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Alexander Wang x H&M-Newest information from October 16, 2014

Which Wang Will You Wear?

Today/Thursday October 16, 2014, the full Alexander Wang x H&M collection was shown at a runway show in NYC. You can watch the show here. Seen at the fashion show were Oscar-Nominated Interstellar star, Jessica Chastain, Charlie’s Angels star Justin Theroux, Entourage and American Horror Story’s Kate Mara, and Beyonce’s Sister famous for her elevator ride with Jay Z, Solange Knowles. Musical guests included: Diplo,Jesse Marco, Sharaya J and Missy Elliot.

Below are pictures of many of the women’s pieces all courtesy of Vogue. Check out the very definite  Black, White and Grey color palette. These looks are best described as:

Urban Chic, Sporty Street, Wang Bang Broadway, Health Club to Goth Club, Mad Max Back in Black, Three Shades of Wang or Dark Vader Athletic.

Seems many of the pieces of the collection are unisex. Some of the looks worn by the ladies look like some great men’s looks and vice-versa. I’m still digging the black, white and grey color palette. And now the black reflective tape is looking very tempting too.Yet, I still have my eye on that grey Puffer jacket.

The Puffy or Puffer Jacket in grey. The most sought after piece so far and we just received the pix today.

The Puffer Jacket in grey. One of if not the best piece from the entire collection.

Here are some of the Men’s looks courtesy of whowhatwear.

I doubt I’ll need the rubber pieces, a bit too hot to wear in Hawaii.But many of the other looks are quite wearable here and around the world. I’m hoping there’s some black and grey combat boots for men and I’ve had my eyes on that black leather back pack ($249) since the early pictures came out. Remember, the Alexander Wang x H&M Gear drops on Thursday November 6, 2014 at over 250 H&M stores and on-line at H&M. Prices range from $10-$350. Which is your favorite look?

Hunger Games-Work-Out for the Hard-Core

The Hunger Games-Work-Out Courtesy of MTV

It’s kinda’ funny, I haven’t been writing as many blog entries because I’ve been so engrossed in the second Book “Catching Fire” and working out harder than ever since I have a DR’s appointment coming up this Monday. I’ve already cut out my favorite drink of most of my life-Gatorade, but I quite haven’t given up Steaks and Sweets. This Monday’s DR’s Appointment will let me know what I can and can’t drink for at least a while. We will see on Monday.

Tonight, I took a break and went to the HedKandi party at Aloha Tower, it was pretty cool. I saw some old friends, met some new ones and had a good time. but needed to leave a bit early since I forgot to eat lunch and dinner. I got a bit too dizzy and needed to come home for some food. And its at this point that I found this video-The Hunger Games Workout!   Just what I’ve been doing, starving and working out too much.

I read about this in New York Magazine and it sounded kinda’ fun. But after watching this video, “I Don’t Know” the lady teaching it seems a bit to strict and pissed for me. I prefer Don over at Clark Hatch. Today we did 30 exercises with 12 reps each, that was pretty hard, but he is so positive I barely noticed the 26 minutes that went by. To me it felt like about 12 minutes and it was fun and we did legs which I usually don’t like at all

I bet I could come up with a funner Hunger Games Challenge, Here’s my shot at it:
Run on the treadmill while watching bootleg Hunger Games DVD’s turned up real loud.
Take a break and Shoot Bows and Arrows with the XBox Kinekt.
Break into two groups and do an old-fashioned tug of war with the losers falling into some fun mud pit.
Then to rinse the mud off and Since I live in Hawaii, we’d take something out of the second book and do a 6 lap swim, mostly the crawl stroke or whatever you are able to do.
Boxing with jabs, crossovers and by favorite-the wholloping upper cut. All with the pad things, of course no hitting each other for real.
Then a nice 10 minute Jacuzzi with a cold plunge-giving props to  the torturous weather in book two, but I’m sure much more enjoyable.

How do you like that Hunger Games Work-Out? I’m Game..How bout You? Or would you rather have the yelling lady at the New York Sports Club? HeHeHehe. I bet she’s actually pretty nice in real life, she’s probably just putting on a show ..and why not …it was on MTV’s on-line Channel. And their viewers probably need something more intense than The Sitch and whoever knocking themselves into walls or passing out on the floor.

LMK if you find a fun Hunger Games work out or click on comments and give me yours.  Have a Nice Weekend.  I have Kentucky to win the Final 4, Who do you have?

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