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T-Time at Lovefest 2013

Scene on the streets-Love Festival Saturday July 20, 2013


Hottest Fashion Statements at This Year’s Love Festival in Hawaii-2013

This year I had a great time working the front. A perfect spot to spock out the clothes of the young, the beautiful and at times slightly buzzed crowd. Here’s What People were wearing. In the comments section LMK what you wore or what you wore to your country’s biggest Summer festival this year. Let us know what’s trending where you live!

  • Flourescent Everywhere: Mostly Bright Yellow, Bright Neon Green, Bright Pink.
  • Groups of 4-5 in Various Characters. Like Sesame Street, The Avengers & Barney & Friends.
  • LOTS of BIG TOP Hats. Black, Purple, Yellow, Green & Grey.
  • Colorful Animal Caps. Like cats with many tails, dogs with big ears, Elephants with long trunks.
  • The Color Purple
  • DJ’s wearing Jordan Cement 3’s, Jordan 20’s, & Air Max 90’s.
  • Lots of Batmen. Batman logo’d T’s and many Bat masks.
  • The Black Love Fest short shorts with Big furry Boots.
  • People wearing 10-30 of the colorful beaded Rave Bracelets. I remember making those back in the 90’s for Christmas presents for my family and friends. Too funny that they’re so Hip nowadays. Note:  They were great Christmas presents and very fun to make!

My Favorite T-Shirts Included:

  •         Molly is my Home Girl
  •         We Are All Going to Die-sounds a bit morbid at a rave but was on a Happy Vibe shirt
  •         The Official Red & Black on White Love Fest T’s
  •          I’M so FKN HI
  •          Pencil Neck Geek
  •          POG-Parent On Guard-I didn’t quite get this one, but creative-ish
  •          Nerd to the second power, was like the word NERD w/ a small 2 above the D
  •          And one girl made her own T with so much writing on it, it would take the whole night to read the whole thing. I asked her what it said, she just stared and said nothing.

What did you see at Love Fest? or at a concert/Festival in your part of the country?  Let us know in the comment section.  Have a Great Weekend!

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Love is in the Air for the 15th Str8t year!


LOVE Festival 2013 Details Here:

Love Festival Hawaii is the original and first  Ultimate Dance Event in Hawaii.  This year marks the 15th year of the event. I was at 1-4 and the last 2. Here is just a sampling of this years (2013) Offering.  I can’t wait for this year’s event especially AC SLATER.   Check back to this post anytime for updates. I’ll be doing them every other day or so until the night of the show.

AC Slater: Who I have on my master play list, These are my 4 favorites that he was either responsible  for doing or remixed: “Flickery” by the  Audio Bully’s-one of my favorite London Bands-who I bet could do a great remix of  “Waikiki Beats”.  “Chrome Knight” featuring one of my home boys bands “Chromeo”, AC SLATER’s own “Jack got Jacked” (Udachi Remix) and “Stomp Yo Shoes” (One of my favorite Electro bands the Bloody Beetroots clap remix-Aston Shuffle Vocal) *And I’m very sure that AC’s own “Little Chronic” will “blow” up  BIG at this year’s event!

Check out LC by AC right here;

Here’s one of AC Slater’s latest hits:

Performing at Love Festival 2013 on July 20th at Kakaako Park – 40 artists on 6 Stages including:

Flosstradamus, DJ Craze, G-Spot, DJ REZA and more.  Including: Modern Romance, Mike D, Daniel J, DJ KAM, Brett Bakman, Soundsex, Tide, Techmarcher and even more!  Tix available here

In the meantime, let’s go from Hawaii to NYC and Check out this Vid on some of the history on NY nightlife I found on the toast blog. Some of the cinematography is pretty amazing. Stories are true, I remember being at few of them..LOL.

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