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See 8 or more big Celeb’s in Madonna’s video

Spot the Stars

The video is shot at the Standard Hotel in New York, one of the favs for the fresh, fast, fun, frolicking fashion jet-set. Thus, many celebs showed up to appear in Madonna’s video. It’s another great time to play the “Where’s Waldo?” game and see who you can see in the vid. Madonna and Nicki Minaj are of course easy to notice. And my favorite is Alexander Wang the king of Health-Goth.

Who do you see? Watch and write the many names down. You can also play spot the designer brand names. At the bottom of the video are the celebs I noticed. Anyone I missed? What are the fashion brands? Or who is missing? I think it would be fun to see the OG king of the Club Kids-Michael Alig do a quick appearance. Some other notorious NY oriented people I would like to see are Chloe Sevigney, Hailey Clauson & Karlie Kloss, Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Jacobs, Sienna Miller or the Olsen twins since they just celebrated a super elaborate Birthday party. Let us know in the comments section, who I may have missed or who you think is missing from the Video. And the designer brands you spot. Have a Nice Weekend.

Madonna of course
Alexander Wang
Nicki Minaj
Kanye West
Katy Perry
Chris Rock
Jon Kortajarena

And if you’re wondering who Michael Alig is? or want to see more of the 1990’s Club Kids shenanigans, here’s a fairly new trailer of the latest in Retro 90’s Club Kid movies.

Golden Globe Awards 2012-Match Game

Winna' Winna' Chickin' Dinna' Picture Courtesy of Madonnascrapbook on Tumblr

I’m pretty much easy into the new year on and what better way then to do it the easy way utilizing info from Twitter, E on TV and E on-line LIVE from the “Blush” not RED carpet at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Pretty quick synopsis of the looks-then We’ll play Match-Game with the Women’s Designers.  EVERYONE including the guys looked 5-10 years younger than they did last year. Something fishy in the water over in Hollywood. Especially for the guys to looks so perfect.  The Girls always look hot, but the guys? When did they get longer hair than last year and completely flawless wrinkle free skin!

You can check out the other blogs for more on the looks and what people think, here, we’re just going to play a little game.  All you need to do is guess the famous lady with the designer or accessory that matches.  And-Yes, it’s not a mistake, Madonna is on here 3X.  She finally looks like herself again, no more of those freaky non fat muscle arms. So, I’m giving her 3 matches-everyone else has just 1. and 2 actors have the same designer  Have fun!

Charlize Theron               Atelier Versace
Madonna                           Zac Posen
Michelle Williams          Jason Wu
Kate Winslet                    Gucci
Emma Stone                     Lanvin
Zooey Deschanel            Victoria Secret’s Underwear
Sarah Michelle Gellar   Prada
Madonna                          Nina Ricci
Angelina Jolie                Monique Lhuiller
Rooney Mara                  Versace 
*Hint:  The Girl with the Black Dress
Salma Hayek                  Jenny Packham
Madonna                        Dior
Reese Witherspoon     Cut-Off Black Gloves
Nicole Kidman              Lanvin
Natalie Portman          Keem Acra
*Answers after this quote by Stacy Keibler:

“Party! Yeah, just face down drunk. This is always the most fun night of the year!” Stacy Keibler-George Clooney’s Girlfriend. When asked what she was going to do tonight.

I’m sure it’s pretty easy to do, but I’m not really in the mood to figure it out right now. Thus, the answers aren’t Upside down like they should be.  They are just listed as follows:

Charleze Theron-Dior, Madonna-Reem Acra, Black Glove and Victoria Secret Underwear, Michelle Williams-Jason Wu, Kate Winslet-Jenny Packham, Emma Stone-Lanvin, Zooey Deschanel-Prada, Sarah Michelle Gellar-Monique Lhuiller, Angelina Jolie-Atelier Versace, Rooney Mara-Nina Ricci, Salma Hayek-Gucci, Reese Witherspoon-Zac Posen, Nicole Kidman-Lanvin, Natalie Portman-Lanvin.

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