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Air McFly’s become Reality!

Aaah! All Week long, I thought I’d be talking about “Fashion’s Night Out” tonight, but when something like this comes around, it takes precedent over everything.  If you grew up in the 70’s or 80s or 80s and 90’s you must have seen at least 1 if not all 3 “Back to the Future” movies. And what do you remember most about the movies?  The DeLorean? well maybe  The Awesome Michael J Fox Guitar licks? maybe or maybe not. What you do remember is the Hoverboard and how cool it would be to have one! And if you’re into shoes, a full-blown sneaker addict or as I  remember back then just thinking “Wow that board is something I gotta’ have and Hey what are those crazy shoes he’s wearing?” I want those too!

Well after about 25 years, The Hoverboard is still not how we get to work in the morning. For reasons I just do not know! Because I know it can’t be too hard to make a flying skateboard. Ya know, I bet Rob Dryzeck has had a hoverboard for at least 10 years, him and probably Tony Hawk.We should be taking our hoverboards to work by now and HEY-Michael J Fox rode his in the 1985 movie, Whats the Deal!!  Putting Hoverboards on the back burner  for now-back to today’s real point:   Before today, we couldn’t get the Air McFly Shoes that have been buzzing the internet since..well..since the internet was born!  But today’s the Big Day!  Check out  the pretty interesting video at the top of this page that shows a warehouse of  full blow crazy A Shoes!!! I got the VID off of my favorite on-line magazine:  Pretty simple yet extremely eye-catching Video,and low and behold—— LOOK!  These are the new Air McFlys!!

Once I saw this Vid I went str8t over to HypeBeast to see what they had on the subject.  Here’s an up close and personal look at the shoe-they are actually called NIKE MAG-Air McFly-I dont know why they use the word MAG, we all know them as the Air McFly why not use the perfect name instead of MAG, Nike-Air McFly sounds perfectly fine to me. However, the name doesn’t  matter much right now, what matters is where do we get a pair?  Well, seems they only made 1500 pairs and the first 150 or so will be auctioned off on eBay. the others, who knows, check the local sneaker boutique and see what you find out. If anyone knows, hit us up over here at  for more pictures and lots more details, just click here and check out all the great information that Hypebeast has on these super-duper, long-awaited, highly anticipated Kicks release of 2011.

They are finally here,Wow! that took like forever.

Ya Know, I did go to Fashion Night Out this year, but it wasnt nearly as fun as last year, so kind of glad the Air McFlys came out.  I don’t know what I would have said about Fashion Night Out at Ala Moana 2011. But 2010’s Fashion Night Out was extremely Fun!!! And pretty hard to beat a great night out!

I just went to eBay to look for the shoes and as of 10:35 Hawaii Standard Time, these are priced at $8,200.  I guess it’s serious, but sure sounds like a lot, but maybe its movie stars doing the bidding.  the proceeds do go to a great CAuse-Michael J Fox’s foundation to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. But today,  I don’t even have $820 to pay for shoes, let alone $8,200!  Wow!!  As I hear them say “Happy Bidding”.

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