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Hunger Games-Work-Out for the Hard-Core

The Hunger Games-Work-Out Courtesy of MTV

It’s kinda’ funny, I haven’t been writing as many blog entries because I’ve been so engrossed in the second Book “Catching Fire” and working out harder than ever since I have a DR’s appointment coming up this Monday. I’ve already cut out my favorite drink of most of my life-Gatorade, but I quite haven’t given up Steaks and Sweets. This Monday’s DR’s Appointment will let me know what I can and can’t drink for at least a while. We will see on Monday.

Tonight, I took a break and went to the HedKandi party at Aloha Tower, it was pretty cool. I saw some old friends, met some new ones and had a good time. but needed to leave a bit early since I forgot to eat lunch and dinner. I got a bit too dizzy and needed to come home for some food. And its at this point that I found this video-The Hunger Games Workout!   Just what I’ve been doing, starving and working out too much.

I read about this in New York Magazine and it sounded kinda’ fun. But after watching this video, “I Don’t Know” the lady teaching it seems a bit to strict and pissed for me. I prefer Don over at Clark Hatch. Today we did 30 exercises with 12 reps each, that was pretty hard, but he is so positive I barely noticed the 26 minutes that went by. To me it felt like about 12 minutes and it was fun and we did legs which I usually don’t like at all

I bet I could come up with a funner Hunger Games Challenge, Here’s my shot at it:
Run on the treadmill while watching bootleg Hunger Games DVD’s turned up real loud.
Take a break and Shoot Bows and Arrows with the XBox Kinekt.
Break into two groups and do an old-fashioned tug of war with the losers falling into some fun mud pit.
Then to rinse the mud off and Since I live in Hawaii, we’d take something out of the second book and do a 6 lap swim, mostly the crawl stroke or whatever you are able to do.
Boxing with jabs, crossovers and by favorite-the wholloping upper cut. All with the pad things, of course no hitting each other for real.
Then a nice 10 minute Jacuzzi with a cold plunge-giving props to  the torturous weather in book two, but I’m sure much more enjoyable.

How do you like that Hunger Games Work-Out? I’m Game..How bout You? Or would you rather have the yelling lady at the New York Sports Club? HeHeHehe. I bet she’s actually pretty nice in real life, she’s probably just putting on a show ..and why not …it was on MTV’s on-line Channel. And their viewers probably need something more intense than The Sitch and whoever knocking themselves into walls or passing out on the floor.

LMK if you find a fun Hunger Games work out or click on comments and give me yours.  Have a Nice Weekend.  I have Kentucky to win the Final 4, Who do you have?

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