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This Weekend’s Cocktail Small Talk Cheat Sheet-8-10-12

What I'm wearing today-July 2012-Streetzblog.comWell, this is an interesting blog today, I needed to re write it in my head 3 times already.  Finally I settled on “This Weekend’s small talk” Here’s why I think I needed a better title other than “who’s the entertainment at the Olympics Closing Ceremony.  It’s because, almost always, like 95% of the time, things I write are confirmed, real and true. This time however, the information is very sketchy and pretty hard to find.  And if you’re going out tonight or tomorrow, you always need something to talk about, so why not say “oh I read it on the net, it’s gotta’ be true”. Well, who really knows what will happen Sunday evening, but this is the best I could do in the time I had and the limited resources that are being provided by the secretive police over in London.

Here are the 5 (Unconfirmed) CONFIRMED acts expected to Perform at the 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony:

  1. The Who – I heard it at the gym yesterday and read it on the net.
  2. The Spice Girls (Reunion) – I saw the Today show this morning and they did not say that they were going to perform, but they did Allude to it.  And I read it on the net. And D’Becks came in on the motor boat at the beginnign of the Olympics, I would suspect he will also be at the finale. And His wife has got to be close by!
  3. George Michael-I heard this on some radio station in Hawaii and also read it on the net.
  4. the MUSE-Most of the on-line English tabloids have these guys confirmed to perform live.
  5. One Direction-I heard this rumor way back in May and saw it on the net today.

Early on in April or May I mentioned that New Order, Underworld and Blur were going to play.  I have my doubts about New Order right now, since they pretty much disbanded according to my seat mate at work, Underworld I still have hopes for since the man in charge of the show-Danny Boyle knows them pretty well from Trainspotting, and Blur, well I think I was in a blur and got them mixed up with the MUSE. a 4 letter British band that’s not electronic or street sounding-Easy thing for me to do.

Now Here are the Unconfirmed UNCONFIRMED acts who may possible perform on Sunday: (In order of who I would like to see the most)

  1. Tinie Tempah – the rapper on Swedish House Mafia’s “From Miami to Ibiza”
  2. Madness
  3. Fat Boy Slim
  4. Pet Shop Boys
  5. The Specials
  6. Queen
  7. Jesse J
  8. Beady Eye
  9. George Michael
  10. Kaiser Chiefs
  11. Ray Davies
  12. Ed Sheeran
  13. Annie Lennox
  14. Kate Bush (oh man, that one song about running up that hill still makes my stomach cringe)

And there is still a buzz that Sr. Paul McCartney wants to come back for an encore and Here’s the news of the day-maybe?  Music Director of the Closing Ceremony-David Arnold has told the “Telegraph”  this will be QUOTE “The Greatest After Party in the World”.  Now what that alludes to is the Rolling Stones have been named “The Greatest Band” of all time, thus he may be hinting that the ENGLISH blokes-Mick, Keith etc may make an appearance.  It does make sense, but there’s not much concrete evidence on it other than the quote. At least there wasnt anything at 730AM on Friday August 10, 2012. 

Either way it goes, It’s gotta’ be pretty awesome.  Hey and even if I didn’t see or hear it anywhere, I bet there’s still a chance that the Chemical Brothers might make it out Sunday night-they did produce the track that they play in the Cycle-Drome at this year’s Olympics.   Have a Great Weekend!  Tonight I’ll be at Tsunami’s if you want to stop by and say Hi, I’ll get a pic of you for streetzblog. And tomorrow night I hope to go to Crystal Method.  See you around town and on the Streetz!

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