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What’s Hot-NYC Dec 2013

Mid-Town and Up-Town NYC Dec 2013

  1. The Color GOLD:  Whether designers took their tip from the iPhone 5S or not, the color of the Winter Season in Mid Town and Up Town NYC is Gold. Gold metallic kicks, Golden Store windows, Bright Gold Jewelery ala 1980 big chain link necklaces and more!
  2. Brown Boots:  Mostly on the ladies. Just about an inch below the knee. Dark Brown, mid browns and some light brown. All in sleek or subtle brown leather. Many with zippers on the back of the leg.
  3. DC x Skull Candy Kicks: Wouldn’t call this the hottest pick, yet I’d never seen these before and they hit on the Gold trend. Black kicks with DC logo and the Skull Candy Skull logo embossed in Gold.
  4. Funky Sole Shoes:  Bright Blues, Yellows, Greens, even Camo. The sole of the shoe is just as important as the shoe.  I’ve also seen a bunch of Gold and silver Metallic shoes, kicks and pumps.
  5. The SFA Yetty:  These big furry flobs of fur are in the Saks Fifth Avenue Windows. So sweet and cute. You can get a picture of one upstairs. But if you want to buy one, they “say” they are all Sold Out. If I were them I’d get some made quickly. Lots of children and children at heart including us were looking to get one or two or ..
  6. NY Rangers Game:  This was the first time I’d seen a hockey game in Mad Square Garden. It was very exciting. It moves a lot faster than basketball, yet very fun to watch. And this game had extra flurry. The Rangers were losing 3-1 in the last period when they came back to tie it 3-3. then it went into a 5 minute over-time. Was still tied. So they did this Shoo-Out Thing. It was extremely exciting. Just one guy on one goalie. So Awesome and everyone stands and screams, oohs and aaahs. I really dig a good shoot-out as they are called. What fun!
  7. Tags:  I may add to these, for now, here are a few cool tags to tag your Instagram & Tweets if you are coming to NYC for a Holiday. Or if you want to fake it and just try to get famous in the center of the universe.  #NYMADE This is the tag for the Knicks and the Knicks games live at #MSG/Mad Square Garden.  If you’re checking out the Rangers tag your tweet or instagram with #NYR and #NYC and you may end up on the jumbotron. And my favorite so far, TSQselfie-It says on the ad, BE FAMOUS! Take a selfie and tag it with #TSQselfie and it will be posted on the back of an old tricked out multi media magazine stand smack dab in the middle of Times Square.  Also use, #streetzblog #StreetzNYC #StreetzHI #StreetzCHI and I’ll be seeing you on the Streetz. This week in New York City, next week in Chi-Town.

*Note: I did go to Barney’s to see the Jay-Z Collection, that I wrote about a few weeks ago. The windows outside were really fun and the collection was pretty interesting to check out. It was in a special dark black multi media room with sound and videos.  However, the price points on all the items were all above $500. So, a Bit hard to shop. Oh, they did have a $150 bottle of cologne, but as far as clothes and watches, very expensive collection.

Check back later this week as streetzblog goes Downtown, Soho, Noho, Chelsea and other fab places in the Center of the Universe-NYC during the Holidays!

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Collecting Jersey’s Like a Sneakerhead Collects Kicks!

Wow! That’s a lot of Jerseys!



I gotta say I sure have way too many Kicks in my home than I really need, but I’ve never seen a Jersey Collection like this before. There’s over 60 Jersey’s in the picture above.  Fun game to play here is “What Famous Player(s) is he missing from the collection.  There’s a bunch of Jordan’s, Lots of Celtics, Hardaway’s, even Barkley. But who is he missing?  Have fun trying to figure it out.

I thought I had too many with 6 or maybe 8 of them. I know I have a couple streetzblog Jerseys in Brooklyn and Chicago style, a few Jordans, a Melo, a Lakers, and even a couple older All-Star Lebrons. What do you think of having over 60 of these?

Thanks to Lang Whitaker from the All Ball Blog on for tipping me off to this nice picture of Reddit User Macgarnickle’s massive amount of Team Gear. Wonder what team he really cheers for?

I’m bummed that the Bulls lost and D-Rose never came back, for even 5 minutes! I guess we will never understand that big mistake. If he could play in practice, I agree with Kenny “The Jet” Smith, he should have come out for 5 or 10 minutes at least. Sheez!  Hope he still stays a Bull, after not playing something must be up? He has a lot of fans he’s going to have to win back after this bizzare train of events.

Oh, and did you see D-Wade in the game yesterday?  He had a little Band-Aid on his knee, wasn’t playing to well. Then his coach said he had to go change his Sneakers. I don’t know if he changed his kicks or not, but He came back with a BIG Ol’ Bandage on his knee that was like 2 feet long and 3 inches deep! Next thing you know he pops a 3 then flies through the air and slams it home like it was 5 years ago. Amazing what a Bandage could do!

It gets better, when asked by Craig Segar “What exactly did that bandage do for you? D-Wade gave him a HUGE smile, then said something like, “Oh, A lot of things”.  I bet, next time I feel sluggish on the courts I’m going to tell my Court-Mates that I got to go get my D-Wade Band Aid!

Have a great evening! Go Knicks!



NBA Playoffs start this Weekend!

December 17-30 is my favorite time of year, but my second favorite would be April – June when the NBA Play-Offs happen. I like it best for the NBA Drive to the Finals Game that we play each year.  And of course I like it to see the Bulls, Knicks and Lakers and this year Steph Curry from that team in the yellow and blue.

If you want to play Drive to the Finals with us this year, click here and make sure you sign up for the 808Ballers League.  It’s lots of fun! Each day you pick one different player to do well in scoring, assists and rebounds. Then you get points.  You can only pick a person one time, so you can either save Lebron or use him early..up to you. It’s tons of great fun and really easy to play!  *I doubt I would have the patience to play the “real” fantasy leagues for a whole year. But this is E-A-S-Y!

BULLS-Streetzblog’s Top SIX Predictions for the NBA Play-Off’s 2013

  1. D-Rose will Play in the 2013 NBA Play-Offs!  Last weekend I heard my favorite announcer Jeff Van Gundy say that Derrick Rose was playing in full contact scrimmages in practice. And he said he looked like the best player on the court. I take that as the Bulls will use D-Rose as their “Secret Weapon”. They played all season with everyone else to get their confidence up. Now when it really matters,  in the 2nd or 3rd game of the Play-Offs they’ll “sneak” Derrick on to the court in the 3rd quarter to bust out 20-30 points. Then rest him until they need him to do it again.That’s what I would do if I was Tom Tib. I just hope the Bulls don’t play the Knicks. Hope it’s Bulls vs Heat in the Eastern Conference finals! *Check the vid out-March 26, 2013, Rose is not lookin’ gimpy at all. Rockin’ the cross over every which way and Loose! 
  2. Steph Curry from GSW will Light it Up: This will be his big coming out party. Curry can shoot the BEST in the entire league, he also has a mean crossover. Watch out World-A new Superstar is arising quickly.
  3. Bulls vs Thunder in the Finals: With Derrick coming baaack the Bulls will beat the Heat then take on the winner of Golden State vs Oklahoma and the Bulls will defeat the Thunder in 6 games.
  4. Lebron will get T’d up: When the Bulls play the Heat, Lebron will lose it and get T’d up then probably kicked out of a game or two. *I’m still upset that he didn’t go to the Knicks or the Bulls when he was supposed to. I even made and wore a shirt that said Lebron NYC 2010.  BTW: I do like Carmelo better nowadays so it all worked out well.
  5. Carmelo will average 42 PPG:  Yep, He’ll score 40-62 points in each and every Play-Off game. The dude is on Fiaah! In the Zone! Killin’ it! And next to Steph Curry he is the next best shooter in the game!
  6. Lakers have no chance:  After Kobe got hurt the first time, he should have sat down, He didn’t even rest after he got hurt the second time, now he is really gone and out. That last game he played in was a MESS. Phil Jackson would have sat him down to save his health. They say Kobe wouldn’t go out, at that time Kobe wasnt thinking straight either-I could see it in his eyes,  he needed to come out of the game!  Sux.



The Linside Up-date on Jeremy’s new Kicks

It seems to me that Nike is moving way to slow to get Jeremy Lin’s signature shoe to the stores. So, Jeremy had to go on to make his own. I was wondering what he was wearing on Friday night at the Rising Stars Game.  At least these are better than his black and white 2011’s. According to Hypebeast, you can duplicate a pair of these for yourself at, I’ll wait for the Jordan 4-Knicks or Lin’s real signature Shoe that becomes available at Footlocker or Champs.  If I’m gonna’ use, I’m going to put number 23 on them and design them myself. Well, at least his shoes finally match his uniform. Note:  The Next Knicks game that’s on mass TV is this coming Sunday on ABC.  And Don’t forget you can get the NBA league pass for free all this week, then it’s only $69 for the rest of the season.

Picture Courtesy of

Jordan 6 Pigeons! Yup!

Jordan 6 custom Pigeons courtesy of

With the NBA All-Star Game coming up, I was gonna’ do a post on some of the HOT Kicks being released for the game. But earlier today, I was on twitter and found these. Jordan 6 Pigeons? I know the original SB pigeons Blew up Crazy in NYC and kind of was the defining moment of bringing the sneakerhead to the mass public. These, I don’t know much about them other than I had to post them quick. They have the original SB Pigeon colors and also the pigeon on the side. Note:  There are more pictures on Modern and thanks to @akinchicago for the tip-off of these SWEET KICKS! Where are they on sale?  I’d even try the credit card for a pair of these. My favorite colors to wear are black, slate grey and dark blue. And i noticed the other day for some crazy reason I don’t seem to own a pair of grey Kicks!

Right and Left Jordan Pigeons-Picture Courtesy oif

If you don’t remember the originals-here’s a picture below that shows them.  And Nope, I don’t have a pair of these.  But When I make it big, I will get a pair of these along with my first Jordan 11’s.  As long as I have something cool like that to look forward to, I’m gonna’ keep creating until I’m wearing the pigeons and the 11’s.  Oh Yeah!

Here's the Original Pigeon SB's-Picture courtesy of kicks on fire

And before I go, congrats to Jeremy Lin.  That was an Amazing game last Friday night against the Lakers. He’s got theFastest Spin move in the Citay!  LINSANE!  LINSANITY! LINCREDIBLE! LINNING!   and of Course Knicks LIN!  WOW.


As some song says:  “A lil’ Bit of this and a Lil’ bit of that” is what we have for you today.

SBSB-Hawaii Five-O Alert:  Today, I received an email asking if I had any tickets to this Saturday’s U.H Women’s Volleyball game from 3 different people, usually I don’t get asked that by 3 people in a week, let alone in one day. So, I asked around and heard a buzz about Hawaii Five-0 and how they would be filming at the game this Saturday.  Seems the Rumours of the day are confirmed.  This is directly from the site:
“The University of Hawaii is asking fans to come to next Saturday’s match against Pepperdine and stick around after to help film an upcoming Hawaii 5-0 episode. The match starts at 7 p.m. and some 5,000 tickets are available. UH is asking fans to wear green “H” logo shirts”.

Sounds like fun, but I don’t have any tickets, I gave them all out last week.  And do 5,000 people really have green shirts with H’s on them, maybe UH, but H?  eh?  I see a promotion here!  If I was a local company in town, I’d print up a ton of green T’s with H’s on the front and put my logo on the back, then tell everyone they can have one if they spend $25 bucks or more at my store this week. (I’d actually sneak my company’s logo somewhere on the front, but that would probably piss off Hawaii Five-0 and I sure wouldn’t want to do that, I still want to get on the show one day!

SBSB-Celeb Alert:  Spotted earlier today in Kalihi at a school.  Arnold “The Terminator” Shwartzenager (sp) and Tia Carrere.  Rumor is he and Tia will also stop by two more schools this week.  They are on a mission to say no to drugs, gangs and getting Drunk and Saying yes to homework, sports and Life. Hmmm.  Note: Tia Was also spotted at the Hawaii Five-0 Premiere this past Saturday at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki. And on the Celeb spotting scene:  Wayne Brady was at the Wanda Sykes show Saturday night at the Blaisdell.

And last but for sure not least SBSB-Shoe Alert: It seems Spike Lee has finally made some Spizikes in a colorway that makes sense and looks really good!  He has finally produced the Knicks Colorway in both Orange and Blue.  And the Blue is set to go on sale to the general public.  I dont know the exact date on the blues, but do hear that they will be available.  I dont know at the moment if the orange colorway will go on sale, but as we can see by this picture they do exist.

Do the Bright Thing!

So far, I’ve resisted getting a pair of Spizikes, mainly because they are usually too expensive at $175 on the racks and usually more on And because I’ve only once seen a colorway I enjoyed. But now, OMG! These are Sweet!  My favorite colors are blue and orange and Yeah, I’m a Bulls Fan, but  living in Hawaii most of the year, I can cheer for whoever I want, thus, I am also a Lakers and Knicks Fan.  And the Knicks are the only team that I see in person every year at least once.  Thus, its ok if I like the Knicks and the Knicks colors.  And hopefully, Carmello will get his swag back this year and the Knicks will actually play well for once in like 10 years or so.  I’ll keep you posted on when these go on sale. With no NBA season solidified right now, it would be a good time for these to come out, so NIKE can make some money-just think how much money they would lose without an NBA season.  I noticed that tickets for Hockey went on sale last week and Hockey and Basketball usually start at about he same time of the year, so “Hey-Where’s the NBA, and why isn’t anyone talking about it”  maybe it’s because I live out in Hawaii, but no one is missing the NBA out here except me right now.  That’s just plain wrong!  They better be playing when I hit NYC in December or I won’t be rockin’ these or any new B-Ball shoes this year!  That will be my protest!  Yeah!

The Blue ones that the internet does say will go on sale.








More detail on the Knicks Colorway courtesy of

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