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Crossover to these New Kicks

The Crossover Culture B-Ball Kicks

The Goods

The philosophy behind the Crossover Culture kicks is they are for all positions on the court. Since Big Men are shooting 3’s and dishing dimes.  And shorter guys are rockin’ the rim with high-flying dunks, these shoes are made for everyone.

They’re designed by B-Ball players for B-Ball players.  And their big selling point is they are comfortable str8t out of the box and the special LP cushion system will last a looong time before wearing out. If it wears out at all.

The Kicks come in both Hi & Low tops. I’d go with the Hi-Tops, up to you.

Here is the information directly from Crossover Culture as found on the EastBay Blog.

And below is a special YouTube video telling us more about the new Crossover Culture Kicks.

Materials: Crossover Culture uses premium materials to provide structure and support while also zone-engineering key elements like stability and breath ability where you need them the most. This means the shoes don’t need a lot of overlays and support structures added on, giving you a lightweight feel that still provides plenty of protection and support.
Cushioning: A zero-compression set compound doesn’t break down over time like traditional foams, giving you the same resilient cushioning from Day 1 to Day 101. The proprietary cushioning is optimized for impact protection and stability control, so you’re always comfortable and ready to roll on the court.
Stability: A wishbone suspension system offers dual-direction stability without restricting flex zones, striking the perfect balance between cushioned comfort and speed on the court. This keeps you comfortable and in control even at high speeds. A molded external mid-sole heel counter increases lightweight stability at the point of impact, minimizing injury risk without weighting you down.
The Crossover Culture Kicks Drop on Saturday February 10, 2018 on See you on the Streetz.


Kicks of the Day-7-11/12

Today’s Pick are the Veja-DL distributed only at Colette in Paris.  I like the bold bright yellow contrast against the simple black leather.  About all I’d change is to add a flo green outer sole instead of the white. Other than that a perfect pair of kicks for a Friday night at First Friday in Chinatown, HI or a night on the Town in Soho, NYC.  The Vega DJ is 170 Euro and will be available at the Colette store in Paris-213 Rue Saint Honore 75001   Thanks to shoes-up for the picture!!!

What are you rockin this Summer?  I’ve seen lots and lots of White J’s mostly the 4’s and the 3’s.  Other than that some boat shoes tricklin’ in and that’s about it so far.  I’m sure I’ll have a better update after Lovefest 2012 and the Last Birthday Bash 2012.  Have a nice Week!

Oh and check out my tooth today-People say it looks a bit like Stu from that crazy Vegas movie…LOL

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