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The All-Star Kicks are almost here!

NBA All-Star Kicks of the Stars. Durant, Kobe and Lebron. Photo courtesy of

Shown above are the three Biggies for this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game.  Far left is Kevin Durant’s, Middle is Kobe Bryant’s and Far Right is Lebron James.  I noticed that earlier on they had a picture of the Kobe Kicks and said “special Nike items on sale on February 24th on  I’m not sure how limited these three pairs of shoes will be, but if the Kobe’s are limited, I’d hit up around Midnight February 23rd and check back until you see it there. This might be an easy place to get a pair, since it’s not usually the place a lot of sneakerheads go to for their fix.

Me-I’m personally gonna’ try and get a pair of the Blue and Purple mega starred and blinged out foamposite Galaxy’s.  Here’s a couple pictures of them from  The first picture is when the light is on, the second shows the sweet glow in the dark soles when the lights go Black. I did see a pair of these about a week ago on some website being sold be a celebrity for $2,000.  Most sites are listing them around $220-$230 SRV.  If you have any hook-ups you want to share with  Let us know in the comment section or you can just email me directly (LOL) at  Here’s the pic of the Galaxy’s when the lights are on:

Photo courtesy of Kicks on Fire Dot com

And here’s a pic of the Galaxy’s when the lights go out and the glow comes on!

Wow! that's some bright Glow! Looks like they really work? Photo courtesy of kicks on fire dot com

And in other sneaker news, reports that Nike will be making a Jeremy Lin “Linsanity” Player Edition Zoom hyperfuse 2011 for Jeremy Lin.  So far, he’s been seen playing in Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 lows in Black and White and Blue and White.  His PE’s are supposed to be in Orange and Blue.  My biggest question is what’s taking them so long to get the Knicks colors on to his feet AND where are the Jeremy Lin Nike Hyperfuse 2012 highs for all of us out here who want to “Live LIke Lin” I know I’d stand in line overnight to get a pair. And for these, I would play in them, just like we did back in the day with our Jordans. I don’t know about you, but  my first few pairs of kicks were bought only because of who wore them and how they could help me dribble better, shoot bombs and mainly to help me jump higher. My first real kicks were canvas orange with blue laced converse to fly like Dr. J, Pony’s because they could bounce better than anything out there, then Converse leather one star Hi’s to score like Billy McKinney and finally Jordan 4’s to “Be like Mike”.  I used to and I still will try anything my favorite players wear to score more points on the B-Ball Court.  But if I can get a hold of the Galaxy’s at a good price, I’m wearing them to the Cake Concert This Friday night! I really doubt those will ever see a busted up cement basketball court.

The New adizero-Rose is available now!

adizero Rose 2.5 Black-Red-White

I like having my Hotmail account back in action on my iPhone, Today I received an email from Adidas announcing the new adizero Rose 2.5 Shoes. Having Hotmail back will allow me to get info out quicker, which as you know is super important in the “shoe game”. The new Shoes are Derrick’s 4th signature shoe and they come with a very lightweight synthetic leather upper, spring frame support and EVA cushioning.  The Cool part is the upper-it has an aerial map of Rose’s Home neighborhood and Signature details including his jersey number-1 on the toe and the Rose logo on the tongue. These are available now at and come in a few different colors-cost is $110.

adizero-Rose-2.5 RED-All-Star

Then after my email from Adidas, I checked the web and found these over at  They are also adizero-Rose 2.5’s. But these wont be available until just before the All-Star Game on Thursday February 23rd and they come with special GEOFIT memory foam on the collar to provide max comfort.  Me-I like the Black one’s.  But I gotta’ try them on, I bought the first pair of Roses shoes and I like the look, but like most of my Jordans they aren’t wide enough and hurt my feet pretty bad-but they do look Good with the black patent! What’s better, to Feel Good or Look Good-I’ll take Looking good anyday! What do you think?

*Note:  I did find a pair of red ones on last night.  Looks like there are special red ones for the All-Star Game!

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