antidote Live at Barclays on 3/2 in Brooklyn. This is where I really wanted to go, I’ve never been to this Joint, but as you can see and hear, it’s pretty state of the art. Lights and Soundz even bigger and brighter, louder and crisper. My co-worker from down the hall was here on Sunday night, he hasn’t made it back from NYC yet with the full report, but he did say it was 28% that night. Hope he picked me up a shirt! Hehehe.  Looks like quite a show!

And Yes I know this is the same song as the first, but I couldn’t resist putting up “Save the World” with John Martin Live at MSG Dec 2011, the night I was there. And I thought the lights were awesome that night-check out the difference a year and a couple of months does for a well paid EDM group. One screen in 2011 and 3-5 screens in 2013 with even more clarity, definition and punch. Wow!  Here’s “Save the World” again with John Martin Live at MSG in NYC-Dec 2011.

And since, “Don’t You Worry Child” is their big hit now, Here it is Live at Barclay’s from this past weekend in March 2013.

I like the Graphic Confetti into the real confetti, Sweet! I don’t know if you ever “play pretend to be there” like I do? Here’s how I did it this past weekend:  On Sunday I woke up really early in Hawaii at 7AM, watched the 8AM Knicks vs Heat game LIVE at MSG, took a break, ate, cleaned the house. Then, drank some coffee from my “REAL” paper Greek coffee cup nabbed from some NYC Deli in the 90’s, then cranked up the Swedish House Mafia and pretended I was there. Was close enough for me to have a great day, I didn’t touch my credit cards and I was able to enjoy the 82% weather even though I once again missed the beach. I tell you this Sunday is a Beach Day no matter what! I am there! Have a nice week whether you are here, there or pretending to be here or there. Have a good one!

Giants win Superbowl-Madonna wins Half-Time-February 5, 2012

Today’s game was great, super close and my team Won. I grew up in Chicago and the Bears are my favorite team, but with them not there, my second favorite team is the Giants-mostly because they are from NYC (and Yeah, I know they Play in New Jersey). The commercials were ok this year, I pretty much liked the Ferris Bueller/Mathew Broderick CRV? commercial, secondly I liked hearing the Cult Song “She Sells Sanctuary” being rapped upon during a bud fest commercial. But really, the best part was actually the football game and the half-time show.

Usually, I would go to sleep by now and write this in the morning, but I want to write in Sunday night before I might get brainwashed by other people’s opinions and the weird yet undeserved dissing on Madonna I’ve been reading this week on twitter.  She really doesn’t deserve it, Hey I’ll admit it, I’ve always liked Madonna ever since the Borderline and Lucky Star Days. So here goes the report on the show:

Personally, I think She put on a Fabulous Show, with lots of time, effort and preparedness put into it. The Beginning costumes era “the movie-300” were completely over the top extravagant. Then, Then, Then .. pretty much the main reason I wanted to write tonight is the next dancers all came out wearing my Raf Simmons Dr Martins!! As you know, I got mine last February on Melrose St. when I went to see the Prodigy in L.A and I wear them to 80% opf my DJ gigs. Oh-that was so awesome to see them wearing my 3rd favorite pair of shoes I own! YAH!

Raf Simmons Doc Martins!!!

I dont know how long the video at the top of the page will last, but for now it’s showing up in high quality HD with nice sound. You can check it out while it lasts. Just in case I’ll do a quick run down on the rest of the show, along with some pix from Getty’s, AP and NBC/E!.

Madonna Started off with Vogue, with a super extravagant set, with even more outrageous designs on the field. The Dancing was off the HOOK!

PIcture of Voge Multi Media on he field

Then She went into “Music”-you know the video with Ali G Big Pimpin’ in his bright Golden  Track suit.  And it was somewhere in here that the guy with the fro and the white Robe danced on a rope flying through the air. I really dont know how he still has Balls?  LOL The pains of putting on a BIG SHOW! I guess Go Big or Go Home… He sure did a good job though. BUT OUCH!

Robe on a Rope Going Up, Down and Off the Shizzy!

Then Surprise guests LMFAO showed up to do a quick rendition of Party Rock and If you’re Sexy and You know it.  I think that Madonna was going off extremely well by herself and to add them wasnt good or bad,  but since Party Rock was the Biggest song of the Summer-it really couldnt hurt and I sure bet the live crowd loved it. After LMFAO, some cheerleaders including Nicky Manaj and MIA came out to dance and sing to Mad’s new Tune ” Give Me all your Lovin” Or as I was calling it on the half-time show-YOU LUV MADDONA- it was a bit of a cheer then the real song, which has possibilities, especially if she gives it to AfroJack to mix up a bit.

The Boy Toy's Still got it Rockin'

I didn’t notice it but sources at E! have said that M.I.A gave the middle finger, not sure why she thought she needed to do this, the show was really quite good and didn’t even need controversy to get more post hype on it. So that’s all on that silliness.

Next up, the drummers came out and Expressed themselves with a very quick excerpt from the same song and showed us all Cee Lo Green, who went on to do a great “Like a Prayer”  everyone was dressed pretty dark and goth which was pretty awesome and the twinkling silver lights in the stadium were awesome.

"Ah-I think I just prooved it-I AM THE one and only QUEEN of POP"

Then Madonna and Ceelo Went up into the air. And the last thing I remember was Madonna disappearing into the stage in a blaze of explosions and smoke and we saw “World Peace on the Field”  Here’s one more picture, just in case the video becomes “a no go” in a day or two” i sure tried to take the most legal version-it even has a short commercial for Jay Leno on it. so, lets hope it stays for a while. Hope your Monday is a good one. I know at my job, people are typically in one of the worst moods of the year the day after Superbowl.  I think the Monday after Superbowl should be an official holiday, so I dont have to deal with all the hangovers and bad moods. Ah-I could just think ahead and take a vacation day. 2012 is supposed to be my year of ACTION-oh well at least I remembered, next year I’ll go for the action and take a Vay-Cay Day.

It doesn't get much cooler than this pic!

Now We’re Having Fun at!!!


As some song says:  “A lil’ Bit of this and a Lil’ bit of that” is what we have for you today.

SBSB-Hawaii Five-O Alert:  Today, I received an email asking if I had any tickets to this Saturday’s U.H Women’s Volleyball game from 3 different people, usually I don’t get asked that by 3 people in a week, let alone in one day. So, I asked around and heard a buzz about Hawaii Five-0 and how they would be filming at the game this Saturday.  Seems the Rumours of the day are confirmed.  This is directly from the site:
“The University of Hawaii is asking fans to come to next Saturday’s match against Pepperdine and stick around after to help film an upcoming Hawaii 5-0 episode. The match starts at 7 p.m. and some 5,000 tickets are available. UH is asking fans to wear green “H” logo shirts”.

Sounds like fun, but I don’t have any tickets, I gave them all out last week.  And do 5,000 people really have green shirts with H’s on them, maybe UH, but H?  eh?  I see a promotion here!  If I was a local company in town, I’d print up a ton of green T’s with H’s on the front and put my logo on the back, then tell everyone they can have one if they spend $25 bucks or more at my store this week. (I’d actually sneak my company’s logo somewhere on the front, but that would probably piss off Hawaii Five-0 and I sure wouldn’t want to do that, I still want to get on the show one day!

SBSB-Celeb Alert:  Spotted earlier today in Kalihi at a school.  Arnold “The Terminator” Shwartzenager (sp) and Tia Carrere.  Rumor is he and Tia will also stop by two more schools this week.  They are on a mission to say no to drugs, gangs and getting Drunk and Saying yes to homework, sports and Life. Hmmm.  Note: Tia Was also spotted at the Hawaii Five-0 Premiere this past Saturday at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki. And on the Celeb spotting scene:  Wayne Brady was at the Wanda Sykes show Saturday night at the Blaisdell.

And last but for sure not least SBSB-Shoe Alert: It seems Spike Lee has finally made some Spizikes in a colorway that makes sense and looks really good!  He has finally produced the Knicks Colorway in both Orange and Blue.  And the Blue is set to go on sale to the general public.  I dont know the exact date on the blues, but do hear that they will be available.  I dont know at the moment if the orange colorway will go on sale, but as we can see by this picture they do exist.

Do the Bright Thing!

So far, I’ve resisted getting a pair of Spizikes, mainly because they are usually too expensive at $175 on the racks and usually more on And because I’ve only once seen a colorway I enjoyed. But now, OMG! These are Sweet!  My favorite colors are blue and orange and Yeah, I’m a Bulls Fan, but  living in Hawaii most of the year, I can cheer for whoever I want, thus, I am also a Lakers and Knicks Fan.  And the Knicks are the only team that I see in person every year at least once.  Thus, its ok if I like the Knicks and the Knicks colors.  And hopefully, Carmello will get his swag back this year and the Knicks will actually play well for once in like 10 years or so.  I’ll keep you posted on when these go on sale. With no NBA season solidified right now, it would be a good time for these to come out, so NIKE can make some money-just think how much money they would lose without an NBA season.  I noticed that tickets for Hockey went on sale last week and Hockey and Basketball usually start at about he same time of the year, so “Hey-Where’s the NBA, and why isn’t anyone talking about it”  maybe it’s because I live out in Hawaii, but no one is missing the NBA out here except me right now.  That’s just plain wrong!  They better be playing when I hit NYC in December or I won’t be rockin’ these or any new B-Ball shoes this year!  That will be my protest!  Yeah!

The Blue ones that the internet does say will go on sale.








More detail on the Knicks Colorway courtesy of

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