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Kelly for the W!

North Shore of Oahu-2022. March 2022. Billabong Pro Pipeline 2022. Banzai Pipeline.

As Ice Cube famously said: Today Was a Good Day. Woke up, got outta bed, had a quick slick line-up, a few pieces of Sashimi, packed up the beach bag and headed out the door. Didn’t go fast, not too slow, just moved to the flow of the day. Picked up my friend and headed from the South Shore to the North shore. Hoping to see the Pipe Pro.

I did get stuck in some traffic, but just turned up the tunes and took some deep Yogic breathes. All chill no stress, Knowing that it would all work out and we will arrive on time. Cars along the road were like a full parking lot, but didn’t get upset. Got to the the pipeline and just as we arrived a car left and we scored the perfect parking spot right outside the surf meet.

There’s a Goat that eats aluminum cans, there’s a Goat that played basketball, a Goat that Golfed and another who played tennis. There is also a Goat in the Ocean. Name is Kelly Slater.

Just chilled and walked to the beach. No rush, Just perf. Sat down and saw some surfers in the water Next up Kelly Slater winning a heat against Miguel Pupo right after we arrived. Such perfect timing. Watched another heat and then got to see the finals with Kelly “the Goat” Slater and Seth Moniz.

Kelly had an almost perfect heat hitting some incredible barrels only he could do. Sneaking in back door and just as the wave closes out, he appears sneaking out the end hands held high. He won the finals and we were there to witness it in person.

We stayed on the beach to watch the awards, then sat in front of the Volcom house to watch the free surfing and to get a bit of sun tan.

Had a mouth watering burger with giant avocado at Kua Aina and headed back home to the crib. Today was a very good day! Yes indeed. A very perfect awesome day! Enjoy the pictures taken via iPhone 13 Pro Max.

See you on the beaches and the Streetz…blog!

On the Streetz at the Billabong Pipe Masters 12/10/11

Lindsey Lohan watching the Pipe Masters on the North Shore of Oahu 12/10/11

Billabong Pipe Masters: December 10, 2012:  So Finally after many, many years the finals for the Big Pipeline Surfing contest occurred on a SATURDAY,which means I didn’t have to work,  thus I was not going to miss this one!  Typically they do the contest when the waves are the best and most of the time they’re on Weekdays.  I woke up Saturday at 4:55 AM without an Alarm clock, slammed down a mini pack of Powdered  instant Starbucks, grabbed my pre-packed bag of goods and headed out the door.  It was simple, I put some tunes in, drove for about an hour and parked right across the street from the big meet. Totally Awesome! No driving or parking hassles at all!

The Styles and Fashions at the Pipe Contest 2011:

There are many sites on the net that talk about the surf action and I usually talk about  shoes, clothes and Street-Wear, so I’ll touch on the surfing but mainly talk about the happening culture vibes from the contest.

First off, After seeing so many plaids and flannels at the Surfing Poll, I kept noticing even more and more plaids and flannels at the surf meet.  Even I had on a dark grey and black flannel plaid shirt-on the beach!  Although it was truly pretty cold at 630AM.  Both the guys and the gals had flannels on or fun T’s.  The two best T’s I noticed were:  #1 a shirt that was black with white lettering that looked EXACTLY like a Sony logo’ed shirt,but it said STONEY.  The Fun Surfer guys who spotted it were so funny and said “Wow Dude that is so Classic, Stony, Stoney..aaahhhh-Hah, way cool, awesome dude” That was what the surfer said word for word. I wrote it down immediatly it was so perfect! It was  Almost like being in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” . #2 The Second shirt I thought was pretty happening said “FILLABONG” this was funny in a couple ways, nice play on words and pretty funny since Billabong was the main sponsor of the Pipeline Masters Contest.

The Pro Surfers this year wore colorful horizontally striped shorts that were super thin and dried really quick. This was pretty different from years before.  Mainly because about 85% of them had similar shorts. Many times they wear lots of different gear. And after a couple years of the companies trying to get us to wear shorts above the knee  (YUCK) the surfers and the beach goers are now back to shorts at the knee or below. (YAH!)

A bit about the Contest:

On Friday local phenom John John Florence was up against Kelly Slater and he beat him.  Kelly went on to win another heat later in the day, which set up the round of the day on Saturday-the re-match of Kelly Slater vs John John Florence.  From the look on the beach it seemed that John John was rippin’ it up and kickin’ Kellys behind. Kelly was even comboe’d-meaning that Kelly needed TWO not ONE good score to beat him.  Kelly got one then with a few minutes left he got another.  But from the vibe on the beach it still seamed the John John was going to win. But Kelly won by just a smidgin and went on to surf against Auzzie Joel Parkinson. this is where it got worse, because John John and Kelly were the ones we all came to watch and in this heat Parko beat Kelly.  Which set up the finals for two “who cares about surfers” and many on the beach went home. it was still quite an exciting day in the surf with a ton of tubes and exciting rides. It’s just the coolest surfers didn’t win. And I really dig hype and was truly hoping for Kelly or John John to make it to the finals, but you know the super bowl usually has some pretty dumb teams in it too, but it’s still exciting and the two surfers that came in first and second did deserve to be there.

Fun things to do at the event:

Lindsay Lohan and her sister-Ali were at the event watching from one of the fun houses along the beach!Lindsay was looking pretty HOT but her sister looked extremely skinny! One booth had free Rockstar Energy Drinks and some motorized surfboard company was giving away really nice soft free t-shirts. And it was also nice to be able to sit out in the sun for the day.

The After-Party:

After Jaime O’Brien lost his heat, he got on the mic and was super cool and invited us all down to his house for a dance party. So, since we’ve always wanted to go into the Volcom house but can’t seem to get by the security guards, this seemed like a great idea.  It Turned out to be pretty cool.  The house next to him had a 70’s type band winding down with their last three songs. then Jaime O’Brien’s house went off with some killer Dubstep and Techno which soon transformed into lots of hip hop with Ludacris, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. We sat on the beach next to all the hot girls who started to show up..nope not in bikinis, but beach clothes that looked extremely similar to club clothes-all trying to get into the various parties up and down the beach. Within an hour after the contest, the dance party was still going on inside Jaime’s house and outside on the beach with over 500 people there-mostly hot looking babes and some pro surfers, skaters and Scensters. It really was a lot of fun.  we stayed for few hours then headed back to the City.

Funniest Line I heard all day:

Surfer one says to surfer two:  “Hey What you doing today” Surfer two says to  to surfer one: “Aah Just Chillin’ like Bob Dylan”  It was so out of the blue, yet totally funny, but the two seemed to think it was pretty normal. Me I barely know who Bob Dylan is and I don’t particularly like his music much, so how do a couple 22 year olds know about him and think he’s cool. Was weird, yet very fun to hear!

The Winners of the Contest:

John John Florence won the Van’s Triple Crown of surfing!!!

The Top 8 winners at  the Billabong Pipe Masters were:

Kieren Perrow

Joel Parkinson

Kelly Slater

Michel Bourez

John John Florence

Jaime O’Brien

Gabriel Medina

Evan Valiere

Here’s  a couple of pictures of Lindsay Lohan on the North Shore the day after the Pipe Masters-Sunday December 11, 2011:

Somewhere near Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu 12/11/11

To get the Pipe, Sunset, Haleiwa and even the Triple Crown Gear click here.

Here’s a picture of the Pipeline Shirt:

And here’s a picture of the shirt I got.  I went to the Reef Hawaiian Pro but the waves weren’t good enough that day for the event, but I like grey and black, so this is the shirt I bought, kinda wish it was a Pipeline shirt, but it’s super comfortable and the colors are great.

Lucky You Live Hawaii!

I spend most of my year in Hawaii, although this year I’ve been lucky enough to go to L.A and Seattle and in about a week I head to NYC then over to Chicago.  And since I grew up in Chicago, it totally freaks me out when I see people in Hawaii wearing winter coats! Just today as I walked to work from my parking structure, I saw TWO different girls dressing like it was 34 degrees outside.  The first girl had a full-blown red Down Jacket WITH Hood and it was totally zipped up.  The Second Girl was even more bundled up wearing a long black jacket down to her knees buttoned up and Yes, She also had a hood and Yes, she had it on over her head!!! If you’re reading this from anywhere else in the world you must be thinking WTF! like me!  It’s like 76 degrees outside.  I was in too much of a hurry to get to work, but this is similar to what one of the girls was wearing:

I saw a Girl wearing this today in Honolulu, Hawaii!!

I guess all I can say is cold weather is all relative to wear you live.  Cold at 76 degrees?  Me, I don’t really mind 35 degrees on up. When it gets to 17 degrees that is not fun for me! Well, now on to another subject. Last night I was prett over worked and the too lazy to post a blog so I tweeted pretty quickly about the fashions at the 2011 Surfer Poll.  The Surfer Poll hosted by Freddie P and Sal M  took place last night at the Turtle Bay Hotel on the North Shore. Now, here’s a couple of sample shots of what most of the pro surfers were wearing. Almost all of them had either bright plaid or dark plaid.  and most shirts weren’t flannel, More of a nice soft cotton variety.

Here’ another shot of the hipster plaid look that seems to be pretty in right about now. (“The Funk Soul Brother, Right about now”: Fat Boy Slim)

Pretty happening shirt December 2011

And here’s a picture of a shirt similar to what the great Kelly Slater was wearing last night:

My sister actually bought be a knock off of this designer dud at Target the other day.  I’ve actually gotten a few great looking plaids over at Target.  Check out the Missoni and Meroni Brands.  I especially like the feel and long-lasting material that the Missoni’s are made from.  I have a Missoni in an untraditional plaid of Orange, Blue, Black and White.  And my Missoni is Dark grey and black similar to the look as seen above.

BTW:  My favorite surfer to watch in the Ocean is John John Florence with Kelly Slater coming in a close second.  John John was wearing a pretty nice black suit with black shirt and dark jeans.  Looks like he’s gearing up for BIG things to come.  Right now, he’s surfing the best in the WORLD!  He came in 5th in Haleiwa, 1st at Sunset and Today he totally went off!!! at Pipe! He even received the first score of a perfect 10 today at Pipeline!  Hope the finals are John John vs Kelly Slater-that would be killer.

And since I’m going to the mainland soon and I have a new iPhone, I ‘ve been seeing a lot of these gloves in the mags.  Fingerless, usually made of wool. Some have some pretty cool stripes and colors mixed in with the all black gloves. Here’s a couple of examples of what I’ve been seeing in the magazines.  I’ll let you know if I actually see them in the Streetz of NYC or Chicago.

Been seeing these in lots of mags and the Express mailer

Must be cold in this guys house..LOL

And to finish tonight’s post off, I leave you with a pretty happening piece of Jordan jewelry.  Me, I like it, but I’m saving up for the Air Jordan 11 Concords set to drop on December 23rd 2011.  See you in the line-up, probably somewhere in Chicago!  Text me if you’re there and we can chat about what’s happening in your city for the holidays.  My text number is 808 479 9928.



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