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Mail Call

Photo by Matthew T Rader on

2021 is the year of the Jordan 1 and any kind of Dunk you can obtain. Cutting through the clutter of everything else are these. The USPS Priority Mail shipping box themed Air Force 1’s. I see this shoe floating in and out of my various social and web feeds and still dont know if it’s a real drop or not. But, it’s a Friday. So on Fun Time Friday for April 9, 2021. Lets have a look-see at these interesting kicks.

I do like the boxes that they are influenced by. You can stuff as much things as you like for one low price.The shoes like the boxes are white red and blue. The back of the show is probably the most interesting, which includes an area to sharpie up the “From” section. I suspect you could put your own name, Jordan would look dope or something even more expletive could get you some compliments or condemnations.

Would be kinda cool if they gave away some of these to Postal workers. Their standard show seems to be the All black New Balance Bland.

Have a Nice Weekend and See you on the Streetz…blog!

H&M x ERDEM & The Cinema of Flowers

H&M x ERDEM Short Film (This Years November H&M Designer Collection Update 10/23/17)

Hmmm.  The master marketers at H&M are tapping into even me with their glorious films and photos.  Dark Grey and Black are my go to colors and the Alexander Wang x H&M was my favorite collection.  Didn’t think I would want anything ERDEM with all the flowers I’ve seen.  But, alas, they put out a pretty rad looking film and I’m thinking of stopping by H&M on November 2nd 2017 to check the goods.

Recently, I was consumed by the fast paced Biker x Raver Alexander Wang x Adidas Collection. Watching the video over and over, checking the IG every few days and next thing you know, I have a pair of Fluorescent Orange Kicks on my feet.  They are super comfortable, but way too bright for me.

Then I watch guys playing street ball in a PSNY Video and Now I have a pair of PSNY x Jordan 15’s, which are quite nice looking, yet nothing I should be buying with a credit card.


Do videos, Film, IG pix get you in the mood to shop?  It sure works on me.

This film is done by Baz Luhrmann- He directed Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby, Strictly Ballroom and created the TV show The Get Down.

The Film’s super models include:  Saskia de Brauw, Imaan Hammam, Grace Hartzel, Fernando Cabral, Neels Visser and Tony Ward. The music is Hypnotized by Years & Years.

See you on the Streetz or Maybe, Perhaps, I suspect at H&M on November 2nd!

Oakland Museum Kicks!

Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

Oakland Museum of California

My sister scored Streetzblog some great pictures from a museum in Cali that featured SNEAKERS! Can you believe it, Sneakers, Kicks, Gym shoes, have made it to the museum and the Oakland Museum of California was PACKED with people checking out the vast selection of foot wear!

The exhibit featured over 140 iconic sneakers from the 19th century to present time 2017. Brands included:  Nike, Adidas, Puma,Reebok & a few extras.  Run DMC and B-Ball Dribbler extraordinaire,  Bobbito Garcia donated some of their cool kicks to add to the excitement.

You can learn more about the exhibit here:   Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture.

Which are your Fav’s. Let us know your thoughts or Fav’s in the comment section.   I personally vote for the White Nike Samples.    Enjoy the pictures that my sister spent 3 hours battling the crowds on a Sunday afternoon just for me to show to you!

See you on the Streetz! I’ll be checking out Adam Sandler this Sunday night. Should be funny!


Public School’s Ready To Wear

Public School Update-June 2016

PSNY x Jordan 1 Low

PSNY x Jordan 1 Low

Public School NY/PSNY hit the runway on Tuesday June 7th with a combined Male/Female Spring 2017 RTW show.  Not only did they show off their new creations, but both Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne wore the upcoming Public School x Air Jordan Low Swooshless kicks.

The Designers in their new PSNY x Jordan 1's

The Designers in their new PSNY x Jordan 1’s

The low-cut sneaks have a high-end pebble leather upper, a white midsole, yellow sole and the color for the Olympics 2016-GOLD in the stitching, outsole and Nike Air Tongue Tag. No matter what they look like, I guarantee you they will sell quickly, most likely on the PSNY website later in 2016.

The Runway show had some nice mixtures of textures and colorings. Utilizing the iconic Black,White and Grey color scheme. Adding in some Forest Green and Beige. And don’t miss the new high-tops coming our way in Spring 2017.

My favorite look is this WNL mesh shirt and groovy slant grooved textured cut up trousers.


Many looks have the WNL – We Need Leaders patches and wording throughout the collection.

And some nice Electric Yellow intermixed with the black, grey, white, beige, green and just a bit of blue. And did you notice the guys in the white jumpsuits with the electric rubber yellow plumbing/dishwashing gloves whacking away at the cinder blocks? Probably some sort of message they’re sending us? Or just having some Public School Fun? Maybe shop class?  What do you think?


See all the looks at here at Vogue. *All Pictures courtesy of Public School and  I missed the show in person, was at sewing school.

Here’s a sneak peak at my latest creation. So Far, I’ve spent 21 hours, surging, pinning,  cutting, inseaming, deseaming, pressing, and sewing.  I hope to show the process and finished piece by June 21st. If you see it on the on the 21st you know they’re done, if not still working on them.  Whew! *One day I will look back at some of these creations and be able to finish them in half the time or better.


See you on the Streetz..this weekend at Waikiki Beach checking out the GIANT waves!

OR x Nike Lab x HEAT!

Heat on the Street!

HyperFocal: 0

Olivier Rousteing x Nike Lab Mercurial 5.0 Flynit-Black/Gold/Metallic Metal Back Zip/Black Pull Tab

Nike Lab teams up with Balmain’s designer of the Celebs; Olivier Rousteing. This collection brings you High End Black and Gold Jackets and Pants for Men and Women. Along with 4 pairs of Football kicks. Including my favorite pair shown above. I like the Simplicity of the Style and the Gold Metallic Back Zip the best!

The whole collection is Black and Gold, Olivier’s favorite colors and the perfect Color-Way for an Olympic year!

I find it pretty amusing that most websites and bloggers are calling the shoes Football inspired. Which, YES, they are in most of the world. But even the U.S sites don’t mention that they are what people in the U.S call Soccer Kicks. I know I got in trouble 1x on YouTube for siting a movie as a Soccer movie. Almost incited an internet riot. So, they’re probably better off calling them Football compared to Soccer.  And The Whole Black and Gold ensemble is entitled the “NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing: Football Nouveau” collection. I just figure, I can take the Heat on the word Soccer. I think some are gonna’ be a little confused.

But in reality, this collection will most likely be worn more at the Club then on the Pitch/Field.

This is some pretty Styling Gear. Even though the hype is only 10 days. I suspect it will fly off the net and out of the NikeLab locations.

On June 2, 2016 you can try your best to cop the Kicks and Gear Here. For now, check out the Vid starring OR himself…Hey-Where’s his A-List posse of beautiful people? Playing Football? Maybe Soccer? Probably taking a nap, getting ready for the next party. Wherever they are, it’s good to see OR in action working and the collection is Pure Fire. 🙂

Who’s in the Shoes?

Who Can You Spot?

It’s really fun to watch this Nike Winner Stays video.  There are many famous Soccer/Football players, plus cameos from a bunch of other Celebrity’s and Sports Stars. Take a Look-See and find out who you can spot.  So Far, I’ve seen Kobe, Rooney and Ronaldo. Fun and entertaining. Who do you see?  Who is missing?  Let me know in the comments section. Kind of like Where’s Waldo for 2014. Have Fun!

I know who I think is missing-David Beckham, but I bet he wears Adidas? Yeah, he’s an Adidas guy. Oh Well.


Being in the flow is definitely something worth Striving for. I know when I’m there. I’m tapped into something that is far beyond my ability-Aleta Pippin

Nike-Air Jordan-13-Retro-White/Black/True Red-Picture courtesy of

Nike-Air Jordan-13-Retro-White/Black/True Red-Picture courtesy of

Just this past Thursday night March 7, 2013, I was flipping thru the TV channels with nothing to watch when I stumbled upon a channel I didn’t know existed and was able to watch Spike Lee’s New York B-ballin’ movie-He Got Game. I haven’t seen that movie since 1998 when it first came out, then maybe again in 2001. I do like the movie, I just forgot all about it in the digital world until this past Thursday.

During the movie, Denzel Washington/Jake Shuttlesworth has a classic game of B-Ball against his much younger and fitter Son-Ray Allen/Jesus Shuttlesworth.  Denzel with major tape on his knees pops a few in and puts on a good show against Jake, mostly I would say “because he’s got the shoes”, he’s wearing a pair of black and white Jordan 13’s.  During the movie and especially during their game of 1 on 1, I was wondering when those kicks were retro’d. Also wondered if they ever came out? I for some reason didn’t recognize the colorway. But because of Denzel’s stellar performance in the game I wanted to get a pair to try out on the courts, to see if I could play like Denzel against the younger players over where I play ball.  (My right knee hurts too!)

But when did they come out? Come to find out from just a click or two on Google, these Kicks release THIS Saturday March 16, 2013 at the Nike Store and Jordan Brand retailers.  ($170) And yes they did come out in November of 1997. But don’t think they’ve ever been retro’d in this colorway.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking “They showed that movie on purpose this past Thursday, because Nike gave the TV Station a few bucks to show the movie with the shoes in it right before they hit the Stores”. Coince-A-Dinky?

Or maybe, I’m just a little paranoid because I’ve been reading forward thought leader William Gibson’s book, “Zero History”.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but a general theme in it is “Marketing Fashions to people thru various underground and unorthodox methods”.  I think that Nike-Air Jordan, utilizing the TV station and the movie He Got Game NABBED  me spot on this week!  I saw the shoes on an OLD movie last week and they are coming out THIS Saturday! “Say What?”

What do you think? An in the Zone Coincidence? Or Buy these kicks underground marketing tactic? Or…

In Case you need some help deciding on your opinion, You can check out the kicks and the game between Jake and Jesus right here:


Interesting Trivia from IMDb on this scene.  In the Original script Jesus was supposed to beat Jake 15-0, but Spike Lee asked the two actors to play as if the game was real. The film’s footage and scoring comes from the actual game played between Denzel Washington and Ray Allen.  Good choice! If Jake lost 15-0, I sure would NOT want to wear those shoes!  I’d want Ray Allen’s kicks, but those aren’t even Jordans, so prob neither.

Chris Paul “Cuts Through L.A”

In honor of the New Jordan CP3 VI Shoe launch, Nike did a stunt in Venice Beach entitled “Cut Through L.A” This is the kind of video where I don’t want to tell you too much about it ahead of time. But being a blog writer, I can’t resist letting you in on a few fun things:

  1. One of my favorite parts is the lady with the NY coffee cup that’s spilling out plastic like coffee
  2. Chris Paul is wearing black, I’d think it would be Navy Blue and red? And check out what the defensive players have on! Yellow-which seems to me to be a bit of a jab on the Lakers?  Hmmm Kobe is a Nike Guy-Kinda’ funny.
  3. Where are the crowds of people watching this being filmed?
  4. The music soundtrack is perfect.
  5. And lastly, why doesn’t Chris Paul slam the ball in the end? Other than that Pretty crazy Vid.

What do you think?

Does Prada Wear Nike?

New Prada shoes with fancy

Available now at

How bout’ these for a major fashion statement for Fall? I like the two-tone burnt brown/Tobacco colors on the top. Cordovan is such a HOT color, The bottoms look nice and comfy but are a bit debatable, I would need to see them in person. Although, the real question I have is “Does Prada want Nike to notice these for some free publicity?” Because no where do I see that this is a Nike air sole unit, but it sure looks like one. I know that the Cole Haan’s  do have the sanctioned Nike sole and are legit.

Maybe Prada noticed how much publicity the Lebron 10’s got from the $315 price? And figured, hey why don’t we make a sole like there’s and see if the bloggers and newspaper writers talk about us?  *As you can see it’s working. **For additional styles and colors like black and anthracite click here.  There are truly some nice new styles  in the new Prada Levitate’s-they have brogues, a Chelsea Boot, even a nice black shoe with a velcro closure; all with the Air Bubbly Sole Units! Shoes while they last are going for $660.

Speaking of the Lebron 10’s, here’s another blogger/me talking about them on their post, mainly because of the sole, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on the excitement-these kicks made the front page of the WSJ!!

The recent Nike press release was pure bizzareness!! Nike says it will no longer have stores open at Midnight to sell the new releases, but will wait until 8am. You should see all the funny comments all over the web. This Totally makes no sense. The biggest comment I’ve seen numerous times is “Ok, so let’s have them camp out through Midnight until 8am, what good will that do? 8 more hours to hang on the streetz?

And the other bizzareness is Nike asked stores not to post pictures of the new releases. That is totally whack, because all you need to do is go on the internet and the pictures are everywhere, the picture I have below is from some website in Japan. I can’t even give them props because the writing written below the shoes was in Japanese.  But it was easy to find. And if it wasn’t easy to find, I still would have found it!

And last funny thing about this whole new Nike thingy is one commenter said something like this: “Why doesn’t Nike just shut down all the sneaker hype blog sites and then we can all get the shoes we want?” Aaaah Good luck on that sillyness. As long as there are shoes, kicks, sneakers, boots that impress me, I’ll be writing about them and probably wearing them too.  How would you shut down sneaker bloggers?  Too silly.

I’m going to check out the new Prada’s at Fashion’s night out at Ala Moana on Thursday September 6th. If you’re in town or your town has a Fashion’s night out, I recommend it. The first year it was really fun, lots of free champagne, free prizes, great deals, DJ’s and I met a lot of cool people. Last year, I was kinda stressed out from work and didn’t have a good time. But this year, I plan to have fun. See you there!

Upcoming on the streetz of Oahu:   WalterFRENCH is performing at Soho on Oahu this Saturday night-9-1-12.  TopShop/TopMan is coming to Nordstrom on Oahu on September 10, 2012. #britishstyle  I’ve been to this store in NYC and it tends to ROCK!  Medium priced, yet very in the now fashions with quality higher than other “chain” stores.

Topshop coming to Hawaii-Picture courtesy of

Olympic Gear I’d Wear

After watching all of those Ill fitting Khaki pants and the numerous versions of white pants in the Opening Ceremony;  I figured I’d look for something that I would wear. And this is what I found-The Nike 21st century Windrunner V Reflective Olympic Jacket, I first saw it on Michael Phelps after he won his silver medal, then again when he won his gold and I last saw it on the Gold winning Female Gymnastics team.  It was here that it started to grow on me and it was here where I saw it do it’s magic.  As the lights in the arena changed, the colors on the jacket also changed from silver to blue to a crazy pink haze that actually glowed!  That’s when I decided I needed one of these HOT Jackets.

So, Just like quick strike Jordans that are hard to find, this turned out to be just as hard to get. I checked the site-even sent them a message that so far has not been returned 27 hours later. I did get that stupid “Oh we got your question request and will get back to you soon message”  Soon!  soon is not 27 going on 28 hours now. Next, I checked the usual suspects like the fanatics site, Olympic gear,,  google etc. And I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere.

The place I did find it at was on the site. It was here that I found the video you can see above and it was here that I learned that it’s a jacket only made for the winners of many of the Summer Olympic Sports.

If I do find a knock-off or a possible sale of this item, I will let you know. For now, the only way to get one is if you know one of the American Olympians who win Gold, Silver or Bronze. Hey BTW did you see the American Women’s team Kicks?  They all had on nice Bright Flourescent green Nikes-they didn’t match the red, white and blue vibe and may have at moments matched the jacket, but the real big deal here is Adidas payed a lot of money to be the shoe sponsor and those bright green shoes sure blew away any Adidas I’ve (not) seen so far in the games or the commercials.  its like that year Red Bull stole the show from Mountain Dew at the Winter X games.  Everytime a snowboarder won-he drank a Red Bull or on occasion a Monster Energy Drink right on camera during the winning interviews.  Didnt see any Mountain Dew sippin’ that year! Just a few banners here and there.

August 1 6:50pm Update on the jackets.  I just noticed that NBCUniversal got back to me on “Where can I buy one of those nice Grey jackets like they wear on the Olympics?” The answer is they dont sell them.  But they suggest that if you would like one, you can hit up their product development department and it may be available for purchase in the near future. Here is the link

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